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Summary(or rather key points): *Snape wanted by ministry for killing Dumbledore *Harry trying to find Snape and get him through a proper trial with veritaserum and what not to clear his name *Snape is found *Harry/Snape pairing

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Chapter 1: Found


The black haired man stood tiredly from the desk buried under what looked like a model of Mount Everest made from paper, and walked towards the door of his office.

This better not be about the fake cauldron sales again…

Bracing himself against the potential idiocy of what ever people came up with to get Harry Potter's department involved, he reached to pull the door open… and quickly jumped backwards when it appeared that the person on the other side could not wait for him to let them in.

"Harry! Harry!" A mass of bushy brown hair charged into the room. "You won't believe it! I think I've found him!'"

Harry blinked. at least it wasn't about the cauldrons….but what on earth was Hermione going on about? She hadn't disturbed him during work since the day that she walked in on Ron cheating on her with some chit from the quidditch team he was coaching, Harry mused.

"I've almost given up but then- Oh; I can't believe I didn't think of it before! I'm almost positive this time! Who else could make such a complex-" Hermione finally stopped to take a breath and saw the uncomprehending look on Harry's face.

"Harry, are you listening?"

"Sorry, what?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. Honestly, he better not be this inattentive when he's on duty…

"Professor Snape, Harry, Professor Snape."

Harry's expression instantly changed, and Hermione could have sworn she saw the light bulb go on.

"You found out where he's living?" Harry began to pace back and forth "but all those times we thought we found him-"

Hermione laid a hand on his shoulder to stop his pacing. "Harry, remember when that little boy from northern Scotland was brought to St. Mungos, and how they wanted to study him since he seemed to be able to stop transforming on full moons?"

Harry nodded. "But what has that got to do with-"

Hermione interrupted again, "they found traces of an unknown potion in his blood! And remember how the parents of the boy refused to tell the doctors who gave them the potion? They said that the person wanted to remain anonymous and with all he did for their son, the least they could do was respect their wishes… but Harry, what potions master wouldn't want to take credit for finding the cure to lycanthropy!"

There was a silence as she finished broken only when Harry sat heavily back in his chair with a thump

"After all these years we've looked." Harry breathed dazedly.

"Harry, I know it's hard to believe but-"

He took a deep breath. "Where is he?"

"What?" It was Hermione's turn to be taken aback.

"Where is he?" Harry repeated.

"You mean you believe me?" Hermione asked incredulously. "But I had a whole speech prepared to convince you that it really is him this time!"

"Hermione…," Harry trailed off warningly.

"Right, sorry." Hermione pulled out a bit of parchment and handed it over to Harry. "those are the apparition coordinates. They won't get you directly to his front door, but it's the closest place you can aparate to with all the wards the place has- they were pretty hard to miss when I searched the town where the werewolf boy lived."

Harry committed the numbers to memory and abruptly snorted in amusement "bet he'll be pleased when he hears that the wards gave away his hiding place. So when are we going?"

Hermione shifted uncomfortably. "Actually, Harry, I think it'll be better if you went yourself. You knew him the best, and he never did like me all that much…"

Harry looked suspiciously at her, but let it go, mind already whirling with things that needed to be done and brought to justice now that Snape was found.


Harry looked down the narrow trail at the small cabin that laid at its end and inexplicably felt as if he where back at Hogwarts again, walking towards the dungeons to yet another training session.

It was nostalgic.

And as intimidating as hell.

He suddenly wished that he hadn't agreed to approach the man by him self. It wasn't as if he was scared of him, but he wasn't sure how Snape would react to seeing him after years of being perused by the ministery and having his name dragged through the dirt, and generally loathed by the all of the wizarding world.

Especially since Harry was the head of the department who where most active in there attempts to track him down, despite his efforts to lead his men astray when they followed the few leads to the man's location that were not completely ridiculous.

He had tried vehemently after the final battle to clear Snape's name, but his perceived crime had been too great that even the boy who live, man who conquered or what ever load of rubbish they called him now, could not convince the public of the man's innocence. It didn't help that Snape actually had killed Dumbledore, even it had not been for the reasons widely accepted.

But what if Snape thought that he had turned against him? After all, he had never tried to contact me for help…

Harry gave himself a mental shake; he had already been through this on the rather long walk through the forest. He definitely didn't need to make him self any more nervous

Alright… one step at a time… you can do it!

He breathed in deeply through his nose, squared his shoulders and took a rather pathetically small step towards the house.

And stopped.

And mentally argued with himself again.

And took another step.

And abruptly sat down on the rather conveniently placed log on the side of the trial.

"I can't do this" he groaned, removing his glasses and rubbing tiredly at his face.

Really, if only Hermione were here, he wouldn't be like this. What was her reason for not coming again? What if Snape didn't want to see him? The man probably hated him, he should have tried harder, done more to clear his name, maybe should have became the minister of magic so that he could…


Harry froze, he could have sworn….

The voice came again, this time closer; "I realize that your intelligence is somewhat lacking but even you should know that it is required for one to knock on the door if they wish to enter, not sit outside of it."

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