The Trouble with Everything

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Chapter 9

Dinner passed semi-quietly, seeing as Derek and Casey were back to bickering as usual. George had glared balefully at Nora when they had woken up to the yelling that he hadn't been missing while their oldest children were playing the Freeze Out game. Nora had just laughed and grinned before crawling out of bed to dress, saying that Sundays were good for pancakes – George had quickly followed after that.

Since tomorrow was Monday, the younger kids went to bed early – or at least pretended to, occupied with reading a book or magazine until actually falling asleep. After dinner, Casey got the all clear for Dani's visit and instead of calling, sent her a quick text. Just before eleven, Casey pretended to go to bed as usual and waited. Likewise, Derek waited downstairs until George and Nora retired to their bedroom in the basement cautioning him not to stay up too late – tomorrow is a school day – before sneaking into the kitchen and stealing a half gallon of Everything but the Kitchen Sink ice cream and two spoons before heading upstairs.

Casey heard Derek's footsteps in the hall before the knock on her door and listened momentarily as he retraced his steps back to his room and left the door open. Taking a deep breath, she climbed off her bed and left her room quietly and walked the few feet to his and shut and locked the door.

She glanced over to where Derek was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed digging into the chocolate ice cream that Casey prized above most food groups. She saw another spoon resting on the lid that was setting on the night table and grabbed it before taking the same position opposite Derek on the bed. "We're going to have to replace this, you know", she muttered around a mouthful.

"Why?" Derek mumbled through an even bigger mouthful.

"Because I plan to finish the container", Casey said blissfully. "I could totally deal with death by chocolate", she moaned as she licked at the pile of ice cream on her spoon.

"You're such a secret slob", Derek teased watching her for a moment.

"I'm complex like that", she agreed. A Casey with ice cream was a happy Casey.

"If only you were always so agreeable", Derek complained dramatically.

Casey stretched a foot out slightly and nudged his knee with her toes, "Someone has to keep you on the straight and narrow", she said dryly.

Derek grabbed her toes before she could retreat, "You really wanna go there?" he asked with a smirk. "You haven't exactly been the pillar of morality recently", he reminded.

She pursed her lips momentarily, and then laughed, "Pillar of morality?" she questioned mirthfully. "Have you been using the Word of the Day calendar I bought you last year?"

"I'll ignore that", Derek said blandly as he put another crater in the ice cream and shoved it into his mouth. They ate in silence until they hit cardboard, and then Derek put the lid on the empty container and put it back on the night table with both of their spoons on top. "Talk to me, Case", he said after a minute.

She eyed him, "We don't have to", she suggested. "Are we really that cliché that we need to have this conversation?"

"C'mon, Casey", Derek scolded. "Before you jumped me, we were pretty good friends", he teased giving her a winning smile.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation and shook her head, "I am not giving you a play-by-play", she said finally.

"Ew, thank you", Derek said with a grimace. "I don't really want what and how, as much as why", he clarified. "I just can't imagine you doing that back then."

"I was pissed at Mom, I didn't want to move, I was sad, angry, and at the time, just wanted my old life back", she listed blandly. "So, I begged Mom to go stay at Mel's one last time before we left, and since all my stuff was packed, she agreed to pick me up before the movers came in the morning."

"Casey", Derek complained exasperatedly.

"Derek, if you don't want to hear this, tell me now", Casey said sternly. "Otherwise, shut up and tough it out."

He sighed, "Just give me the cliff notes."

Casey glared at him momentarily before continuing. "Well, Melanie crashed on me before it was even eleven, so I went with her brother to his room planning to watch a DVD on his laptop until we fell asleep. Remember they were my best friends for the four and a half years we lived in Toronto, so this wasn't completely unusual – if you tell my mom that, she will probably have an aneurysm", she warned.

"I think I might have an aneurysm", Derek muttered under his breath.

Casey ignored him, in favor of getting this story over with as quickly as possible. "Anyways", she continues pointedly – clearly meaning shut up, "about half-way through the movie, he kisses me on the cheek and tells me he's going to miss me – which of course made me want to cry. A few minutes later I kissed him, and… one thing led to another and we eventually fell asleep", Casey said, gracefully leaving out details. Then she grimaced, "We were still asleep the next morning when Mom came to pick me up", she muttered. "She walked in and saw us in bed, said we would pretend that it never happened, told me to get dressed, and walked out – she was livid."

