I was so mad, it happened again. Some how I pissed off Kagome and she sat me with these cursed beads around my neck. After it happened, I decided that I would leave for a while so I could calm down. I could her calling my name and it sound so sad but I didn't care right now. No, I just kept walking I didn't realize I had walked so far until I couldn't smell Kagome. I jumped in a tree and closed my eyes for some needed sleep. After a while, my sword started to raddled and my eyes snapped open, I jumped to the ground and unsheathed Tetsusaiga ready for battle.

"Put your sword away Inuyasha I am not here to fight." Said Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru. Inuyasha did as told and crossed his arms across his chest.

"What do you want Sesshomaru." His brother smirked. Inuyasha glared and growled in warning. He was not in the mood to put up this crap from his brother, especially after what happened earlier.

"Why are you all the way out here? Without that winch you call Kagome." Inuyasha didn't answer. He only growled more fiercely remembering what just happened a short time a go. Sesshomaru watched his brother's for a minute before walking closer to the half demon. Inuyasha looked at his brother and noticed he was to close. He always had a hard time concentrating on anything else other then Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru reached out, grabbed his brother's waist, and crushed him to his body.

"What has she done now to anger you so?" Inuyasha was surprised the tone his brother was using was different the usual. Inuyasha looked up and his eyes widened in shock. His brother' eyes weren't what he thought they would be they were soft gold and not the cold hard glare. Inuyasha gulped before answering.

"Its these damn beads around my neck. Anytime I do anything to make her mad, she uses her sit command and I go crashing down to the ground." He said angrily. Sesshomaru's eyes suddenly became angry. Inuyasha smiled lightly and hugged his brother tighter to him.

"Don't worry about it Sesshomaru I can handle it."

"Inuyasha you shouldn't have to. You who will be my precious mate." Inuyasha looked at his brother shocked again.

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you think I have come to you tonight? Tonight is mating for your kind. You are the only one suited for me." Inuyasha smiled this was the first compliment his brother ever gave him. Sesshomaru bent down and kissed his mate passionately. Inuyasha moaned and aloud him to further deepen the kiss. A gasp was heard and the two demons pulled away and looked in the direction of the sound. There in the opening of the forest stood Kagome who was in tears. Sesshoumaru growled dangerously and moved in font of his mate.

"Inuyasha how could you? After everything his done to us. How could you betray us by kissing him?"

"For your information everything thing I have done is our way of courting our mate. We see if our mate is strong enough to protect a family when we have to leave for business."

"Was I talking to you no? So shut up. Now Inuyasha answer me" Inuyasha stepped out from behind Sesshomaru and bared his teeth.

"I love him Kagome. I always have."

"What about me Inuyasha? Aren't I good enough to be your mate?" She asked as more tears traveled down her face.

"No you are not. I could NEVER love you." Inuyasha yelled. Kagome glared at Inuyasha and yelled.

"SIT BOY!" Inuyasha went crashing to the ground and it created a large hole. Sesshoumaru watched in horror.

'So this is what he was talking about.' Thought Sesshomaru he ran to his fallen mate ant gathered him into his arms.

"This is why he can never love. You use your power only when you don't get your way. You could never deserve him." Sesshomaru answered in his usual cold and hard voice. He turned on the girl before taking of into the forest with Inuyasha in his arms. Sesshomaru finally stopped when he came across a cave. I walked in and put Inuyasha on his feet.

"I'm sorry you had to watch that. I bet you don't want me any more. I can't even stop Kagome."

"Inuyasha if I didn't want you I wouldn't have taken you with me. I love you Inuyasha. You are the only mate for me. And as for what happen it can't be helped that is a strong magic, but since I'm a full demon it shouldn't be that hard to remove." Inuyasha watched as Sesshomaru reached for the beads and easily broke them. Sesshomaru smirked.

"Now where were we?" Inuyasha smiled and pulled his mate into a passionate kiss. Sesshomaru striped off his top and pushed his brother to the floor, kissing him, using his teeth and tongue to lick and nibble at his mate's lips, leaving them red and swollen.

