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Chapter 8: A Start


Harry summoned a roll of parchment and a quill and glanced apologetically at Snape when the items came zooming past him, nearly colliding with his head.

"We need to make a list of people we can rely on to support your case. I've already spoken to the old order members, and most of them are willing to back you. So that's Minerva, Hagrid, Shacklebolt, Molly..." He continued to mutter names under his breath as he wrote them down on the parchment until it was half filled with names. He stopped and looked at Snape expectantly.

"Okay, that's the order, and the Zacks Brothers, who else do you think will side with you?"

Harry waited with his quill poised above the parchment, a move that had him cringing at how Rita Skeeterish it was, the woman still hounded him even after all those years, but Snape continued to stare down at the names on the parchment in amazement.

Harry continued to wait patiently.

Snape continued to stare.

Harry continued to wait.

Snape continued to stare.

Harry was not waiting patiently anymore.

Snape continued to stare.

"Severus." Harry snapped. "Did you hear me?"

Snape finally looked up from the parchment and gave Harry a blank look.

"Are you sure that they all believe that I'm innocent? I mean, Minerva is understandable, Dumbledore probably told her what he was planning before it happened, but the rest of them…" He trailed off uncertainly.

Harry suddenly understood. Snape during his years as a spy, had been forced to keep his distance from everyone around him, both coworkers and students, in fear of Voldemort becoming suspicious. To put it bluntly, Severus didn't have any friends aside from Dumbledore, Harry during the last year of the war, and perhaps Minerva. What the man didn't see was that while the others kept their distance from the snarky man, they didn't particularly hate him, and understood what he risked each day to provide them with information.

It was a sad, he realized. Snape had never really had anyone he thought he could rely on, not even his friend and mentor rolled into one Albus Dumbledore, who had meant well, but had always wanted something form him. How anyone could bare living like that, let alone with the stubbornness that Severus pushed forwards with, Harry didn't know, but perhaps with time, he could show Severus that there were people who cared about him without expecting anything in return. Without scaring the other man with too much sappiness, of course.

This was certainly going to make the current matter at hand difficult though…

Harry sighed "Yes, Severus, I'm quite sure that you can count on these people to help you."

Severus still looked doubtful, but nodded

Reassuring Severus of such things was something that he had never thought he would need to do. The man had always seemed so confident and 'thou is beneath me' to the teenage Harry, but now he realized, it was more of a shield for Severus than anything else.

Harry tried again without much hope of getting an answer that he wanted. "Are there any more people you think will side with you?'

Severus seemed to consider the question seriously for all of two seconds before responding matter-of-factly.


Harry abandoned his conscience resorted to dirty tricks. "Are you sure that the hat had put you in the right house? Any true Slytherin would have a list of people whom are due to return a favor or two, whether or not they actually owe you anything in reality". He paused here and threw a sneer in for the effect "You had forgotten about the Zacks too! Honestly, you brewed their patriarch an exceedingly complex potion for, what, years, and still didn't think of them as in your debt? "

By the time Harry had finished Snape seething, and scowling darkly at him, but Harry, much to his pleasure, walked out of the library half an hour later with a list of people he needed to pay a visit to.

Harry chuckled to himself as he made his way down to his room to retrieve his formal robes. Honestly, the man was too easy to rile up, not to mention irrationally hung up about the Hogwarts houses.

We need to do something about his tendency to think that he's in this all by himself though…

Snape lounged back onto the couch in satisfaction and popped a grape from the platter left over from breakfast into his mouth. "That would show the brat, not worthy of Slytherin indeed!"

He reached for another piece of fruit but stopped, and truly thought over what had just occurred. Why was he trying to prove to Harry that he was as Slytherin as a Slytherin could get again? Despite it being part of his act as a deatheater, he had never been that hung up about the whole house deal. He was proud that he had been in Slytherin of course, they were, after all the best of the bunch…okay, so he was a bit hung up about it, but he never would have done something so out of character to prove that he deserved the title of a Slytherin…

So that brought him back to the question of why he was currently feeling so smug right now, after Harry had gotten him to sprout off a whole list of people whom may be persuaded to help them out in this whole ordeal…

Severus froze.

No. There is absolutely no way that I, Severus Snape just got played by Harry Potter, the poster boy of Gryffindor

The majority of his brain was not convinced.

Ignoring that majority, Snape put the piece of fruit he had been about to eat back on to his plate and stood up brushing the non-existing crumbs off of his cloak.

It occurred to him that he should probably warn Harry before the man took off rashly to pay house visits to the people on the list that some of were rather…well… difficult to handle…

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