"That explains a lot", Derek said. "And I don't just mean how you were both ridiculously cranky that morning and not speaking."

Casey glowered at his tone, "What exactly do you mean, then?"

"Just that you probably only had a huge stick up your ass for nearly two years because you were horny", he said matter-of-factly.

"What?!" Casey shrilled at him incredulously, jaw dropping open.

He leaned forward and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Would you shut up?" he said laughing. "Do you want everyone running in here?"

She smacked is hand away from her. "You are such an asshole", she said seriously, folding her arms over her chest.

He reached for her arms, pulling them away from her body and tugged her to him with a sigh as she responded reluctantly, "You're right, I'm sorry. That was unnecessary."

"No shit", Casey stated not looking up at him from her position on his lap, her body still tense. She felt his hand press against her back, traveling under her shirt, and resisted the urge to pull away.

"Case, relax", Derek said quietly. "What are you so afraid of?"

She relaxed immediately then, letting the circles he was smoothing over her back finally soothe her nerves, and rested her head against his shoulder for a moment letting the air leave her lungs in a huff. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Casey moved so she could see his face. "Can I ask you something?" she questioned quietly, her face pensive.

He nodded warily, "What?"

"The other night, when I told you what happened at that party", she began cautiously, "when I told you-" she cleared her throat pointedly, "if you didn't think it was him, who did you think it was? You knew I'd had sex before I went to you that first night", she reminded quietly.

Derek grumbled under his breath. "To be honest, that was something I really tried not to think about, Case", he said roughly.

Casey nodded, "Okay", she said quietly, not really waning to discuss why. She climbed off of his lap carefully to move to the empty space on the mattress. "Can we just… go to sleep?" she asked softly.

He studied her for a minute before nodding, "Yeah", he said finally getting up to pull back the covers and they both crawled under the blankets. "Let's go to sleep."

Things were back to normal for a few days, and then on Wednesday, everything went to hell.


Casey and Derek walked in the front door that afternoon arguing playfully about something that had happened at school that day, as usual. They had seen Nora's car in the driveway but when they walked into the kitchen, she wasn't there. "She's probably downstairs", Casey muttered grabbing a water bottle from the fridge and Derek started making a giant sandwich before he settled in as usual to watch his Wednesday TiVo'd hockey matches. Casey stole a few of his chips and started unloading the dishwasher when Derek went to make himself comfortable in his recliner.

Fifteen minutes later she headed upstairs with her backpack to finish her English assignment that was due on Friday. However, when she opened the door to her room, she found her mother sitting on her bed. Her eyes widened, "Jeez, Mom, you scared me", Casey said exasperatedly. "What are you doing in here?" she wondered curiously.

"Sorry, Casey", Nora said with a light smile, before she turned serious. "I think we need to discuss something", she said pointedly.

Casey scrunched her eyebrows and leaned against her wall next to the door warily, "What's up, Mom?" she asked, forcing her tone the stay calm. This couldn't be good.

Nora reached behind her and held out a black a silver sparkly bra. "I'm not quite sure whether I should hope this is yours or not", she said oddly, "but I'm fairly certain it is."

Oh, fuck, Casey thought. How was she supposed to explain this? "It's mine", she said finally. "Why? Where did you find it?"

Nora quirked an eyebrow, "I got off work early today and decided to catch up on laundry", she said. "Can you explain to me why I found your bra behind Derek's couch?"

Casey's eyebrows shot up. That's where that went. She huffed and rolled her eyes, "That asshole", she complained, acting frustrated. She walked out her door and half-way down the hall and shouted loudly, "Der-ek!"

She walked back to her room slowly and by the time she got there, she heard his footsteps on the stairs. "What do you need, oh, shrieking princess?" he asked sarcastically as he went down the hall. He stopped in her door, blanching momentarily when he saw Nora. "What's up, Nora?" he asked, recovering quickly.

Case rounded on him, back to her mother, her eyes pleading for him to go along with her, "'What's up?' I'll tell you what's up", she said angrily. "What's up is you need to stop throwing your clothes in the wash with mine without telling me and then taking them all to your room never to be found again!"

He raised an eyebrow, "Ok, can you tell me why you're so riled up?"

