Life With Derek

The Trouble with Everything

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Chapter 1

Derek looked at her cautiously; she was usually gone by now. Instead, Casey was sitting there staring blankly out the window on the other side of the room; she was still wrapped in his sheets. Ten minutes ago, she had sat up, presumably to get out of his bed and search for her clothes – so she could leave, and instead, seemed to be frozen in place.

Finally, she spoke, "What are we doing, Derek?" she asked hollowly.

He glanced up from staring at the curve of her ass to look at her profile, "Come on, Case, you're supposed to be the smart one here."

"I am", she sighed, "Which is why I'm confused about how this happened in the first place."

"Casey, look at me", he said.

She continued to ignore him.

"Look at me", he demanded. She winced at his tone, which left no room for argument. She tilted her head slightly to the left so she could see him out of the corner of her eye. She hated being told what to do.

The bed creaked, protesting the quick movement that Casey barely saw. Suddenly she found herself flat on her back, Derek pinning her body down under his weight, her wrists gripped firmly in his hand, positioned over her head. He was glaring down at her. "You want to know what we're doing. We're having sex, Casey. You let me fuck you. Because we both know that the only time you feel anything is when I have my hands on you." His tone was harsh and unforgiving, and she bit back a whimper. "And unless you want to tell me just what the hell happened that night, I'll be damned if we're going to keep going on like this." He belied his threat when he pressed his free hand against the apex of her legs.

She let out a hiccup-whining noise as she bucked her hips upward against him, "Please", she pleaded quietly. He took his hand away. She had stayed, spoken of this unmentionable thing. He would make her pay for it dearly. He would make her beg. And she would. She looked up at him, directly into darkened his eyes, "Please, Derek." He didn't respond as he moved back slightly, still keeping the connection of their eyes intact. He thrust inside of her without warning, and then didn't move. She shifted her hips, trying to encourage him to do something, dammit. She tried to retain focus with her cloudy eyes when she felt his hands grip her hips, holding them down on the bed. "Derek", she growled, annoyed.

He smirked at her before his face went impassive. This may have seemed cruel, but she knew better. "Say it", he said in a low voice, moving slightly.

"Say what?" she managed to gasp out.

"Tell me what you want, Casey", he demanded.

"Isn't it… kind of obvious right now", she groaned.

He moved again, propping himself up on one hand as the other trailed between her leg, purposely brushing against her, "Tell me". His hand retracted at her sharp intake of breath.

"Fuck me", she said, letting out a breathy moan. "For fuck's sake, do it already!"

He chuckled against her neck, "Impatient much?" He pulled back, only to slam into her roughly again. Her breath left her as he hit that spot inside her, her nipples tightening against his chest. "Dammit", he muttered as she tightened around him.

Her hands gripped his shoulders tightly as she met his thrusts at a furious pace. The need in their actions really should have been squelched by now. They had done this twice tonight already. And in the back of her mind, Casey knew she would regret this in the morning. Not the sex – never the sex. But, much like alcohol that she sometimes indulged in, her Derek-limit was two. She would be staying in bed tomorrow, most likely, feigning premenstrual cramps – which wouldn't be a complete lie. She was glad tomorrow was Saturday.

Their fast pace, brought their finishes quickly. Derek covered her mouth with his own, attempting to keep the noise coming out of her mouth to a minimum as they both let go. Her muscles quivered as she lay back against the pillow, trying to regain her breath, not quite able to move yet. She stared at the ceiling, intent on ignoring Derek beside her. She could hear him breathing just as heavily as she was in the otherwise silent room. They were incredibly lucky that they lived in a house full of heavy sleepers. After a few minutes of silence, Casey stretched her muscles, preparing to get up, and winced. She could already feel her muscles screaming at her in protest.

She left the bed cautiously, walking carefully to Derek's desk where her bra had been thrown earlier. After she had it hooked properly in place, she spotted her matching thong on the couch/chair and slid it up her legs. The silhouette of her shirt could be seen draped over the lampshade of the lamp that was on the end table near the bed. She pulled it over her head, not caring that it was inside out – and backwards. She glanced around the room with a sigh, "Derek, where are my pants?" He was laughing at her. They went through this every time. Why couldn't her clothes be left in a neat pile? Or even a lump of clothing would be fine. She loathed searching for her clothes while he sat and watched her in a state of undressed panic.

