Dealings in Sacrifice by Nehan Shinzui

A/N: Yippe! My first ever Sasunaru fic! Go me! So like, just to get a few things . Gay. Sasuke. Is. Gay. I mean it's totally obvious Naruto isn't doing all of this for Sakura's sake anymore. I mean, crying over Sasuke, getting into fights over Sasuke, doing anything to get Sasuke back--c'mon aren't he and Sakura's roles a bit too similar for him to just think of him as a brother? And isn't Sasuke a little bit too bit emotionally tied to Naruto?. The proof is in the pudding guys, really. This story was inspired by Chapters 26-29 of the Shippuden manga which you probably would've been able to tell anyway if you read it. heheh I don't like Sasuke in canon by the way but I like him in fanfics cuz in most he's a good fucker. That make any sense?

Summary: Sasuke didn't need swords or knives or genjutsu, ninjutsu, or even taijutsu to hurt Naruto. He didn't even need to be near him. Because, although he was far away, and although they'd had no contact with each other in years Naruto was still being tortured. Even though they'd had no chance to acknowledge each other face to face in person it was happening. Sasuke was killing him.

Chapter 1: Encounters/Memories


Naruto Uzumaki heard the name and stood there absorbing it with a chilling recognition that was always associated with the Uchiha. He paused slightly before rushing on.

A cool breeze fluttered into his room that night through the curtains, causing the young blonde to shift uncomfortably in his sleep. A tall figure slipped through the window shadowing his bed. Tracing the contours of the sleeping boy's face. Bending over him, the figure whispered, " Wake up, Naru-chan."

Seeing his face after all these years proved to be a greater shock for him than he had anticipated. Seeing that pale face, framed by that longish dark hair caused a strong upsurge of emotions. Naruto had to look away if only for the moment. Glancing at Sakura he noted that the kunoichi looked equally shaken. So she still felt for the dark-haired man, after all he'd done to her. It seemed inconcievable that one could take so much mistreatment from a person. It seemed that the pink haired girl was as foolish as she'd always been. Well, then again so was he. Turning back to Sasuke he mumbled his name; it seemed it was all he could say for the moment.

Blue eyes opened. A smile spread across his face as he focused on his late night visitor. "Sasuke..." Said boy smiled gently down at him, fingers still caressing his face. He gave the smaller a soft kiss. "What're you doing here?" Naruto asked, yawning and sitting up. He rubbed at his eyes.

"Don't I always come, Naru-chan?"

The blonde shrugged. "I figured you'd try and get some rest tonight--this mission wasn't such a piece of cake, was it asshole?"

This little remark earned him a hard cuff around the head.

"Ow! Fucking douche..." Naruto snapped. But he was smiling. "Why'd ya kiss me, teme?" Sasuke looked away from him for a second.

There was a comfortable silence. "You know the answer to that." he replied firmly. Naruto flushed.

"Because I'm--"

"So , came too."

The blonde's said nothing. But that almost said everything.

"I assume this means Kakashi's here somewhere." Sasuke continued.

Footsteps crunched behind Naruto and Yamato went on to explain how he was their sensei's replacement. The Uchiha regarded them coolly. He scoffed, "Team Kakashi, huh?"

Sai lifted his weapon, causing all eyes to be drawn towards him.

Sakura shouted, "SAI! You are not still thinking of your mission?!"

Naruto sweat-dropped and gasped. He mustn't still be thinking of killing Sasuke--not after he'd confided in the emotionless boy about why he was so important to him! No! Yamato looked apprehensive; he respected Naruto and Sakura's wishes though he didn't know the full extent of Naruto's wishes.

"Is he my stand-in, Naru-chan?" Sasuke smirked, causing the blond to feel a keen sense of embarrasement. "He said something about wanting to protect the bond between you and I. I didn't think you'd be so loose at the mouth about us,dobe."

Sakura looked hastily back and forth between the two former teamates in confusion. "What? What's he talking about?" she demanded, but the older disregarded her--as usual. Sai spoke,

"My top secret mission was to kill Sasuke..."