Casey snatched her bra from her mother's hand and waived it in front of his face and scowled. "I have been looking for this for two weeks", she complained. "And Mom found this behind your couch this afternoon while she was searching for all your dirty laundry!" she said pointedly. "I shouldn't have to go through your room to find my random articles of clothing."

"Now, Casey", Derek said in an obviously faux-soothing tone, "I'm pretty sure I would have noticed something so shiny", he says disgustedly, "in my normal colored laundry. Maybe you put your things in the washer with mine," he suggests blandly.

She blinks at him for a moment, incredulous. That sounded normal, right? Then she grumbles incoherently about laundry stealing step-brothers and shoves him into the hallway. "Stop mixing up the laundry!" she yells, and she slams the door in his face.

When Casey turns around, Nora is standing with her arms folded looking unconvinced. "Well, that was fun", Casey mutters.

Nora raised her eyebrows, "Casey, do you really expect me to believe that little performance?" she questioned seriously.

Why did she kick Derek out? This wasn't fun. Casey arched an eyebrow purposefully. She could lie – really. "Mom, have you been reading Flowers in the Attic again?" she asked suspiciously. "What other possible reason would there be for my under garments to be in his room? Seriously, you know how unorganized this house is, and you know just as well as I do that Derek will throw his stuff in the washer regardless of whose things are already occupying it. I'm just thrilled that he actually checks colors now, and nothing has been dyed pink in the last eight months", she retorted dryly. "You've got to stop watching reality television."

Nora sighed, giving up, "Fine", she said, giving Casey a reproachful look that would hopefully cause at least some amount of guilt. "I'm here if you need me", she said quietly before she walked out, shutting the door behind her.

That was the final nail in the coffin of guilt. I am so going to hell, Casey thought to herself. She fell backwards on her bed and covered her face with her hands, trying not to remember how she had lost her bra in Derek's room in the first place. It had been about three weeks ago – she hadn't realized it was missing until a week later. She had been blindfolded and hadn't seen where it had been tossed from her position underneath him on his couch. Casey felt herself flush, sure her face, neck, and chest were covered in red splotches, and she tore her hands from her face and went to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face before returning to her room and allowing loud music to blare from her speakers with the touch of a button.

Casey wasn't sure how long she had laid there with her eyes closed, doing nothing but letting the bass of the music pulse through her body, before her door creaked open and she heard his voice. "C'mon", he said.

She opened her eyes and looked over to see him spinning a basketball on one finger, "Now?" she wondered absently.

He nodded, "Five minutes", he said. "Change your clothes. I'll meet you out back." Then he left, reclosing her door.

She groaned, but got up and went to her dresser. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled on a white spaghetti strap tank top. After, she tugged her jeans down her legs and stepped into a pair a black Addidas jogging pants and dug her purple and silver tennis shoes from the bottom of her closet and slid her feet into them. Casey pulled her hair into a messy ponytail as she walked downstairs, through the laundry room, and out the back door not bothering to grab a jacket.

Casey stepped onto their back cement porch that consisted of three steps and black cast iron handrails on either side and shut the door quietly behind her. She saw Derek shooting baskets on the half-court cement slab behind the garage where they had the hoop, but took a moment to survey the rest of the yard before heading over.

The backyard was covered in red and yellow leaves fallen from the three maple trees. Wind had blown the leaves everywhere, and Casey knew they would have to rake soon – probably just before Thanksgiving. She smiled slightly at the thought; last fall had been an interesting raking adventure that Nora and George had managed to catch on their digital video camera while the five kids had cleaned up, made more of a mess, and then cleaned again – all the while having leaf pile jumping contests. Casey wondered what this fall and winter would bring as she headed towards Derek.

Leaves crunched and crackled under her feet as she walked through the yard, but the air was still warm. It had cooled slightly seeing as it was after four, and the intensity of the sun had gone, but she knew she wouldn't be cold in her thin tank top. By the end of their game, Casey knew from experience that they would both be sweating. It was one of the things she was grateful for in regards to her currently very weird relationship with Derek: even in a friendly game of basketball, they pushed each other to the limit.

She stopped and watched him momentarily as he shot free-throws, only missing a few. Casey couldn't help but quirk a grin; if Derek didn't purposefully foul her – or distract her – this was one of very few games that they were nearly evenly matched in. That hadn't happened over night though. Derek had schooled her completely the first few months they had played until she had finessed her skills. Basketball had been their outlet for aggression – before they had started sleeping together. It had been one of the few things that they found that they could do together without arguing, mostly because they would just run each other ragged.

