Title- Learning About The Heart

Chapter 1- A change of heart

Show- Bleach

Copyright- I don't own anything

Summary- Ulquiorra survived the battle with Ichigo and after he sensed Aizen's betrayal he and a hungry for revenge Grimmjow join Ichigo and together they end the war with Aizen but what is left for the Espada's now that they have nothing to live for. Will the Soul Society execute them or will they find a new way to make themselves useful.

Pairings- IchigoxRukia UlquiorraxOrihime Grimmjowx? (you have to read and find out later and it wont be a OC)

Starts at the end of Ulquiorra and Ichigo's battle

Ulquiorra breathed heavily as Ichigo's new hollow form hovered over him. The 4th espada watched as Ichigo gathered another cero from the tip of his horns but Ulquiorra wasn't going down without a fight as he pointed both arms towards his powerful opponent and gathered another Cero Oscuras in hopes that it would be enough to finish off his enemy with a final attack.

'please let them both live' Orihime prayed over and over as she watched helplessly as Ichigo and Ulquiorra beat the life out of each other. She thought about entering between them a few times but she didn't because she know there was nothing she could do and Ishida was by her side and sure enough her friend would stop her from interfering.

Both ceros shot out with enormous spiritual pressure causing Ishida, Orihime and even the others on the ground below them to fall to their knees under the pressure. Once the ceros collided everyone around them felt as though their bones were being crushed from all the power the ceros produced.

The attack lasted for a full minute while Orihime held her breath until finally the ceros faded away and all that was left was an empty battle field. She looked around but there was no sight of either Ichigo or Ulquiorra. "Ichigo!!" Orihime yelled as she stood up and ran towards the area where just moments ago was a battlefield like no other. Orihime wiped the tears from her eyes so she could see better as she searched the field for the warriors which she didn't need to search long as the dust cleared and soon she could make out a orange haired figure face down on the ground.

She ran to the figure and rolled him over so she could see his face. After doing so she saw Ichigo's bruised and beat up face and she could feel the tears start to come again. She hugged him closely and whispered his name over and over until she heard Rukia's voice in the distant.

"Is he alright" Rukia said with worry as she ran to them and practically ripped Ichigo away from Orihime and cuddled him closely to her chest.

Orihime felt jealously in her when Ichigo opened his eyes and smiled a true smile at Rukia. 'he would never smile like that for me would he' Orihime thought as the tears started to run down the side of her face at the scene in front of her.

"This fight isn't over Kurosaki" calmly said a voice from behind them which caused all of them to freeze.

"now lets finish this" everyone turned around to see that not only was Ulquiorra still alive but he was ready to continue their fight despite the fact that he was missing an arm. "stand up Kurosaki" he stated coldly

Rukia held Ichigo tighter to her chest showing no sign of releasing him even if Ulquiorra was willing to strike her down to which she know he would.

Orihime ran in front of her friends hoping that Ulquiorra wouldn't kill them if she was in the way.

"Why do you interfere yet again woman" Ulquiorra asked with a emotionless face.

Orihime wiped the tears from her eyes as she begin to talk "b-because their my friends" she stuttered out

Ulquiorra walked a few steps until he was about five feet from where Orihime stood "do you stutter because you are afraid" he asked her with a dead voice

Orihime smiled which caused Ulquiorra's eyes to widen in surprise "no" she replied like no was the simplest word in the world to her "no I'm not afraid because I know that deep down you have a soul to" she said with warmth that seemed to be wasted on Ulquiorra's cold personality.

"I see" he replied

"Orihime get out of the way" Ichigo said as he stood up slowly from the beating his body has taken and pulled his sword up looking as though his sword weighed a ton from how difficult he made picking it up seem.

"please don't Ichigo, your to injured to fight" Rukia pleaded him but Ichigo being his usual thick headed self ignored her.

Ulquiorra looked the orange haired soul reaper over a few times than he turned around as if he just now noticed something he didn't know before. Ulquiorra turned his head to the left and stared off into the distance.

At first Ichigo thought that Ulquiorra was ignoring him as an insult but he soon realized that the dark haired espada had lowered his power and now was back to his original form.

As if just remembering that Ichigo and the gang were there Ulquiorra looked back at them "You guys are no longer my objective" he stated as he made a 180 degree turn and headed to where his fellow espada Yammy fought off the remaining soul reapers that entered Hueco Mundo.

Yammy's fight

Yammy laughed a husky laugh as he grabbed hold of Renji and started crushing the life out of him with his enormous hands. Renji yelled out in pain as Kenpachi swung his blade over the hand that held Renji in a vice grip which caused Yammy to be the next one to yell out in pain as his hand fell to the ground.

"You bastards" He yelled with anger "I'll kill you all" Yammy started to form a cero in his mouth but before he could launch his powerful attack Ulquiorra sonido in between Yammy and his target.