"You're the only person I've ever been able to confide in." the black-haired man interrupted. "The only person I've ever really felt close to. In a way you're my only friend." Naruto laughed. The Uchiha had told him this before and it still made him feel like more than he was worth. "Naruto...I want to show you something."

"....But I'm done following orders. From now on, I want to think for myself. " Sai continued. "I feel like you can help me remember, Naruto. bring back those old feelings I thought were lost..."

Sasuke pulled his hands from in front of his blonde companion's eyes. The latter gasped in surprise. "It's beautiful, Sasuke." The taller boy had first managed to knock him unconcious, then after he'd regained it had covered his eyes until they reached their destination. They were in the middle of a valley, a large waterfall rushing between two stone statues. The moonlight glistened on the water and fireflies flew all about them illuminating the air around them. "It's so--peaceful here. What is this place?" Naruto almost whispered.

"They call it The Valley of The End."

"The things that were once really important to me..."

"It's beautiful..." the blonde repeated. His teammate was quiet for a moment. Then moving even closer to Naruto whispered,

"Very beautiful, indeed."

But he wasn't looking at the valley.

There was a pause. Sasuke assesed Sai with a now pronounced hostility. He continued to listen, however, and the look he gave Naruto almost seemed regretful.

" I really don't know that much about you," the replacement stated, "except that Naruto and Sakura are willing to risk everything for you. To keep that special bond alive..."

Naruto wanted to be happy. But he knew what his instincts were telling him.

"So you are going away. For sure this time."

Sasuke frowned at him.

"...In the name of friendship. I still don't understand it fully..."

"Naruto, please understand that I need to do this. He killed my entire family. I have no one else but you. If you don't get it--"

"I don't think I entirely agree with that, Sasuke. You shouldn't live your life full of hatred. What will you have when it's done?" His hands shook. "I don't think I can handle you being away that long...with someone like that."

"...But I think you do, Sasuke." Sai concluded. Both Naruto and Sakura stared at their new teammate. The blonde couldn't believe that the Foundation member had taken all that they'd said to heart--he really had been understanding the meaning of bonds all along. Everyone waited with bated breath for Sasuke's response. The Uchiha said rather simply,

"Yeah, I did and that's exactly--he glared pointedly at Naruto as he emphasized this part--why I cut them off. I only have one bond now and that is the bond of hatred between my brother and I. I will not rest until he is dead. Sakura and Naruto are worth less than the shit stuck under my boots to me now."

This shocked both ninja but not more so than the blonde. Those wonderful words he had spoken before....

"You're the only one I can confide in...You're my best friend...You're beautiful...I love you."

These were all pointless, meaningless lies. Why...why was this happening to him? What was all of it for? Did Sasuke purposely intend to break his heart? Why? Naruto felt all of these emotions boil up and spill over.


Sasuke stared back at him as calmly as ever.

"I see you are just as naive as ever, Naru-chan." he remarked. "The reason is very simple: I did not want to gain power in the same way that my brother did. I prefer to obtain strength my own way--only then will I have the true advantage over my brother. Do not be so foolish as to think that letting you live was an act of kindness bestowed upon you--your life was spared only on a whim."

Yamato was silent. He appeared to be analyzing the situation. Naruto's bright eyes darkened and he tried to be angry--but beneath he felt...he didn't know. After all he should've seen this coming.

Suddenly, Sasuke grabbed him--it almost felt like an embrace.

"Naruto, didn't you want to become Hokage? Seems you should've been busy training instead of chasing after me. Hmm?"

"I don't think someone who can't even save their friend deserves to be you Sasuke?"

Sasuke scoffed lifting the sword and prepared to end his friend's life on a whim in the same way he'd spared it all those years ago. Just before the blade pierced his back however, it was stopped by Sai. There was a blast of lightning that sent Naruto and Sai flying as the Uchiha unearthed his Chidori Current. Sakura gasped, remembering her promise to help her blonde teamate bring Sasuke back. She rushed at him, but Yamato seeing the Sharingan activate jumped in front of her, the Chidori Blade (or whatever the fuck it's called I don't really care) piercing his shoulder blade leaving him paralyzed. Naruto was now seeing red; he felt himself drift over....