Soon it had become a way for them to let off steam, even when it wasn't directed at each other. Last year, right before finals, after Derek had stopped puking, they had played the entire Sunday afternoon until they both had to lie down on the cement for at least half an hour to recover. Before that even, the night before she was supposed to leave for her dance camp. Casey had still been pacing her room after one a.m. when Derek finally wrestled her outside, both of them still in their pajamas, to run her around the court until the only thing she could think about was sleeping.

Casey knew Derek – probably better than anyone. So even as she watched the muscles rippling under his thin cotton t-shirt, she knew what this meant. This basketball game was an offer of friendship, for today. But she still couldn't help the want that clawed at her stomach. She wanted more than she should at this moment. These past two weeks had been hell for both of them. They couldn't go back. And Casey had to wonder if this was also something of a goodbye. Lately everything with him felt that way, though. She was still waiting for everything to shatter. Maybe she was just reading too much into everything – she almost hoped so.

She wanted something, not even entirely sure what, but she wanted it nonetheless. She wanted him. His bed, her bed, it didn't matter at this point really. He had been right before – not that she wanted to admit it. She kept him out of her bed on purpose – plausible deniability maybe? If they had sex in her bed, it would become something serious or it would be over – she wasn't willing to risk either yet. Right now, she would take what she could get.

She cleared her throat as she finished closing the space between them, standing on the pavement, now only a few feet away. And he turned around to face her. He tossed her the ball; she caught it. "You first, babe", he said.

She didn't even bother rolling her eyes. Babe. He called her that way too often for comfort, but she was used to it. She had noticed some time ago, however, that he had never called her that in bed. It was always just her name – or some variation that only he had rights to. She was thankful for this in the same ways that it disconcerted her. The upside: he wasn't thinking about anyone else while they were in bed. The downside: he wasn't thinking about anyone else while they were in bed. She wasn't sure what to make of it –and, at this point, she had no intention of asking him about it. At the same time, she was sure that if he ever called her babe, or God forbid, baby, she would probably castrate him herself – and he probably knew it. "What are we playing to?" she asked bouncing the ball to the pavement a few times with her fingertips.

Derek shook his head, "Nothing. We play 'til we stop", he said.

Casey bit her lip and nodded. It was going to be one of those games, she thought. Someone would have to carry them to the house in the wheel barrow. "'Kay", she agreed. "Let's play."


Two and a half hours later when Nora yelled for them to come inside and take showers before dinner, they were both winded and drenched in sweat. "Oh, my god, my calf muscles", Casey whined as they stumbled in the back door and she tried to pull her shoes off without bending over to untie them.

"I think I might be having a heart attack", Derek panted behind her.

"How the hell are we going to get upstairs to the shower and back down in time for dinner when I can't move?" Casey hissed.

"I don't know… let's just walk really slowly", he muttered, nudging her back to get her moving.

"Watch the shoes", Casey warned as she started shuffling towards the kitchen to the hallway.

"Whoa, you guys look like shit", Edwin said from the couch.

"Shut it, Ed", Derek grumbled.

"Just making an observation", Edwin said honestly.

"Keep your observations to yourself", Casey demanded snippily.

Edwin just chuckled good-naturedly. "If you guys had just stuck to basketball, you wouldn't feel like dying right now", he said pointedly.

"Edwin", Derek said dangerously, "I'm going to have Casey write me a post-it to remind me to kill you some time tomorrow when I can finally move faster than a turtle", he warned.

"Derek, Casey, stop making death threats towards your brother", George called from the kitchen. "And Edwin, stop making fun of them for being slower than old people."

The only response heard was the, "Ow, ow, ow", from Casey and Derek as they tried to climb the stairs to see who would get the first shower.


Sunday morning, Casey woke up early and ate breakfast as everyone else got ready to go out for the day. Edwin and Lizzie had a history project to work on with some friends and then they were supposed to go to the park to play soccer and wouldn't be back until after dinner because they would probably stop for pizza. Nora and George were taking Marti with them shopping at the mall, then to a movie where they would eat popcorn and candy for lunch before doing more shopping and then eventually go to an early dinner and make a trip to the grocery store to stock up on food for the week.