Yammy canceled his cero instantly "What the hell are you doing Ulquiorra"

Ulquiorra stared up at Yammys giant form with cold green eyes "don't misunderstand" he answered "I could care less about these shinigami but Hallibel's spirit pressure has ended" Ulquiorra said as his green eyes darkened.

Yammy know right away Ulquiorra meant that she was dead "so who cares" Yammy responded with honesty because the fact is, none of the espada really cared for each other so this sudden concern from Ulquiorra kind of made Yammy question where Ulquiorra was going with this.

Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida and Orihime now were on the ground and listening to their conversion with interest.

"The one who killed her" Ulquiorra paused for a few seconds "Was not the shinigami's but Aizen himself"

"w-wait that's not right" Renji said as he forced himself to stand "You guys are Aizen's army, why the hell would he kill off one of you"

Ulquiorra gave Renji his focus "Actually I assumed Aizen would throw us away but I had no idea he would do it so soon" Ulquiorra changed his focus back to Yammy "Yammy change out of your Resurreccion form"

To Ulquiorra's surprise Yammy not only didn't change back but his face showed a mocking smirk "Who says I have to listen to you when you couldn't even handle a lowly human"

Ulquiorra grew irritated but his facial expression stayed the same as usual "We need to fight Aizen now while we still can and not waste energy on these shinigami"

Yammy pulled his fist in the air and slammed them down in the spot that Ulquiorra stood. Of coarse Ulquiorra saw it coming and sonido away from the attack. Ulquiorra looked to Yammy and realized that his actions said it all. 'so despite the fact that Aizen is throwing us away he will still fight for his side……..and they called me Aizen's ass kisser' Ulquiorra thought

"Hey emo shithead" Kenpachi yelled to Ulquiorra "Stay out of the way, this guys mine" he finished saying while he charged at Yammy to continue their battle.

Ulquiorra ignored the shinigami's comment and made a bee line towards Orihime. Just before he reached her Ichigo came between them leaving Rukia's side for the first time since their battle.

"Stay the hell away from Orihime" Ichigo said defensively

The 4th espada stopped a few feet in front of Ichigo and stared long and hard into his light brown eyes while ignoring the sounds of battle coming from Yammy and Kenpachi. "Woman, heal my injures" he stated with his ice cold voice but to Orihime it somehow sounded gentle.

"You bastard" he spat in Ulquiorra's face "She has a name-"

Orihime pulled Ichigo back which interrupted him and started healing Ulquiorra without saying anything mainly because she was relieved that the espada was now on their side. 'at least he is for now' she felt sad at the thought that after this whole war with Aizen is over that Ulquiorra will probably be their enemy again.

Ichigo's anger showed on his face and despite the fact that he had feelings for Rukia he couldn't help but feel jealousy at the sight of Orihime healing the green eyed arrancar. "fine but what's your plan?" Ichigo asked directing his question to the injured Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra stood still for a few minutes and Ichigo begin to think he was ignoring him but before Ichigo could show more frustration Ulquiorra answered "Once I'm healed I will open a Garganta to the human world and once there we will defeat Aizen and I'll come back to Hueco Mundo so you don't have to worry about me again" he answered like it would be no problem.

"how many people can you fit in the Garganta" Ichigo asked

"I'm guessing your asking how many can we take with us"

Ichigo glared "If you know what I meant then answer me"

Ichigo and Ulquiorra glared at each other in silence. after a few minutes Orihime finished healing Ulquiorra with a happy sigh "there all done" she chirped

Ulquiorra flexed around his new arm getting use to it. After moving his arm around a bit he answered the earlier question. "hmm I only have enough power for about three, including us"

Ichigo thought for a moment as Orihime looked back and forth between them. Ichigo sighed "I say we just go" he suggested "At the moment we are the only ones capable of handling Aizen and his handy man Gin and Tōsen"

"I agree" Ulquiorra said showing his agreement by holding up his hand and started to force open the Garganta despite Aizen's efforts to keep them trapped in Hueco Mundo.

"see you two can get along after all" Orihime sweetly said, happy that they were getting along 'for now' but as soon as she said that both males turned away showing their dislike for each other.

"Its almost open" Ulquiorra announced "if you need her to heal you now is the time Kurosaki"

Ichigo smirked "no actually I feel better than ever"

'of coarse after the high speed regeneration your hollow form gave you I'm not surprised' Ulquiorra thought as he neared his goal of opening the Garganta

"hold the fuck up" yelled a familiar voice from behind them "I'll be damned if your going to leave without me"

Ichigo turned around to have his horrors confirmed "Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez" Ichigo whispered slowly. "I-I-I t-thought you were dead"

Even Ulquiorra was shocked to see the Sexta Espada alive after his fierce battle with Ichigo and the attack that Nnoitra did. (yes Ulquiorra knows about how Grimmjow loss)

"You didn't really believe that I was dead did you shinigami from such a weak attack" Grimmjow had a indifferent look on his face as he limped to them "Hey women" he said rudely pointing at Orihime "heal me and in return I'll help you fuckers beat that bastard Aizen"

Ichigo's anger grew again "for the last time her name isn't woman-"

"Its really ok Ichigo" Orihime assured her friend as she begin healing the blue haired espada. Grimmjow sat down on a nearby rock with a cocky grin that pissed Ichigo off.

