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Chapter 2: Wings

Rima dreamed that night.

Feathers tumbled around her like snow, softly drifting to the ground. Water lay around her, completely still.

Rima's eyes were wide. "Where am I...?" she murmured. Her golden eyes were sparkling, with fear. She didn't want to be here! She wanted to be at home, with her charas, and her family....her friends...


She hated to admit it, but he was very important to her, in a way. They were rivals for Amu's friendship, she reminded herself constantly, but something just...drew her to him. Like she had to get closer to him, slowly. But then there came the feeling of hatred when she looked into his eyes, sparkling with innocence.

Sometimes...her deepest darkest secret would be reborn in her mind. Rima shuddered at the thought of her evil secret.

Sometimes, Rima felt the urge to kill Nagihiko. Like she was a step away from stabbing him. However, these feelings would pass quickly, and Rima was always horrified of herself afterwards.

It wasn't as if she hated him with all her heart, no. It was that she felt as if she had to kill him, had to hate him. Like it was her duty.

Her sole purpose on earth.

What Rima didn't know, however, was that it was.

Nagihiko dreamed that night.

He was in a pitch black land, with lakes and rivers of scarlet blood. The scales of dragon wings lay, like a sort of path, in front of him.

He only felt as if he had to follow.

As he walked, he could feel the scorching glares of red eyes surrounding him, with wheezing voices, whispering into the breeze.

"Intruder...intruder!" They seemed to shriek, and Nagihiko was afraid. There was no light in this place, only the faint glow of red from haunting eyes.

Nagihiko had heard many voices in his life. Not only of mankind, though. Sometimes, he would hear voices, soothing him, comforting him. They called him his prince, with the Holy Light of Heaven within him.

Nagihiko never understood what that meant. "Holy Light"? He wasn't religious, or anything, so why would he have it?

These voices didn't always speak good, kind thoughts to Nagihiko.

Nagihiko had a secret. Something he could never tell a soul. Not even Temari or Rizumu. Aku, too.

Whenever Nagihiko was with Rima, he would hear the voices.

"KILL THE GIRL!" they would shriek. "Kill the girl and come back to us!"

Most people would call him insane. Wait, he took that back. ALL people would call him insane. I mean, he heard voices in his mind commanding him to kill the girl he sort of liked and come back to them! Who wouldn't find that weird.

"Nagihiko!" A strong voice interrupted Nagihiko's thoughts. "You are in the wrong world! Nagihiko, show this world the light! The Holy Light, of the son born of Angels!"

Nagihiko looked frantically around him, as his body began to glow. He closed his eyes slowly, and felt something spread behind him, and his body start to rise off the ground.

He could hear the shriek of the creatures of darkness. He could hear their hurried footsteps, eager to report to their king that there was something there.

Nagihko opened his eyes a little, and instantly regretted it.

All around him lay dead things. Animals, people, plants. All dead, and the sky was stained red with their blood, like the "water".

However, that was not what shocked Nagihiko most. What shocked him most was that he had WINGS.

"Do you remember now?" There was a chorus of voices, with one feminine one ringing out most of all. "Do you remember your purpose?"

Nagihiko's eyes were shut tightly again as he nodded. "I...remember...everything. My name...My name is Nagihiko Fujisaki. I am not a human. I am an angel. The Prince of Angels, sent to Earth to destroy...To destroy the Princess of Devils....however, I do not know her face, of anything," Nagihiko finished in despair. "How am I to complete my mission?"

The voices changed into laughter, and the one voice returned. "Open your eyes, Nagihiko. Wake up, and let your wings guide the way!"

Nagihiko nodded, and opened his eyes, returning to earth.

Rima glared at every little thing she saw. What was this place? Too angelic. Too kind. She didn't like it.

She placed her hands on her hips. "Let me out of here!" she screamed, but it was no use.

"Rima...don't rely on others to help you...just...take flight!" A cold, horrid voice rang clearly in Rima's mind.