By eleven that morning, the house was silent. Derek was still asleep and Casey was burning CDs on her laptop. She had taken her shower the previous night, so she had just dressed in a black, short-sleeve, button-up blouse and some dark skinny jeans. Casey was on the third chapter of Pride and Prejudice when she heard footsteps, a door slamming shut, and then the shower turning on. She tried not to think about it – really.

When the water squealed off twenty minutes later, Casey realized that she had done nothing but listen to the shower run for the entire time. "Enough", she muttered to herself. She got up and shut her bedroom door quietly before padding back to her bed and opened up her internet.

It was maybe an hour later when he knocked on her door and opened it. She glanced over at him standing cockily against her doorframe. She nearly choked. He was wearing that shirt. The one she always stole after… yeah, that one. Bastard, she thought. She loved that worn out blue t-shirt. Her eyes traveled to the dark jeans that hung low on his hips – dammit he wasn't wearing a belt. He was doing this on purpose, she knew. He smirked and she returned the favor with a heated glare. He chuckled, "My room. Twenty minutes", he said finally.

Her breathing became shallow and her insides turned to jelly, because, well, finally. But she nodded dutifully, "Fine", she said, glancing back to her laptop screen. He laughed under his breath, but she ignored it. In this instant, she couldn't pretend that he didn't know exactly what she wanted. She felt his eyes burning into her, but she studiously ignored him until after what seemed like an eternity, he finally went back to his own room, leaving her door opened.

Butterflies of anticipation exploded in her stomach, and she suddenly really had to pee. She walked quickly to the bathroom and locked herself in. She knew him – he was going to torture her today, she just knew it. He was planning on fucking her senseless, and she was going to let him. Casey had turned the tables on him a few times, but they both knew that once he started in on her, he owned her in bed. She had a feeling that she would be hoarse by the end of the day.

She used the bathroom and washed her hands before splashing cold water on her face in an effort to calm down and took a drink from the faucet. Casey forced herself out of the bathroom and back to her room, if only for a few minutes, and pretended that everything was normal. Was this how Derek felt before hockey games? Because if it was, she would have to tone down her laughing fits – this sucked. And then she realized that she had just compared sex to hockey and stifled a groan. Clearly, she had been living with Derek too long.

Finally, the twenty minutes had passed and Casey slowly made her way to his room. His door was opened and she leaned against the frame, only slightly surprised to see that he was leaning against the front of his desk waiting for her. She saw the predatory gleam in his eyes as he moved towards her slowly and her breathing faltered and her body buzzed in reaction. Her body moved toward him on its own accord, her lungs not taking in nearly enough oxygen.

She had only taken a few steps before she was suddenly in his arms and no longer touching the floor. His mouth was on hers, his arms around her back, her feet resting on either side of his legs – she thinks that she might have literally jumped into his arms (how embarrassing) – and she had to bite back a whimper at the contact. Derek set her down after a moment, mouths still connected, but he let go of her long enough to push the door closed and he backed her into it as he locked it. They were crazy, not stupid, after all. He pulled away from her slightly, "Turn around", he commanded in a low tone.

Her eyelids fluttered closed momentarily until his hands on her waist prodded her to move. She turned around and she propped her hands against the door to lean on as he pressed against her. She felt him tug her hair free from its ponytail and a soft smile crossed her face until his mouth began assaulting her neck and she felt her body respond immediately. Her breath hitched when his hands left her shoulders to wind around her and he palmed her breasts roughly through her clothing. Her back arched and they groaned in tandem as her ass pressed against his erection and she pushed herself more fully against his hands.

His hands wandered and Casey felt as if her body was being lit on fire. Derek was the only one who managed to do this to her. With one tug, he could unravel her like a ball of yarn, despite any of her protestations. She really couldn't fault him for it though. He always put her back together anyways. And if she was being honest, she did it for him too.

The first time they spent real time together without interference was when they had gotten locked in their own bathroom during a party. Derek had admitted to only acting how he was expected to, even though at the end of the night, he took it back. Only after she dumped a garbage bag full of trash on him, could she acknowledge that he was telling the truth. She raised the bar in regards to her expectations for him, sometimes playing his conscience, knowing full well that at times he resented her, but over time it had worked. Not so much that he really changed all that much, but he let his good qualities come out more.