"so you heard us talking about taking on Aizen" Ichigo asked Grimmjow as he resisted the desire to attack the rude arrancar.

Grimmjow laughed his usual psychotic laugh "Yea and to be honest I could fucking care less about Aizen's betrayal" his smile disappeared as he became deadly serious "But once we get there I want to get my hands on Tōsen and I will fuck up anyone who gets in my way"

Ulquiorra sighed "fine I'll take care of Gin"

Ichigo nodded to show his understanding of the plan "and that leaves me a clear path straight to Aizen"

"tch are you sure you can handle him" Grimmjow mocked

Ichigo wanted to comment but thought against it because he didn't want to play Grimmjows childish game.

"okay all done" Orihime smiled at her handy work as Grimmjow stretched around.

"okay its open" Ulquiorra stated as the Garganta ripped opened "lets go"

"About fucking time I get to fight again" Grimmjow laughed as he went though the Garganta

'hmm I'm tempted to close the Garganta while he's still in it but we need as much help as possible so for now you get lucky Jaegerjaquez' thought Ulquiorra as he imagined how amusing it would be to close off Grimmjow in the Garganta.

Ichigo started to go next but before he could go Rukia stopped him. "wait Ichigo just incase you don't come back" she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his face to hers as a sweet long kiss started then Ulquiorra know just by looking at Orihime that it caused her intense inner pain to see this. Ulquiorra felt as though he would never understand Orihime. He could never understand how Orihime could just hide all the pain she was in and how her friends couldn't notice what was right in front of them.

Rukia released him with tears of happiness in her eyes and Ichigo did his usual speech of "I'll win and come back to you" then he left though the Garganta.

Now Ulquiorra was really tempted to close the Garganta on Ichigo for the hurt he caused the only human to show him any kind of compassion but deep down even Ulquiorra could tell that any harm on Kurosaki would hurt Orihime twice as much. 'Why should I even care for that women' Ulquiorra thought as he approached the Garganta.

"Ulquiorra" shouted a heartbroken voice from behind the espada. He turned his head to see a bright smile on Orihime's beautiful face along with the tears that dripped off her. "Don't die" she said hoping it would give him luck "If you come back alive I promise I'll show you what a heart truly is"

Ulquiorra eyes widen as he stared at her. "very well" he answered then turned his head back around and entered the Garganta.

After Ulquiorra left Rukia looked to Orihime "So what's the heart thing about"

Orihime waved her hands around laughing nervously "oh um nothing uh just a inside joke"

Rukia looked Orihime over but then gave up and turned her attention back to the battle against Yammy.

Inside the Garganta

Once inside the Garganta Ulquiorra could see Ichigo and Grimmjow at the end of the tunnel waiting for him. As he approached them he begin to make out what they were saying.

"don't forget Kurosaki" Grimmjow snarled "after this is over I demand a rematch"

"why? do you enjoy getting beat up that bad"

Grimmjow growled "oh I'm going to enjoy pounding your face in"


Grimmjow was about to reply to Ichigo's comment rudely but stopped when he noticed Ulquiorra's icy presence. "What the hell thought you so long" Grimmjow asked aggressively with excitement at the chance he was getting to rip Tōsen's throat out.

Ichigo sighed at Grimmjow's comment "lets just go" Ichigo exited the Garganta and entered the area that he and Aizen would begin and end their battle.

"about time" Grimmjow eagerly exited after Ichigo.

Ulquiorra walked to the exit slowly as he was deep in thought. An angels voice saying (don't die) just kept repeating in his head over and over as images of Orihime's beautiful but hurt face appeared in his head to go along with the voice.

Before entering the battle he glanced back one last time and stared off into the darkness as if hoping that Orihime would just come from the darkness with her true smile and her- "wait what am I thinking" Ulquiorra asked himself as he stopped his thoughts. "damn I cant stop thinking about her……and why am I calling her beautiful" Ulquiorra turned his head forward to the exit again. "I wonder if there really is such thing as a heart……and if there is, do arrancar have hearts too" Ulquiorra shook his head "that women is going to drive me insane" he whispered as he exited the Garganta and entered the final fight along side Grimmjow and Ichigo.

(I hope I didn't make Ulquiorra out of character because I tried to kept him in character but of coarse I'm expecting him to change during the story but hopefully I can keep him in character for now)

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