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Getting on the plane was hard.

Getting off the plane was harder.

Knowing I might never see him again…worse than death.

Uzumaki Naruto watched, as he does everyday, the students running frantically to get to their classes, teachers leisurely walking by coffee in hand, and the occasional P.D.A. It was his normal everyday life. Of course he had thought he would be higher up in life than a mere teacher by now, however he was not new to his plans going awry.

October 23, 2009, to the date precisely, an odd date as it is, had been a particularly special day. When he had gone to get his daily coffee from the teacher's lounge he had spotted his friend and colleague Neji speaking rather quickly and quietly to his fiancée Ten Ten. Not only was this odd as Neji did not speak often, but in the fact that a man who had once been a bodyguard was what could you call it? Nervous.

Nothing had been out of the norm…yet. That is until he saw her.

You could not imagine these eyes. Pale eyes, looking almost white like the rest of her eyes, but a tint of something else like lavender or blue, almost like opals embedded in her head. Lots of dark, thick hair swinging carelessly down her back in a stick straight fashion favored by most girls. Pale skin, though not pasty in any sense, was striking against her dark locks and accentuated by small pink lips. It was not until that Uzumaki Naruto realized that the girl was looking at him smiling as he realized he had been caught ogling a student.

"Hello there, Naruto-kun."

Naruto-kun…not Uzumaki-Sensei. Surely this young lady was new to the school or rather had been familiar; however he could not recall any such girl to memory. Had he ever met a girl who looked this nice? Sakura was beautiful, but she would never die her cotton candy pink locks to something as dark as an indigo, Ino was sexy, but she was a blond and most blonds were determined to stay as such, that also cuts out Temari even if she is dead scary, and Karin, who albeit pretty, her eyes were as dark as night.

"Do I know you young lady?" he asked smiling back, kicking himself for almost seeming flirtatious.

She smiled back, almost a smirk. It almost seemed wrong on such a well, nice looking girl, but who he was kidding she still looked attractive. It was hard to say as a teacher, but if he were younger, he would think of her as unbelievably sexy.

"Naruto-kun, don't you remember? Then again you didforget to tell me goodbye when I boarded the plane, I did not expect you to forget me entirely." She said almost pouting, however unlike when Ino did it (constantly) this girl looked pretty cute doing so.


Hyuuga Neji was a man of few words, and as such was not heard very often in Board Meetings or in his classes even. Often he would either throw in a rather critical harsh comment or be glaring at the person who had made the last, in his own opinion, stupid comment. All in all he was a cynic and a good one at that.

"Naruto-san, although I have come to find the depths of your ignorance, this reaches a new low. This young lady is my cousin and is Hyuuga, Hinata. If you would not be so dim-witted you would remember we played together as children…Idiot." Said Neji through a smirk. Jackass.


A girl came to mind. This one had a dark short bob, cut by her own hands out of rebellion. Thick brows and sweat on her face from the lack of care and sports. Not quite as thin as the other girls, who dieted with salads, this one ate potato chips and pizza and belched with unhealthy energy drinks. This was not this girl standing in front of him.

This girl had perfectly straight hair, more than likely from waking up in the wee hours of the morning to do. Eyes that resembled opals accentuated by her delicately done make up that she seemed to put a lot of detail into. A somewhat hourglass figure, accentuated by her tight denim jeans and her pale pink corset-like top, a pearl necklace dangled by her neck which seemed to show off what a true lady should be, and what she was.

"Nah, I remember her. She was…"

"A boy."

Both men looked at the girl who merely smiled. This smile was almost forced looking a twitch evident in her brow which thankfully was covered by thick stylish bangs. She however appeared perfectly serious in her deduction.

"Now Hinata-san, you were a female, however you were more inclined to-"

"Being a boy."

Never had anyone interrupted Hyuuga Neji, this girl did it with confidence in her assumptions and would not be stopped in speaking them. The light that radiated in her eyes seemed like fire that burned in her soul like a passion. Oh dear…thoughts of the Rock Lee variety seemed to be permitting into his mind.

Waving it off as mere common circumstance, Naruto Uzumaki put on a smile he had normally reserved for only one girl, and that girl was Sakura Haruno.

Sakura Haruno, how could words possibly describe Sakura Haruno? The number one volleyball player at Konoha Creek from Middle to High School, Valedictorian as she had the top grades in her class set number two out of the top ten percent of her class, and then went on to become a beautiful, confident television producer for NBC. Not only was Sakura Haruno a very intelligent woman, she could tell you what she wanted and how. And that was why Naruto Uzumaki had fallen head over heels in love with her.

"So Hinata-san, are you busy later today? Since you're back how would you like to go out for coffee or some ramen?", said Naruto putting on his best and most attractive smile.

