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I still wasn't sure where I stood with Kevin. I mean, after spending all Friday night with him, watching movies, I expected to have a clearer understanding of where we stood…but…UGH. Sure, Stella said he liked me, but he just left Friday without so much as a "sweet dreams" like I usually got from him when we said goodbye for the night. I mean, not even one of those quick little pecks like the one he gave me the other day in the hallway.

Boys were stupid.

I was so tired of dealing with this game we were playing. If I still had no idea where I stood with him by the end of the day…well, I hadn't gotten that far in my plan yet.

When Kevin came up behind me later that day, and said hi to me all cheerful-like, I just snapped. Slamming my locker shut, I turned on him,

"Kevin, what the hell is going on between us? I'd really like to know. Are we just friends or are we dating? Because if we're just friends, tell me now so I can go get Stella, cut school, buy some Ben and Jerry's and cry my heart out while watching bad chick-flicks. But if we're dating, also tell me now because I'd really like to make it official. Because I've had it with not knowing where I stand with you. I really like you and-"

Kevin cut me off by shoving me roughly against my locker.

"Kevin, what the hell are you doing?" I said angrily; when he pinned me against the lockers, the back of my head hit one of the combination dials. It hurt.

"Making it official," he said as his lips crashed onto mine. I made a strangled noise of surprise, but regained my senses somewhat, letting my arms travel up his chest and locking them around his neck and running my fingers through his hair. I was right. Running my fingers through his hair was amazing. As amazing as I always thought it would be.

He was really going to have to stop forcing kisses on me. It would probably give me a heart attack if he kept it up.

Okay, this was the first real kiss he had forced on me like this, but I didn't really mind. Omigod, how pathetic is that to admit? That I liked a guy who was all forceful and crap? I was one of those pathetic, weak, feminine girls in those trashy romance novels my mom has that she doesn't know I like to read. One of those girls that goes all melty at the slightest touch of a man. All Kevin needed to do was rip his shirt open and he'd be like a curly-haired Fabio. Well, I needed one of those tight, boob-popping corsets and a big old hoopskirt, but then we'd be all set.

Man, my thoughts took a weird turn when kissing was brought into the picture.

My attention was brought back to Kevin's lips pressing against mine as he slid his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. My head was spinning, from the weird thoughts my brain kept coming out with and the amount of attention Kevin was paying to the inside of my mouth. With his tongue.

Yeah. That's right. Kevin and I were Frenching each other in the middle of the hallway at school. Where everyone could see. I was kind of embarrassed at how much I liked it.

I hoped my mom wouldn't hear about this.

Or, for that matter, my dad.

I pulled back a little, feeling like I was about to die from the lack of oxygen to my brain. Kevin went in for another kiss, letting out a low growl of frustration when I put my hand to his mouth.

"Ma-cy…" he whined. I laughed softly.

"Just hold on a minute Kev. I think I'm dying."

"I'll give you mouth-to-mouth," he said with puppy-dog eyes.

"As enjoyable as that sounds, mister, I think it would kill me dead."

I stared into his hazel eyes, trying to process what had just taken place.

"Has it been a minute yet?" Kevin asked hopefully.

I snorted. As sweet, innocent and naïve as Kevin might seem, he really was a teenage boy. A teenage boy who could kiss really well.

He leaned in to kiss me again and I complied, but I broke it off when a thought occurred to me.

"I have something to show you," I said suddenly, ignoring his groan of frustration. "Wait a second, Kevin. I promise it'll be worth it."

I flipped open the notebook with the list I had written weeks earlier. Back when I thought Kevin was the ultimate unattainable guy. Back when I thought I was just going to have to be content with being an eternal fangirl.

I scribbled out the word "hate" wherever it appeared on the list, replaced it with "love" and handed it to him.

He looked at it, staring at the words in an intense, unreadable way. He abruptly handed me back the list, pulled out a folded square of paper and asked me for my pen.

"Um…here…" I said, handing it to him, not sure where this was going.

He unfolded his paper and scribbled on it. He handed it to me with a smile and I read it.

A grin broke out on my face and I threw my arms around him, giving him a hard kiss as he stumbled backward.


Why I LOVE Macy Misa:

I LOVE that she forgives easily.

I LOVE that she's so sweet and innocent looking.

I LOVE the way she tries so hard and never gives up. She looks cute.

I LOVE that I can pick her scream out of the crowd at a concert-it makes it hard to concentrate.

I LOVE that she smells really, really good.

I LOVE the way she looks when she's sad. (It only makes me happy because I know that I can make her happy.)

I LOVE that I know I have to let her go when I hug her. (Because I can look forward to the next time I can hug her.)

I LOVE that she's easy to read.

I LOVE that she leans into me when we're watching movies. (Although that could be remedied if I didn't put my arm around her. But I can't help it. I need to remind myself she's there.)

I LOVE that she's so oblivious about my feelings. (okay, not really, but if it gives me an excuse to plant one on her, I think I can deal with obviousness)

Yes, I just did that. It was totally my plan from the beginning. I guess now I have to write it from Kevin's POV, huh?

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