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I had always wanted to leave my mark on the world.

I had always wanted to break the mold they tried to force me into.

Then I fought back, and I made the mold into something I liked.

And now, I am going to leave my fingerprints on the world…and him.

"So Naruto, seeing as we have not seen each other since we were children, how did you end up being a teacher?"

She was making her best conversation, and was trying even harder to not seem so excited. Her smile was probably reminiscent to her cousin's friends, Rock Lee. She could remember quite clearly the amount of white strips and Colgate she had seen in that boy's cabinet. It was quite sickening…and minty.

"Well, y'know…didn't exactly find y'know what I was looking for after high school." he said trying to hide his own embarrassment.

"I remember when we were kids though, you said you were going to join the Marines and become a General. You said that you would accomplish that no matter what." said Hinata still smiling, for she already knew his response.

"I am! I will never ever stop. I remember when were kids we watched the ships with the Marines on them!" Naruto said getting excited, "You were a lot of fun Hinata…"

"T-Tha-Thanks…" she stuttered trying to cover up her face which she could feel steadily becoming redder by the minute.

"So Naruto…how's…y'know Sakura? Is she still visiting?" she asked trying to avoid the obvious redness of her face.

"Well, she found this one guy. She says he's perfect for her, so I'm not gonna stop her. Tried…and failed pretty badly. I realized she loved this guy though…a lot." he said still smiling. He was so happy, even though he had said he had loved Sakura Haruno, he had been able to move on…to her.

"Naruto…can I tell you something…", she whispered her index fingers beginning to mash together, biting her lower lip, and she couldn't figure out why all at once her old habits were beginning to show.

"Sure Hinata, anything you want." he murmured. This was it, she was going to ask if he would kiss her, and would he ever.

"D-do-do…you w-wanna pl-pl-play video ga-games with me?!" she pushed now blushing a deep red.

"Sure! You wanna play Halo?!"

He still hadn't gotten over his ADD.

"Wow Hinata! You're really good!" said Naruto smashing his fingers against the console, "When I invite Neji and Ten-ten over to play, both of them suck pretty bad!"

"I know right? Neji can't play for crap!" laughed Hinata ignoring the laws of manners and lady-like etiquette.

"Y'know what Hinata…you really are fun..." said Naruto smiling wide, looking at her with his wide blue eyes.

"T-Thanks! Oh crap, you just died!"

He couldn't believe his luck!

He had for years had such bad luck…well some of it was his fault.

He had always wanted to leave his mark on the world.

He had always wanted to break the mold they tried to force him into.

Then he tried to fight back, and he tried to make the mold into something he liked.

And now, all he wanted to do was to leave his fingerprints on the world…thanks to her.

He had grown up in the same town all his life. Living in an orphanage was not ideal at all, and being traded from foster home to foster home. That is until he found Iruka, his dad, whether or not they were related. He did not know whether or not he should be thankful for his luck or just try not to jinx it.

Finally entering school he still couldn't believe the new found luck he had received. A new girl had arrived. Sakura Haruno. She was everything that seemed so far away from him his entire life, with her beautiful British accent, and her almost ethereal pink hair. Then he had received friends. Dear friends, such as Hinata, who seemed to accept him without the other children's approval. Other children did not like him, and they would give no explanation why, so he just went with the flow, and discovered some of the best friends he could ever find. He found all of them, Shikamaru, Gaara, Neji, Choji, and every last one of his friends that he treasured so dearly.

However as he grew up, dreams seemed farther away than ever. Sakura did not love him, and never would. He had accepted that. Now all he had to do was be accepted into a military school. That was all he needed. His luck seemed to have dwindled away.

Until she had come back…

He could not recall her. Why, he didn't know. All he knew was that he was so happy that she was back.

He was pissed.

No that was not the word, he was furious.

She had left to go on a date with that dobe, and had left him with this flea-bitten freak.

To add, to his anger, that annoying producer was calling him again, and asking him for a date.

She was so happy.

She couldn't remember the last time she could act like herself around him.

It was in middle school when she tried her best to confess. She had tried so hard.

She had once during the school day. Sakura had left some clothes over at her house, so she took it upon herself to wear them. A little bit of a tight fit for the already small shirt, but the pants fit nicely at least. She had even asked Ten-ten to do her make-up. All of that for nothing.

She had smiled and batted her lashes. Walked up to him calmly as usual. Clasped his hand in hers. Opened her mouth to finally say it…

Then Choji had to throw up on her.

That had been the most embarrassing moment of her life. True, having Naruto fawn over her for the rest of the day had been nice, but no longer having the courage to tell him how much he truly meant to her was heart breaking for her.