Out of bed Casey was very different from the Casey that had been in bed with Derek, letting him do things to her that caused her to flush just remembering them in the light of day. And with release, her insecurities always came back full force. Run. It was the only way to escape the fear. She always left directly afterwards, but tonight, she couldn't help but stop and wonder what the fall-out would eventually be. And all she had gotten for her troubles were sore muscles, lost clothes, and Derek. That last one, however, she couldn't quite bring herself to regret.

Derek was pointing to the floor near the opposite side of the bed that she was standing next to. They were close enough that he could probably reach down and grab them – but he wouldn't. She debated momentarily, before taking a deep breath and got on her knees on the bed to crawl across him, not really wanting to walk any farther. When she got to where he was sitting on the bed, she used one hand to balance herself as she leaned over to the floor, leaning over him, pointedly ignoring the fact that he hadn't gotten dressed yet, and that her ass was in easy reach. She leaned down farther and gave a surprised yelp when she felt his arm wrapped around her back, holding her up slightly. She grabbed the pajama pants quickly and moved back, his arm falling as she got off of the bed and slid the pants on. "Thanks", she murmured. "I'm going to bed", she stated unnecessarily, heading towards the door. Casey opened the door quietly; making sure no one was there.

As she was about to walk out, she heard Derek, "Casey".

She looked over at him cautiously, "What?" she whispered.

He gave her a calculating look, "Next time, don't bring up that shit unless you want to talk about it".

She stared back at him momentarily, before giving him a slight nod and leaving, closing the door behind her. Casey made her way back to her own bedroom swiftly, closing and locking the door behind her. The clothes she was wearing got torn off of her body and thrown into the bottom of her dirty laundry basket until tomorrow when she could do laundry. She pulled a navy blue tank top out of her dressed drawer and pulled it over her head. Opening another drawer, she found a pair of black boxer panties and slid them on, ignoring the lingering dampness between her legs. She climbed into bed after pulling her damp hair into a sweaty, messy pony tail. Casey pointedly ignored setting her alarm clock and tried to fall asleep. Her body was still buzzing with the aftermath, but she could sense that sleep was imminent. Then she let out a frustrated groan. He wanted to fix her. Dammit.


The next morning, Casey was woken up by a knock on her bedroom door. "Casey?" Nora's voice called, "Are you alright?" Casey turned to glance at her silent alarm clock. 11:28 a.m. Holy shit! No wonder Nora was worried.

Casey crawled out of her bed, ignoring the fact that her legs felt gel-ified. A quick glance in the mirror reminded her of her outfit. So she pulled a long t-shirt out of her dirty clothes and slid it over her head. Casey unlocked the door and opened it carefully. Nora was about to knock on the door again. "Mom", Casey croaked out, her voice was hoarse from sleep.

Her mother looked at her worriedly, "Are you sick, honey? It's after eleven." Nora put a hand up to feel her forehead.

Casey swallowed a laugh. "I'm fine. Not sick anyhow", Casey amended at her mother's skeptical look. "I woke up earlier with really bad cramps and decided to go back to sleep – since it is Saturday, after all."

Nora nodded sympathetically, "Do you want to lie back down? I can bring you something, if you'd like."

Casey nodded with relief, "Some Advil would be great, Mom. Then I'll come downstairs after it kicks in and get some breakfast… lunch", Casey laughed lightly.

Nora looked at her curiously, "What's so funny?"

Casey smirked, "Don't tell Derek, but I might just understand the appeal of sleeping all day."

A door opened, "I heard that", Derek said coming out of his bedroom and heading straight for the bathroom. "I knew you would eventually be corrupted by the dark side", he said before slamming the door. A few moments later, they heard the shower start.

Casey rolled her eyes, "I hear the dark side has cookies", she said dryly, "I think I'll wait to get up until he's done in the bathroom. A shower might help – if he doesn't use all the hot water."

Nora nodded, "Alright, Case, I'll be right back with the Advil and some water."

"Thanks, Mom", she replied. She left her door open slightly and crawled back under the covers, "Ow" she whined quietly.

Not five minutes later, Nora was back. She handed Casey the tablets and a full glass of ice water and left, shutting the door behind her. Casey swallowed the pills and turned to lie on her side, trying to relax. She must have dozed off, because she awoke with a start by her door squeaking open and then shutting again. Derek.

