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The Venus adept turned at the shy voice. "What is it, Sheba?"

Sheba stopped in her tracks, glancing away from her companion. "Have you…have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn't jump off of the Venus Lighthouse?"

Felix stopped too, frowning. The earth user shook his head. "No…" he said, voice sounding downcast. "Why?" he asked, turning to face the Jupiter adept.

"Well…" Sheba trailed off, shifting her gaze away from Felix.

She recalled the fear that coursed throughout her body when her hand had finally given out, sending her to so-called doom. She remembered the slow, unrelenting free fall from the lighthouse aerie. And him. She remembered him.


The lone teenager that had actually been brave enough to jump off the aerie, as if he too had fallen.


If the whole ordeal had not been so frightening, she would smile at the memory.

A sudden warm feeling snapped the wind user out of her thoughts. She cast a nervous glance towards her left shoulder, only to find Felix with a single arm wrapped around her. She blushed at her friend's actions.

She took a glimpse towards the Venus adept, who remained silent.

Felix pulled Sheba closer, smiling warmly at her. "Let's not think about that. It's the past" he replied, staying on the optimistic side of things.

Sheba, unsure on how to answer, looked away.

Her green eyes portrayed traces of deep thought, which worried the Venus adept slightly. The whole event was quite traumatic for both of them, but the horrible memory could still be fresh in the Jupiter adept's mind.

Sheba then turned to face Felix. She opened her mouth to speak, but was immediately cut off by a call from the distance.

"Sheeeeeeeba! Feeeeeelix!" Came the frustrated yell of Felix's younger sister, Jenna. "What's taking you so long?!"

Felix jumped slightly at the sudden outburst, but nodded nonetheless. "Coming!" he shouted back before breaking into a sprint towards the group in the distance. He urged Sheba to follow quickly.

The wind user beamed, nodding before making her way towards the awaiting adepts. "I guess things that happened in the past should be left in the past…" she whispered to herself, making an attempt that no one heard her.

"But…with tragedies…comes happy times too."

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