"No thanks."

Cold…that was the word for it. Just plain freezing cold, as cold as up north in Hokkaido, it scared him. It just kept repeating in his head…no thanks…no thanks…no thanks…no thanks. Denied, rejected, cast aside, eliminated, spurned, and/or given the most horrible let down possibly ever in the history of ever.

"You really are an idiot.", chuckled Neji as he turned to the left, his heels clicking down the seemingly silent hallway.

No Thanks…

Boys and Girls…

According to science, religion, and the social norm, two vastly different things.

So how did she manage to not be able to distinguish herself from the two. How did she manage not be able to be normal and actually do what other girls had done for so many years until this century…

Did you know the reason that most women until the 60's were Suzie Homemakers? Because until that point most women had learnt from their mothers and most mothers were taught by their mothers and that is why most women were only able to put on make up and birth children. Natural order of things…

Did you know the approximately three million women in the USA sport tattoos? I have gone to the United States, it is very nice and there are people who have cared for me live there. They showed me what I had to do to change myself. I was introduced to Seventeen Magazine and a razor. I was shown that I could change for the better, for him.

So here I stand, sitting (a little laugh if you will) in Anatomy class. None of which this droning teachers says make sense. The human body is truly a disgusting thing. Our body's swirling acid within and waste being piled up in our colons and quite possibly the grossest sex organs anyone could think of. The human body is truly a hot mess.

Boys and Girls…they're just not that different.

"You're really pretty you know that?"

"Yes I do."

"Like really pretty."

"Yeah, I heard you."

Hinata Hyuuga was not having a fabulous day. Starting her day as a teacher, finishing off her PhD in Health Science, was not how she had managed her life by this time. In middle school she might have said that she would've married him and gone off to live comfortably in Kyoto and never again have a care in the world .In high school she would have said she was going to run off and become an actress in L.A. But now, at this point in life, she just wanted to live in her nice little apartment and just live a nice life of solitude only interrupted by nice, polite patients.

However she had seen him, as she had expected too. In fact, she had been looking forward to it. To show off the new her, and shove it in his face, to show that the only way he would be able to love as her as he would want would be to present her with a ring. Not just any ring, HER ring, the ring which lay on her left forever and ever like he would as well.

She could wait, she had waited almost fourteen years, and she could wait a little longer to listen to him tell her how much he had felt that she was the one for him and that she and him should get married and live together as she had dreamed of so many years ago.

Sighing she quickened her pace so that she may get to her students on time. Pushing open the mahogany door of her class she glanced at all her students. They look well-behaved as is, but having not forgotten her own teenager years quite yet she could remember just how rowdy and obnoxious teenagers could actually be.

"Good Afternoon, my name is Hyuuga-Sensei and welcome to AP Biology."

She had come home…

She came home after all those years and had changed. Drastically.

Never could he imagine how much of a change all those years could have caused. Surely America was not such a strange and different place that is could cause that in such a tomboy of a girl? It is so however and now she looks like she had never been such a girl. She looked like a doll, made only to be pretty, but he knew better than that.

He could remember her as she one was, playing the guitar trying to imitate such loud unruly music, starting for basketball season, and watching lewd television with all her friends whom had all consisted of boys. She was practically a boy missing only the anatomy of such. So why had she chosen to undergo such a change when she was full of such self confidence and loving?

He could answer that question. It was that boy. The one even through all her tomboyish behavior and loud words she had always focused on. He could tell she hated being called a friend and being treated like a younger sister. She hated not being viewed for what she was. A girl, a small vulnerable little girl, just as even more mature women still were.

Distinctly having the day she left imprinted in his mind was difficult for him. She did not care for her family and the love surrounding her as she left. She only had that worthless boy in her mind waiting for him to appear. He never did, and then she left heartbroken having spent the earlier parts of the morning trying to pick out a dress. He could remember that dress. Pink and floral, something completely unsuited to someone as confident and wonderful as she was. Pink still did not suit her, although many would disagree. She was more suited to rich colors like purples and navy blues. So why the pink? Why the pointless show of femininity?

The answer was clear and with blond hair (perhaps the reason he was so ignorant) and she could only wait for the day when she could confess her feelings…

Why did she try to be a girl?!

Only a few blocks away were a group of private homes.

And in one of these private homes there was a room.

And in this room there was a dresser with a picture laid upon it.

In this picture were two preteens.

The girl was not particularly beautiful, but you could tell that she had the potential to be. A choppy hair cut, pale eyes, and a baseball cap lay over her head. A small smile was on her face as well as a deep flush as she looked adoringly up at a boy. The boy had a large grin on his face. It was a true genuine smile but it was reserved for a friendship that was so much more.

So why does the girl smile through her sadness?

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