"What?" she questioned, wondering why he was looking at her like that. He shook his head, his mouth quirked slightly. "Get that smug-ass look off your face right now, Venturi", she said firmly.

He rolled his eyes, "Nora told me to come tell you the bathroom is free", he said, "And I swear to God, I never want to hear the word 'cramps' come out of her mouth ever again." He shuddered, looking like he was physically in pain.

Casey let out a giggle, "Cramps", she teased gleefully.

He grimaced, "Not as bad, but I still don't wanna hear it."

"Cramps!" Casey laughed.

"Stop it!" he whined.

"Cuh-" she was interrupted when Derek tackled her on the bed. "Aah, Der-ek! Cramps!" she squealed out, before he mimed smothering her with a pillow.

They wrestled momentarily, "This is not fair" she whined as she was trying to get out from underneath him, "How am I supposed to beat you when I'm sore?"

He laughed, "You're not!"

"Eh-ehm", they heard someone clearing their throat from the now opened doorway. They turned their heads simultaneously to see Nora staring at them with a raised eyebrow. "Derek", Nora said, her eyes twinkling with amusement, "Would you kindly get off of my daughter?"

Casey and Derek both groaned quietly. Did she really have to say it like that?

"No problem, Nora", Derek said, slowing pushing himself up to climb over Casey.

"And you guys really shouldn't be doing that right now anyway", Nora said skeptically, "Casey has cramps, you know."

"Oh, my God, I know! Just, please stop saying it!" Derek yelled, covering his ears and running down the stairs.

Casey, who had been sitting up, fell over again in a puddle of laughter, "He – cramps! – baby! Oh my god!"

Nora watched Casey's fit of laughter amusedly. It was a well-known fact that the Venturi men were rather squeamish about… women's troubles. But it was certain that they would eventually get over it. It was like an immersion program after all. Nora remembered last year when she and George had left for the weekend with the younger kids, and Casey had needed Derek to buy tampons. Derek wouldn't talk to anyone for a week. And it was another week before he spoke to Casey – after he had super glued all her shampoo and body wash containers to the tub.

When Casey finally immerged from her blankets, her face was bright red from laughter. Casey stood up and went past her mom out into the hallway. "I'm going to go take a shower", she said, her eyes still sparkly.

Nora just nodded and headed downstairs, "I don't think I want to know", she murmured.


Casey immerged from the bathroom, refreshed from her shower, and headed downstairs. She felt much better, but she still intended to relax for the day. And my God, she was starving! Casey passed her siblings watching TV in the living room and made her way into the kitchen. Nora and George were seated at the island going over bills that needed to be paid.

"Morning, George", Casey said heading past him to the refrigerator.

"Good morning", he stated warily.

Casey turned quizzically, then giggled, "Don't worry, George, I'm not gonna talk about the 'c' word."

"Thank heavens", he muttered. Nora nudged him in the ribs, "I mean, I hope you feel… better."

Nora laughed, "What would you have done without us, Sweetie?"

He looked over at her, "What do you mean?"

"Well, aside from the obvious, what were you planning on doing when Marti started her period?" Nora wondered innocently. Casey bit her cheek as she rummaged through the fridge, trying not to laugh.

"I would have sent to stay with Abby once a month", he replied darkly.

Nora leaned over to kiss her husband on the forehead, "Oh, George, what are we going to do with you?"

"Let me be blissfully ignorant?" he said half-jokingly. "You know how we're always trying to make our kids talk to us?"

"Yes, what about it?" Nora wondered curiously.

"That has to stop", he said seriously.

Nora giggled, "Sure, honey", she said, reaching over to ruffle his hair.

Casey finally came away from the refrigerator with a pile of things in her arms and dropped them carefully on the island. She grabbed the Italian loaf of bread from the counter behind her and cut it open on a plate to make what appeared to be a very large sub sandwich. She reached for the turkey to begin stacking it on the bread when she noticed her mother and George staring at her. She raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"Are you making Derek a sandwich?" George asked incredulously.

"Pfft, no", Casey rolled her eyes. "I missed breakfast", she said pointedly.

He nodded, clearly wanting to avoid the subject. Nora on the other hand, was still curious, "Case", she said cautiously, "you do realize that you're eating a thousand calories, don't you?"

