A/N: Hi everyone! Did you miss me! I cried a little when I read some of your reviews. You all are so fantastic I couldn't help myself. You see I had time to ponder and I thought I would give you the prologue to what might just be the sequel to Truth in Music, called Love in Music! That's right. You all were so amazing and I didn't get one review telling me to hang it up…so I figured I'd give you the prologue and then you could tell me if I should continue, because I trust each and every one of you. I'm still not sure if I'll plunge right into writing this one. I'm working on some other stories right now so this one might be a while off, but you know how I am…I can't leave it alone for too long. This is just a really short glimpse at the next one so…I hope you guys won't hate me or anything for it. I don't have a song for it because it's so small so…without further ado…Love in Music.


It was my worst fear come to fruition. A nightmare that no one would wish to fulfill. I know that there comes a point in everyone's life when they're forced to face their fears. But what if your fears involved losing the one person that you thought would always be there for you? What if it involved losing the one thing that meant the most to both of you? Wouldn't you do everything in your power to make sure that those fears were never realized?

I heard voices, but they sounded so distant, so far away. I forced myself to stay awake, to stay there in the present, to stay where things were real, even if it meant facing the hard things that life handed me. There was pain, so much pain. I couldn't stand it. I wanted so badly to succumb to the darkness. To drift away to where there would be no more hurt. Then I remembered why I needed to stay. Why I couldn't just give up. Why I needed to fight. Edward. Edward and our baby. I couldn't give up for them, but it was so hard. I fought against my heavy lids. I fought them, but I was losing. Every blink I struggled to open them once more. I heard the voices again. I shouted for them now. I shouted for help.

"Oh God, you're pregnant." I felt hands on me. The door opened and I felt someone grab my hand and press against my side. "Ma'am hold on. There's help on the way." I heard the person say, I knew that they were standing right there with me but they still sounded far away. I was losing it. I was losing the battle. "Oh my god." I heard them again. "You're Bella Swan. Help!" He yelled then. "Help over here. Hurry!" he yelled again. "Please hold on. Please!" Then everything went black.