The demon lord used his tongue to taste his way along his brother's neck, grazing his teeth along his collarbone. He pushed his clothing up and applied his lips and teeth to the hardened buds making Inuyasha moan and squirm in delight. Sesshomaru got rid of their clothes, and stared down at Inuyasha well toned body. His brother smirked, leaning down and bringing his lips and teeth to the flat stomach, slowly nipping and sucking his way down to a more interesting area. By the time, he had Inuyasha's manhood in his mouth there was a good trail of hickies.

Inuyasha moaned out loudly as his brother tortured him enjoyably with his mouth, using his tongue to swirl all around his shaft as he sucked firmly. The sensations were driving Inuyasha close to the edge and Sesshoumaru stopped. He moved back up to tease his chest and nipples.

"Ahhh…Sesshoumaru, don't stop," he whined, trying to push the demon's head back down to his lower regions.

"No, I want you to enjoy this." he breathed out, pulling Inuyasha's hand from his head, and holding it down. Sesshoumaru let go of Inuyasha's hand and sat up so he was again kneeling in front of his brother.

"Open your legs," he told the boy, putting his two fingers in his mouth and sucking them, getting them good and wet. Sesshoumaru inserted his lubricated digits gently into the tight anal opening.

Inuyasha grunted out a moan. The intrusion was not painful but the new felling was uncomfortable.

"Relax, Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru began to tenderly stroke in and out with his fingers, pushing them in a bit further each time, smiling with satisfaction as Inuyasha relaxed and began moaning huskily. He soon had his brother panting and moving with his ministrations as he stroked the sensitive organ inside him, causing fluid to leak from his manhood.

"Ahh…Sesshoumaru," he groaned, grabbing his brother's hand to make him stop.

"What's the problem?"

"I can't take it…I have to feel you inside me," the boy answered, panting and gasping erratically, trying to take in more air.

Sesshoumaru moved so he was positioned in front of Inuyasha's entrance, still on his knees, lifting his brother's hips onto his lap. "If this hurts, tell me," he breathed, beginning to pant a little himself. He held the tip of his cock against the opening, smearing his fluid over his manhood and Inuyasha's anus.

"Sesshoumaru," the boy whimpered slightly.

"Take a deep breath." Sesshoumaru began to push himself inside the small opening and got a quarter of the way in when Inuyasha clamp down on him tightly. His younger brother put his hands on the demons stomach, trying to push him back.

"Inuyasha, just relax," he puffed out, trying to sooth his virgin mate.

"No, Sesshoumaru… it hurts," he admitted, feeling shameful.

Sesshomaru brought his arm around the boy, lifting him up into a siting position. They sat that way for a few minutes both panting. Sesshoumaru held his brother away from him enough to look into his eyes.

"Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha questioned.

"Put your arms around me and hold on tight," he told his worried looking brother. He knew if they were going to do this, that it would be better to just get the initial pain over with quickly.

Inuyasha put his arms around his brother's neck as Sesshoumaru gripped firmly onto the younger boy's hip. He pushed the small body downwards as he thrust himself upwards. Inuyasha screamed, digging his claws into the demon lords back.

"I am almost…" he finally pushed all the way in, hearing his brother yelp in pain, and then stopped, waiting for Inuyasha to adjust. Inuyasha had his arms around the demon, his head hanging over his brother's shoulder.

"Inuyasha it is over." Sesshoumaru whispered, kissing his brother. Sesshoumaru laid his younger brother back onto the ground so he was now on top of him, still deep inside.

"I'm going to move now, are you ready?" he asked.

Inuyasha nodded and his demon brother began to move moaning at the hot tightness that surrounded him. He pumped in and out, wrapping his hand around Inuyasha's organ, squeezing and stroking it in rhythm with his thrusting hips. Both boys were now moaning and groaning in pleasure, Sesshoumaru began to thrust faster and harder as his mate commanded. He stroked faster on Inuyasha's manhood, making his brother call out his name.

"Ahh, Sesshoumaru."

Sesshomaru grunted, pushing in once more and striking that most sensitive spot inside the boy below him.

He felt his brother clamp down on him in spasms as he came, the fluid shooting out between the two of them, wetting their stomachs and Sesshoumaru's hand. Sesshomaru followed over the edge seconds later, crying out loudly as he fell forward, spilling his seed into his brother, and breathing rapidly against the boy's neck. Inuyasha moved his head sideways and pushed his neck towards his brother's mouth. The demon kissed his neck gently before sinking his fangs deep into Inuyasha's shoulder marking him.


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