"You know I'll work it all off, Mom", Casey stated. "Besides, when have you ever needed to critique my eating habits?"

"When did you start eating like a Venturi?" she questioned.

Casey choked.

"Hey! I resent that", George said indignantly.

"Oh, c'mon, Mom, like you don't eat like a bottomless pit right about now?" Casey said, referring to afore mentioned women's troubles.

Nora let out a slight laugh, relaxing somewhat, "At least I stick to peanut butter."

"And caramel corn", George added helpfully.

Casey was just adding pickles to the top of her weird creation of a sandwich when Derek came into the kitchen. "Geez, hungry much, Case?" he said coming around the island to steal a pickle off her sandwich.

She didn't answer, instead choosing to replace the stolen pickle with a new one. When his hand came in her direction again, she swatted at him, "Go away", she murmured. "And don't touch my sandwich", she said sternly, pointing at him. He bit her finger. Casey's jaw dropped. "Der-ek!" She smacked his shoulder. "Eww!"

He laughed. She put the lid on her sandwich to stave off further attacks and reached under Derek's arm that was holding open the refrigerator door and pulled out a water bottle. He grabbed her wrist as she turned, "Make me a sandwich?"

Casey raised an eyebrow, "I don't think so", she replied, shaking him off before grabbing her plate and heading towards the living room. "I will however leave all the stuff on the counter for you. Can you put it away when you're done? Thanks, sweetheart. You're a dear", and she sauntered through the doorway without looking back.

Derek glowered in her direction, "Conniving little-"

"Don't finish that thought, Derek", George stated mildly.

Derek went to the island to start putting together a sandwich for himself when he heard Casey's voice from the other room, "Hurry up, Derek, I'm in the mood to kick your ass at Babe Raider."

"I'll play, but there's no way you're gonna win", he called back. A few minutes later, he also retreated to the living room.

Nora turned to her husband, "Let's finish this downstairs, alright?"

George raised an eyebrow, "But everything is right here."

"George, come on", she said, gently prodding his shoulder.

"Oh, fine. Let's go downstairs", he said gathering up the piles of papers and followed her to their basement bedroom.


It had taken all of ten minutes for Derek and Casey to eat their respective large sandwiches, and were currently engaged in a fierce game of Babe Raider. Derek had left his chair to sit on the couch near Casey for easier access to the controller, and Casey was sitting with her body turned towards him slightly, her right elbow propped on her right knee, while her left leg was crossed underneath her. "Noooo!!!" Derek wailed in horror when he saw his character fall into the lava – again – compliments of one Casey McDonald.

Casey collapsed against his shoulder in laughter looking at the television. Because, while her side of the screen said Winner! Derek's side said Failed! "I win!" Casey sing-songed in his ear when she finally calmed down.

"You cheated", Derek insisted brooding darkly.

"Nope, nope", Casey insisted. "You just suck", she said, sticking her tongue out.

And suddenly her remote was taken from her and she was pounced on, "Take it back, Casey", Derek said, tickling her sides.

"No! Der-ek!" she laughed uncontrollably. "Stop it!" she shrieked.

"Take it back, Case", he repeated, laughing at her, as she batted her hands at him.

"No, Derek!" she yelled, trying to flip them over before giving up and punching him in the chest.

"Ow!" Derek complained, finally catching her abusive hands. "You're going to pay for that", he said, smirking at her.

In an attempt to get loose from his grip, she thrust her hips upwards, and they both froze.

Derek quirked an eyebrow at her as she turned bright red, "In the family room?" he queried thoughtfully. "Not a bad idea", he said, his hand trailing downwards.

"Derek, don't", she choked out, panicking - because dammit they didn't talk about it.

"Why not?" he teased.

"Why not?" Casey asked incredulously. "Derek! Couch… family…" she sputtered.

"Dad and Nora are downstairs, and Lizzie, Edwin, and Marti have been in Lizzie's room playing Monopoly Jr. all day long. They barely stopped for lunch", Derek said teasingly, as his hand slipped down farther before he grabbed her knee and squeezed in gently. Casey would have fallen to the floor if his weight had not been on top of her. "Der-ek!!" Casey squealed, trying to jerk away from him.

"Aw, what's the matter, Case?" he asked laughingly.

"Dammit! That tickles", she shrieked, smacking at his shoulder.


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