Title: Happy Anniversary
Chapter 1 - Year One Paper!

Summary: Mac and Stella find creative ways to incorporate traditional yearly anniversary gifts into their marriage arrangement. Each chapter is a different year and traditional gift theme. Romantic/Fluffy/smutty SMACKED.

Disclaimer: I don't own Mac Taylor but I wish I did (course then I wouldn't have time for writing! Lol)! This is a piece of fan fiction. It is written for pleasure and not for profit. The characters of CSI New York and any other regular cast and supporting cast members all belong to CBS, Paramount & Jerry Bruckheimer and Anthony Zuiker. All other characters are my own. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

A/N: Okay so I think there are a few lists floating around but the gist of the gifts is the same. And these will be based on the Traditional offerings; as opposed to the Modern or Alternative. So this is year one; which is traditionally paper. Hope you all enjoy! The next chapter will be year two and so forth. You get the picture.

PS: Was going to make this story T but figured, what the heck, M will keep it safe so I am not switching back and forth. But as with my other stories, these won't be too graphic but kept M just to be safe. Oh and the main story line for these is SMEX and lots of it! Hope that's okay. Enjoy!


Mac slowly opened his eyes Friday morning, slightly stretched his naked body and looked over at his wife with a warm smile. Her beautiful face was at peace, slightly flushed from their love making adventure the night before, her lips slightly parted and soft curls framing her face. Her naked body was slightly covered with the covers, but enough olive skin was showing to tempt his already hungry brain.

One year that is how long they had been married. It had been a year of surprises, trials, tension, stresses and of course unbreakable love. But his mind refused to dwell on the year they survived, he was looking toward the future with hope and promise. But he just needed to get through tomorrow.

Their anniversary. Their one year anniversary. What on earth do I buy her as an anniversary present? Mac's mind raced with anxious thoughts about what to buy his wife. What do I buy in appreciation for all she has given me?

Stella's body gently stirs, quickly pulling his thoughts away from his own worries and forcing his eyes to feast on her left breast that has now pulled itself free of the soft sheet covering it; her erect nipple tempting him further.

"I know you are looking," her sleepy voice murmurs as she feels the cool hit dancing around her exposed skin.

"Can you blame me?" Mac mumbles warmly as he edges closer, his lips moving in for the kill. His warm mouth wraps itself around her nipple as he starts to gently suck before he plants warm kisses on her perfect skin.

"Gosh Mac, I'm going to come right now and you aren't even inside me," Stella teases as her husbands firm body presses closer into hers, certain body parts already going hard in anticipation of another sexual escapade.

"Not fair for you to fall asleep like this," Mac whispers as his lips trail up from her breast to her neck, tenderly nibbling on the skin before moving to her neck; forcing her body to arch upward and her lips to utter soft moans at his seductive actions. Mac's warm lips finally reach hers and silence her with hungry kisses before she can offer him anything more in the form of speech. His left hand starts to get tangled in unruly curls as his right hand pushes the covers away so that Mac is able to access his wife's waiting body; already wet in anticipation.

"Mmmm love the smell of morning Mac," Stella whispers as her lips move from his mouth to his ear and start to suck on his tender lobe, his hard erection already seeking an in. They finally join, Stella's body waiting for her husband's, her hands on his smooth back, gripping tighter with each loving thrust he offers.

Her fingers start to play with sweaty strands at the nape of his neck, her mouth on his once more, her tongue forcing its way into the soft crevices between his teeth, his body pushing harder into hers the longer her actions continue.

"Stella..." Mac moans as her fingers gently dig into his back and neck, holding him close as their union progresses, their rhythm increasing; sweat running from Mac's sides down Stella's and resting on the warm folds of the sheets beneath them.

"Harder Mac..." Stella gasps as Mac's hand gently grip her sides, forcing her body to once again arch into his; her mind taking delight in her husband's actions.

Mac's lips start to once again hungrily devour his wife's, his own mouth sucking on her bottom lip, his ears reveling in the sound of her calling his name, begging him to continue for as long as possible. Mac's fingers once again get lost in curls as he pulls Stella's glistening body closer to his; climax nearing.

"Mac!" Stella moans once more as Mac delivers one final thrust and the latest union is finally complete. His body gently slumps down on hers; his sexual energy spent, heart racing but mind satisfied.

"Good morning," Mac teases as he tastes her salty lips once more.

"Good morning to you too," she smiles in return as she pushes some damp hair off is forehead. "One more day to go."

"I know," Mac lightly groans as he slowly pulls himself out of her, resting on the bed sheet, taking delight as her naked body curls up next to him. One of the things Mac takes most delight in is their after sexual lingering; where his wife is not anxious to wash any part off him until it's necessary to move. His pulls her closer, plants a small kiss on the top of her head before allowing it to rest on his naked chest.

"So are we going to go traditional?" Stella wonders.

"With what?"

"Anniversary gifts."


"Yeah you know. First year, paper. Second year, Cotton. Third year Leather."

"Leather?" Mac arches his brows as she looks up at him with a playful smile. "What on earth is a leather anniversary gift?"


"Those are traditional?"

"So says the list."

"What list?" Mac queries.

"Found it on Google."

"And that is your reliable source?"

"Says it's been around...well for a long time. Oh I don.t care we can just get whatever we want and..." her voice trails off.

"Actually might be kinda fun to try the traditional list."

"You have to wait another two years for those leather handcuffs mister," Stella teases and Mac offers a mock pout.

"But what is a traditional paper anniversary gift?"

"A day at the spa?"