Okay, so maybe now wasn't the best time to be analyzing Derek's improved behavior when he was doing that – wait, what? He turned her around and moved so she was walking backwards toward the bed and he pushed her gently down onto it. She feels her body heat, and is suddenly very aware of all the times she had shoved him onto this bed – not quite so gently – but those times were definitely much more innocent than the current situation.

He follows her, pinning her to the bed and leaning over her and she gives herself a mental shake. You idiot, she scolded herself. He's finally touching you and you can't stop thinking long enough to enjoy it. He is sucking on the dip in her collarbone when she realizes that she hadn't really moved, and she'd better do something about that. Her hands found their way under the front of his shirt and she ran them over his chest. He nipped lightly at her neck, his fingertips digging into her hipbones harshly even as his thumbs made small circles on her lower stomach. Casey moved her hands to his back and she tugged his shirt up and over his head to toss it to the floor.

She was lost in sensation and barely noticed he had unbuttoned her shirt until he was forcing her to lean forward enough for him to pull it off her arms. Her legs wound around his waist as he explored new skin and one of her hands threaded through his hair, tugging intermittently as she stole kisses while he seemed to be playing an annoying game of keep away that was driving her crazy.

She finally forced him back towards her while his hand traveled up her jean-clad thighs. He covered her mouth with his and she felt him smirking against her lips before the palm of his hand roughly and repeatedly brushed against the middle seam of her jean and she let out a low-pitched whine rocking against him. He pulled back slightly, unwrapping her legs from his waist and unsnapped the button of her jeans and tugging down the zipper. She lifted her hips and allowed him to peel her jeans down her legs.

His fingers teased her through the navy blue boxer panties that matched her bra and she struggled to keep enough presence of mind to remember how to work the zipper on his pants. She finally batted his hand away from her lower region, ignoring his low laugh, and managed to get his pants off after a few minutes and pulled him back to her. She let her legs fall open even further as he slid a hand into her underwear. She reached down between them, brushing against him teasingly and he scraped his teeth over her stomach in retaliation and laughed when her skin broke out in goose bumps.

He slid his fingers into her, both of them hissed at the sensation and he began teasing her mercilessly. His tongue teased her hard nipples through her satin bra as his fingers forced her into submission, first pulling out slowly and then pushing back into her forcefully, purposefully hitting that spot inside her that made her pant and would eventually cause her to scream with release.

Derek watched as her skin broke out in a sweat and finally slipped one hand behind her back to discard her bra. He was tasting the soft underside of her breast when Casey managed to slide a hand down his boxers. He felt her hand circle him and glanced down to find her smirking up at him impishly. He growled playfully at her and rubbed his fingers against that spot inside her that made her hand movement falter as she cried out. A few minutes later, she was yelling his name as her body shook underneath him.

Derek got rid of their remaining clothing while Casey tried to catch her breath. He positioned himself over her and thrust into her quickly once she gripped his shoulders. She gasped partially in relief at the feeling and returned his even paced thrusts, holding onto him for leverage. "Oh, god", she whined as she felt the coil in her stomach tighten. He grabbed her left hand from his shoulder and pinned it to the pillows above her head as they sped up. He was leaning his forehead against her shoulder as he took her right hand under his and pressed it firmly against her lower stomach allowing her to feel the jolt of the force of each thrust inside her as she matched his movements and she let a whimper as her insides began to unfurl.


Their ragged breathing kept either of them from hearing the front door opening. Casey let out a piercing scream that startled the two who had just entered the house as they closed the door behind them.

Lizzie looked at Edwin wide-eyed, "Holy fuck", she hissed.

"Literally", Edwin said in a strangled low voice. He looked a little green.

"Maybe we should just be glad they aren't doing it on the couch or something?" she questioned uncertainly.

Edwin cleared his throat, "Yeah, let's go with that."

"Oh my god", Lizzie whined in horror, "I have to go up there to get my soccer ball. Do you think maybe we could just find a big round rock somewhere", she pleaded.

"How about you go up there and I stay here and wait for you with my ears plugged", Edwin suggested.

Lizzie glared at him, "I hate you so much right now", she complained quietly. "I really hope they at least shut the door. I really don't want to know what your brother is doing to my sister."

Edwin made a disgusted face, "Thanks so much for that image", he said dryly. Lizzie turned to go to the stairs, but Edwin grabbed her arm. He glanced up at the ceiling. "Wait a minute for them to start again so they won't hear you."