Rima smiled, her face a little evil. "Yes," she said. "I remember now. I'm Rima. A Princess of all evil. A Princess of Devils. And I have been sent to another world to rid the many lands of the Prince of Angels," she grinned. "And I WILL remember my past. And the face of the one I must destroy!"

With that, she glowed red, and spread her devil wings.

And all of the world around her screamed. Rima, however, merely laughed, and laughed and laughed until she awoke.

Nagihiko pulled on his school uniform, his thoughts still on the dream he had the previous night. An angel...but it was just a dream, right? Yeah, just a dream....

He shook the thought from his mind, and continued getting ready for school.

Rima was sitting in a daze, staring right past Nagihiko, fantasy occupying her thoughts. She had come to a conclusion that the dream she had could never be real, and that she was imagining things. However, whenever she tried to go near her egg, it rolled away quickly.


Shaking her head, she laughed a little, and pulled on her skirt.

"Aku? What's wrong? You seem strange today," Nagi blinked as he looked at his chara, who looked away.

"I...just leave me alone, okay!" he glared at Nagihiko, who was taken aback. Why was his chara acting like this?

"Rizumuuuu! Wait!" Temari called for Rizumu, who came to a halt.

"What is is, Tema-chan?" he whined, rolling his eyes.

Temari leaned in and whispered something in Rizumu's ear, and Rizumu blushed. "Hey! I do NOT like Ku- I mean, I don't like anybody!"

Nagihiko laughed at his chara's romance, then closed the door slowly. "Bye, Temari!" Rizumu and Aku chimed, and Nagihiko waved slightly, before turning to the direction of his school, and walking, a certain blond on his mind this time...

When he got to school, he found Amu and Tadase waiting for him. Amu smiled at him, and Tadase dipped his head.

"Where are Rima-chan and Yaya-chan?" Nagihiko asked, curious.

"Royal Garden, waiting for us. Come oooon!" Amu tugged at Nagihiko's hand, pulling him with her.

"No! Nagihiko is NOT cute, Yaya! He is the ugliest person in the world!" Rima was wailing, trying to ignore Yaya.

"Well, I'm saying you two would be cute TOGETHER!" Yaya winked. "Since you're aaaaall alone! Amu-chi has Ikuto. Tadase has...well, nobody, but he doesn't matter, right? Kuukai has Utau-chan! I have Kairi! When are you gonna get a boyfriend, Rima-tan?"

Rima blushed like mad. "NEVER!" she replied quickly, and stormed away, throwing the door to the Royal Garden, and running right into....

If you guessed Nagihiko, you were right! Your prize? NOTHING!

Rima blushed like crazy as she landed on top of him...her face inching closer to his...her lips brushing his...

"AAAAAAAAAH! GET AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed, and stood up again, ignoring the pain she was feeling in her back.

Kill him. Kill him. Kill him!



No! Why would she kill him?

It is your reason for living...kill him! Kill him! Kill hiiiim!

Rima closed her eyes. "No," she said aloud. "I won't kill him. I won't, because he's dear to me!"

She opened her eyes slowly, to see an astounded Nagihiko, staring right at her.

Their eyes met, and Rima couldn't look away. It was like she was the south pole of one magnet, and Nagihiko the north pole of another. She was drawn to his gaze, however much she was blushing.

"I...I'm glad you don't want to kill me, Rima-chan... But..I'" Nagihiko said quietly. "I...I'm glad! B-because you're dear to me, Rima-chan! We're friends now, right? No more enemies!"

Rima stood, and looked at the ground, breaking free. She contemplated what he had said, before making her descision.

"No," she said coldly. "We'll never be friends, Nagihiko! Enemies. We're enemies, and we'll always be!"

With that, she ran.

Nagihiko could do nothing but stare.

He couldn't deny his feelings any longer. He had unlocked them, brought them out from his hiding place.

He had just figured it out...He loved her. He was in love with a girl named Rima. Rima Mashiro.

And he would do anything to make her accept his feelings.

He swore that. He swore....

He swore on the very fact that he was an angel.

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