So the day she heard she was leaving she brought up the courage.

She dressed in her best. A nice pink dress that had belonged to her mother's, tiered and covered in pearls. She had done her hair and her make-up according to the instructions of Sakura.

So she sat by her private plane for an hour. Then made the pilot wait another hour, until Neji finally had to escort her onto the plane.

He didn't show up on time…why?

She sat in her seat once again huffing in disappointment.

Why would he not answer her calls?! She had called him a thousand times trying her best to schedule an interview for NBC News (with a less than attractive or rather male reporter of course) and all in an attempt to meet him.

He was made for her, she just knew it. They would be a lovely couple both inside and out, with her (well to be humble) gorgeous appearance and international background and the cool mystery surrounding him and his tragically beautiful looks. Not to mention the beautiful children they would without a doubt have.

She sighed, once again dialing the number without sparing a glance at her brand new blackberry. She had to get this meeting no matter what, because she knew without any doubt that if he met her and saw what she was really like then maybe…just maybe…they would fall in love.

The dream of him had started in college. He was famous in America, and he was beautiful. She had always dreamed of going to America and achieving her dreams of being a news reporter. So as soon as she was done with her last semester of school she hopped a plane to America in an attempt to meet him.

She did not realize he had lived in a gated community…with bodyguards.

So she had to be sneaky. She would build her way up until it would acceptable for her to meet him and now that she was she would stop at nothing to achieve her dream. Dreams of princesses and princes who fall in love.

She sighed dreamily as his voice mail came once again with his wonderfully soothing voice. She supposed a text would be just as nice.

Hello this is Sakura Haruno from NBC and I was wondering if you were considering our offer of an insight interview.

She bit her lip in excitement as she sent the message. However she had an after thought…

Call me! LOL

He couldn't believe his luck!

He had to get the courage up however…

He was staring at her, his hands shaking as he held his hands on the steering wheel…

1 'o clock…10 o' clock…1 'o clock…10 'o clock…

He felt his palms getting sweaty. He was looking at one of the coolest girls he had ever known. So why did he have learn about it just now?!

She was good at video games…

One point to Hinata.

She could belch her ABC's.

Two points to Hinata.

She could cook ramen like he had never tasted!

One-hundred and two points to Hinata.

He gulped looking to his side as she was now staring quite intensely at him with a smile that could put the Mona Lisa to shame. Surely this was sign, that he was gonna have a great relationship with this girl right? Sure, his longest relationships had lasted three months; well maybe he could make a new record? Right?...Right?!

She could've laughed.

This was the cutest thing she had possibly ever seen. Better than any romantic comedy, better than any of those cheesy harlequin romance novels, better than both put together! She sighed deeply; oh Nicholas Sparks eat your heart out!

"Naruto…did you eat something bad?"

He looked at her with great wide eyes, she let out of muffled laugh trying to hold back the fact that his face…well, it reminded her of her own face give or take a few years ago. Everything from the hot blush, and now that he avoided her glance, her nostalgia kicked in. She almost felt guilty, seeing as she was taking quite a bit of pleasure out of seeing him suffer as she did. All the while though, she couldn't help but feel that warm feeling of why she loved him and adored him the way she always had.

Many would call it hero worship. True, it had started out that way. He was everything she had wished she could be at the tender age of five. Her family life was terrible, with her mother no longer with the family, her father's disapproval of her, and her sister's all around success at everything she did. Naruto, although alone, was surrounded by sunshine wherever he seemed to be, with his smile and his comedic love of life. Her appearance had always been one of distaste, with her unnaturally pale eyes which led people to believe her blind, and her dark hair which caused her pale skin to look sickly. Naruto had blond hair as if he were foreign although it was clear he was not in later years due to his poor scores in English, his bright sky-like eyes which were wide and full of happiness, and his skin, which was tan as though he had lived outside all of his life. She could spend all day comparing and contrasting them, but it came to the same conclusion, he was everything she had ever wanted and wanted to be.

So she just sat back and smiled.

"So…this is your apartment."


Naruto shoved his hands in pant pockets. This was too awkward, and he was acting like a total idiot in front of a girl, which had usually only been reserved for a certain pink-hair British girl. However the almost demure look on Hinata's face was telling a whole different story.

"So…I'll see ya at work…"

"Yeah. See ya."

"Wait Hinat-"

She kissed him on the cheek. Sure it was on the cheek, and usually that means 'Shut up, you're cute, but I'm not interested'. However, judging by the totally demure look on Hinata face it was most definitely a different story in a different book all together.

"G'night Naruto!"


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