Damon likes this. Likes playing around with Stefan and acting like there's nothing in the world but them. He'll admit it seems like they're flirting; honestly, it makes him more excited for Katherine. Once he brings Katherine back, they'll all be together again.

"Stefan." The real Stefan calls him back, playing at being Damon again, nudging him with a broad shoulder. "It's your turn."

They're playing pool and they're acting nice. Well, they're acting like each other.

"Sorry, Damon. I'm just brooding." He pouts.

"Well, com on, Stefan." Stefan's laughing and joking around. Hell must have frozen over. "Have a little fun."

"I can't. I'm too busy pining over Elena." Damon leans back against the pool table with a fake frown.

"Oh Stefan. Maybe it's not Elena you should be pouting after." Stefan leans forward and sets his hands on either side of Damon. "Maybe it's me."

Damon pauses and then goes on playing the game. "You're right! You're so smart and handsome and dreamy! Kiss me now!" He purses his lips and makes kissing sounds.

He doesn't actually expect Stefan to dart forward and kiss him, to press against him and bury his fingers in his hair. Damon knows the place is abandoned, but he didn't expect Stefan to be so bold. People in this town know them as brothers even if it doesn't matter to the brothers themselves. Stefan pulls away and presses a quick kiss to Damon's swollen lips.

"How was that?" There's a smirk there and Damon's panting for breath he doesn't need.

"Terrible. If you're trying to kiss like me, you're going to need a lot more practice." It's a play at a joke, a test in disguise to see if this is just another one of Stefan's strategies.

"Then let me try again." Stefan's hand slips under his shirt and slides across a smooth stomach; suddenly, the game has changed and Damon isn't sure he wants to play anymore.

"Stefan." He addresses his brother by his actual name and the hand stops; dark eyes meet his.

"Let's go home, Damon." Another quick peck to his lips and Stefan's halfway out the door; Damon's left half on the pool table, wondering if he's meant to follow until Stefan smirks at him. "Coming?"

And the game begins again.