"WHO DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL?" The Kyuubi demanded it's skin bubbling chakra. Naruto merely glared at him.


Naruto put his hand up signaling the demon to stop."I don't need you're help--don't ever come out again!" The Kyuubi's eyes flashed dangerously.


Turning around, the blonde realized he was no longer alone in his subconcious.

Sasuke now stood beside him.

" think that something like this could have possibly live inside you...when you're body belongs to me..."


Sasuke squeezed;the bubbles exploded suppresing the demon's chakra.

"I know no such person." Sasuke said coldly. Turning back to the blonde he stated, "Now that we are relatively alone...I wish to have a discussion with you."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Naruto spat without thinking.

"Dumbass." Sasuke said quietly. Naruto realizing that the Uchiha had already stated his purpose, blushed.

"I--I have nothing to say to you, Sasuke."

Sasuke scoffed. "Oh, but I think you do; for one--have you thought at all about my...offer?"

The blonde insatntly paled. "How couldn't I?" he muttered bitterly. The Uchiha's offer had unsettled him when he'd heard and had led him to questioning where their relationship really stood.

"And?" the black-haired teen inquired.

"I don't know."

Sasuke latched his lips onto the smaller boys, suddenly rough. His hands, burning hot felt all over Naruto's body, pulling at his clothing.

"I want to fuck you, Naru-chan." The Uchiha stated gruffly, continuing with his rough ministrations. "I want to fuck you really hard."

Naruto gasped, shoving the older boy off of him. Sasuke's sudden change in attitude had scared him. After all they had just started this--whatever. It was so sudden, so fast and rough.

"No, Sasuke. I-I don't want to right now. I can't."

Without warning Sasuke struck him in the face, livid. There was a scuffle, then the Uchiha, pressig Naruto's face into the ground spat,

"You dare say no to me? You say no to me when I could have anyone I want and instead I choose you? Who do you think you are?!"

Naruto struggled against the taller boy's hold.

"The fuck, asshole let me go!" he protested.

Sasuke released him; the Uchiha stood up and backed away, gazing at the blonde coolly through dark eyes. As the younger stood up to land a punch on him he said,

"I thought you loved me. I loved you."

Naruto froze. "Of-of course I love you Sasuke! I just--"

"Then why won't you let me have you? Everything I've done, I've done for you and you can't even pay me back?" the older cut across him.

"It just seems a little early, Sasuke."

"Fine, then you'll never see me again. If you give me your body, Naru-chan, you can come with me and I'll never leave your side and you'll never have to leave mine. You only have three chances."

Naruto stared at the one person he truly loved as the Uchiha's eyes lit up malevolently.

Sasuke looked no different now, if only a bit smugger. Cocking his head to the side like a puppy--but this was not a gentle four-legged creature of course--he asked, "Well?" in a somewhat sultry voice.

The blonde shook, nauseaus--there was so much about the man before him that he didn't understand. Sasuke had changed so much and not for the better.

Before he could answer he found himself on the ground where he had started off at.

He saw Sasuke fly backwards as a bar of wood shot from Yamato's shoulder-blade where the Chidori Blade had been formerly.

The Uchiha shot into the air as the new captain made a huge block of wood that prepared to encase him. As he landed on the ridge, Sasuke looked as though he was about to do some jutsu as his former teammates looked on in horror.

Suddenly, a hand stopped him--Orochimaru's of all people.

Everything was so wrong.

It was so out of place.

"You shouldn't use that move, my dear Sasuke."

Sasuke stared at him. Then, with a smirk at Naruto he said, "Let's go."

As they faded away Naruto heard Kabuto mutter, "You could kill him y'know."

The blonde felt his heart tear in half again.

Kabuto was right.

The Uchiha was killing him.

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