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Reginald Barclay was depressed. He just knew that he was terrible at his job, all of his friends hated him, and everyone was laughing behind his back. As he worked on a slight malfunction in the life support system in engineering (the thermal regulators were a little out of whack), he found himself stopping and looking distractedly down at the floor, his chin cupped in his hand, thinking about how terrible his life was. He saw feet passing by his station; the crew didn't care about him. Nobody cared about him. He was--invisible.

Barclay sighed loudly and turned back to the computer terminal. Bright colors flashed in front of his eyes.

The computer doesn't care about me, he thought. Nobody-

"No!" Barclay said aloud, hitting himself upside the head. "Don't think like that!"

"Lieutenant Barclay? Are you troubled? Perhaps I can help."

Barclay looked up at Lt. Cmdr. Data, who happened to be on duty in engineering that shift. Data was looking down at him, in a concerned sort of way.

At least one person is concerned about me, thought Barclay, sighing again.

"It's nothing, Commander. I'm just--well, I guess I'm a little depressed," Barclay said. At this, Data looked ready to start on a long explanation of the reasons for human depression, so Barclay added quickly: "Maybe I'll see Dr. Crusher about it, though."

"Ah. Very well. I hope that you feel better," said Data, and with that he quickly strode away. Barclay turned back to his terminal. It looked like it was going to be a long day.

"Geordi." Geordi looked up from his console to find Data looking at him.

"Yeah, Data?"

"I am curious. Is it considered normal for a human to be frequently depressed?"

Letting out a bit of breath, Geordi turned back to his console, after glancing towards the padd he had just received from one of his crewmembers.

"I really don't have time to give you an explanation on emotion right now, Data." He paused, looking back curiously at his friend. "Why do you ask?"

"I have just spoken with Lieutenant Barclay, who seemed to be having trouble concentrating on his computer console. He seemed to be sighing to himself, and often looking towards the floor. When I questioned him as to the reason, he responded that he was depressed, and that is was 'no big deal.' Is this normal?" he asked again.

Geordi sighed. "Data, maybe you should ask me a little later. I need to concentrate right now."

Data nodded and headed towards the exit.

"Oh, but thank you for telling me about Barclay!" Geordi called out before Data exited the room.

His duty shift in engineering over, Data headed down the corridor, thinking to himself. He recalled silently what had happened that day in engineering; what Barclay had said, how Geordi had responded to this seemingly 'ordinary' news of Barclay's depression. From what Data knew, depression was a serious condition and could possibly lead to suicide. He was determined to investigate. When Data got back to his quarters, he called up Deanna Troi's schedule for the day on his terminal. As it turned out, she had the next hour free. Hitting his commbadge, Data said:

"Data to Counselor Troi."

"Yes, Data?" came the response.

"I wish to speak with you about something. May I come to your quarters?"


A little confused, Data replied: "Now, counselor."

"Oh- all right, Data. I suppose I'll find out what this is all about soon enough."

"Yes, counselor. I'm on my way now. Data out."

Data stepped out of his quarters and began to head to the Counselor's quarters.

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