"So disturbing", Lizzie whimpered. "Like our family didn't already need therapy", she pointed out. A minute or two later, the distinct thumping noises started again and they both winced. "Is there a really long string you can tie to my ankle with a bell on it so you'll know if I fall over and die while I'm up there and you can pull me back down and hide me before anyone sees?" Lizzie asked desperately looking around.

Edwin chuckled, "You're not going into the Inner Temple, Liz."

"I'll be right back", she said mournfully as she covered her ears and headed to the stairs. Edwin watched as she avoided all the creaky spots and didn't hear her footsteps on the upstairs hall either so he assumed that she was sticking close to the wall – or else her noise was being covered by… Edwin forced his thoughts to stop right there. Less than two minutes later she was back on the stairs. He stifled a laugh at the look on her face as she had one ear covered by a hand, and her soccer ball was pressed tightly to the other.

She passed him and opened the door quietly and whispered, "Let's get out of here." He followed her out and pulled the door shut quietly after locking it.

They all but ran down their driveway and to the sidewalk. They stopped once they passed the Davis's house and Edwin started laughing uproariously.

Lizzie stared at him, still scandalized. "What the hell are you laughing at?" she demanded placing her hands on her hips in perfect imitation of her sister. "I am freaking traumatized right now and you're laughing your freaking ass off!"

Edwin grabbed her shoulders as he tried to stop laughing, "Oh, come on", he choked out, "I know that was absolutely horrifying, but it really was sorta funny. Don't you think we maybe should have expected that before we went in there?" he pointed out.

Lizzie's jaw dropped and she brought her hands up to her face, "Oh, god, your right. That was stupid – we should have rung the doorbell", she murmured.

"To our own house, no less", Edwin agreed with a chuckle. "Come on, or we'll be late", he said putting an arm around her shoulder and they headed in the direction of the park.

"Fucking sex maniacs", Lizzie muttered darkly. Edwin just snorted in agreement.


Casey felt weak as a newborn kitten after her second orgasm a could do nothing more than lay there and try to catch her breath, not even able to loosen her tight grip on the sheets, as she Derek was still on top of her running his hands softly over her ribcage. "Damn", she muttered when the tightness in her throat finally loosened.

Derek laughed, "You okay there, Sparky?" he teased.

"Asshole", she muttered, bring up a hand to smack his shoulder weakly, "Can't move", she whined.

He smirked devilishly, "I guess I get to have my wicked way with you then", he suggested.

Her mouth twitched in frustrated amusement, "You pretty much do that anyways, don't you", she reminded pointedly.

He grinned and nipped at her collarbone, "You like it", Derek said knowingly. "Kind of ironic for Miss Control Freak", he continued thoughtfully.

"Would you shut up and get out of me", she muttered flushing.

His eyes held amusement, but they were dark, "Mhm", he agreed blandly and moved away from her slightly. "Turn over", he said seriously.

She raised a challenging eyebrow at him, but didn't dare say 'make me' like she wanted to. "I don't know; I'd kind of like to be able to walk tomorrow", she stated.

He leaned back over her, propping himself up on his forearms and snatched her bottom lip between his, and sucked on it roughly for a moment until she made a noise in the back of her throat. "Maybe", he conceded, "but I think you'd much rather let me fuck you until you pass out", he said in a silky voice. Casey tried to regulate her breathing as the lust washed over her body again and the fire was rekindled in her belly. Her body betrayed her, nipples hardening and he chuckled, "Yeah, that's what I thought", he said. He changed position slightly, putting all his weight on his right side and brought his left hand up to her breast, his thumb stroking across her right nipple in a movement that was equally rough and gentle and she let out a moan. "Turn over", he repeated softly, "Before I lodge a formal complaint."

"If I do, you'll lodge something else", Casey pointed out with a smirk.

"Yes, that is the basic idea, honey", he admitted wryly, moving back as she sat up.

"Alright", she said feigning exasperation and moving into position facing the opposite direction. She looked back over her shoulder at him playfully, "Come do me again."

Derek landed a swat on her ass fro that remark, making her shriek. He moved behind her and grabbed her hips tightly before thrusting back into her roughly and whispering in her ear, "You do realize that you won't be getting out of bed for quite some time", he warned. She choked back a groan as he thrust into her again, burying himself in her to the hilt. And if his grip on her was any indication, she would be marked with his fingerprints on her hipbones by morning. Thank god they had all day.