"I'm straight."


"Straight men don't go to the spa," Mac gently argues.

"Some do."

"I don't."

"Fine no spa. Could do a couples massage?"

"And you would be okay with me half naked in the arms of another woman?"

"You could always get a man," Stella laughs and Mac just rolls his eyes. "Okay so maybe this is harder than..."

"No let's try this. Please?" Mac lightly begs.

"Okay," Stella smiles as she reaches up and kisses his flushed lips once more. "But in that case I'm buying you some Kama Sutra coupons."

"Kama what?"

"You need to read Cosmo more," Stella teases as she slowly pushes herself up, her naked back to her husband, allowing his fingers to make small circles on the olive skin. They linger in silence a bit longer before Stella slightly twists and looks at Mac with a small frown. "What?"

"Just trying to think of something I can buy for you that you'll be happy with."

Stella twists all the way around, pressing her naked breasts and belly into his and smiling as their lips meet. "I'll love whatever you buy me. I love you," she whispers as she kisses him once more.

"I love you too," he replies with a smile as he kisses her back.

"Time to get ready."

Mac watches her push herself out of bed; taking much delight in how her womanly body sways before him, tempting his already hungry brain with a second helping of sexual fulfillment. However, knowing the second time would probably only satisfy his sexual need, he watches her offer him one last warm smile before disappearing into the hallway to get her day started. He looks over at the clock and groans before it's his turn to exit the warm nest, put on his housecoat and then head into the kitchen to star their day.

He starts the coffee and then heads into the living room, flipping on the TV to hear the local news, but his mind already distracted with his after work activity gift shopping. But as much as he hates to even contemplate stepping foot inside a mall on a Friday night, he knows the look of happiness his wife's face will offer the following night will be worth it.

"What the hell do I buy?" Mac huffs as he heads into the kitchen to pour himself something caffeinated to drink. Just as he's about to pour the second cup for his wife, her arms wrap around his waist, her fleshly cleaned body tempting him with the scent of Satsuma and Ginger.

"Mmm shower Stella is very tempting."

Her fingers rest at the top of his groin and linger.

"Stella, the longer your finger rest there..." he moans as she presses him up against the counter. "Damn it," he moans as he feels an erection starting to build.


"Told you men are more sexually sensitive in the morning."

"Horny devil," she teases and he just laughs. But just before he can allow his body to develop further, she pulls back, plants a warm kiss on his neck, takes the cup and heads for the bedroom.

"Your turn," she calls out.

Mac shakes his head, forcing himself to think of work so that his body will return to normal and he can get his day started without the burden of seeking another sexual release. Why were men created so horny in the morning, he moans as he heads into the shower to get ready.

Stella hears Mac humming in the shower, picturing his perfect naked body under the hot water and feels her face start to warm. In the past year they did have their growing pains as any newly married couple faces; but their love and desire never dampened, seeking sexual comfort almost every night; ensuring both were contented and never allowing the other to even want to seek gratification outside the marriage arrangement. They were too much in love with each other to allow the other to be in want for affectionate desire.

Mac finishes his shower and then heads into the bedroom to dress, Stella already in the kitchen getting their breakfast on the go ready for them to take with them to the lab.

"You're still fretting about tomorrow aren't you?" Stella wonders.

"Ask me how I fare if I return home from the mall alive tonight," Mac huffs as they near work. Mac kisses her on the cheek as they exit the Avalanche and then head into the lab to get their day started. But as much as he tries to concentrate on closing a week long case, his mind is racing with thoughts of what to buy for his wife. He had gotten various suggestions from staff during the day, but nothing really seemed to grab hold of his brain and make him want to buy it for Stella.

Finally an hour later, just before he was about to call it a day, an idea pops into his head and he reaches for the phone in haste.

Stella on the other hand, already knew what she wanted to buy; a romantic night away from home. As much as she loved their home, she loved even more the idea of them spending the night as newlyweds all over again; minus of course the expense that came with a wedding. But just as she was about to book a room, something else came to mind and she dialed another number.

"Oh we already have that booked for a Mr. Taylor," she was informed. Stella sat stunned for a few minutes, before a small smile started to curl her lips upward. "Mrs. Taylor?" The voice on the other end called out, snapping her back to reality.

"Right okay here is what I need..." she starts; her mind already racing with heated anticipation. She finishes her task and then goes in search of her husband only to find that he has already taken his leave and it's time to take hers. Hoping they'll be able to have dinner on the night of their anniversary, she stops at the market on the way home, picks up a few things and then heads for their apartment; a home cooked meal begging her to be made.

Mac nervously enters the area of the department store he needs, his eyes darting around, his heart about to explode.

"Sir?" The sales woman asks as he nears the women's lingerie department.

"Um hello, yes, I am seeking something for my wife for our one year anniversary," he nervously rambles and the woman offers him a sympathetic smile.

"That is allowed you know."

"Right. First time."

"What does she like?"

"She um..." Mac's mumbles as he tries to find something that he hopes Stella will like. He knows she'd look sexy in anything; him preferring nothing, but wants something extra special.

"I think I have an idea, come with me."


"Mac?" Stella calls from the kitchen as she hears the door starting to open.

"I'm home," he calls back as he dumps his coat and then tries to hurry past. Stella is quick to pounce, wrapping her arms around him, his hands quickly moving behind his back, trying to hide a small gift bag.


"No peeking."

"Paper Mac, remember?"

"Oh I uh..." he frowns only to have her gently touch his cheek and kiss his lips. "I did get something paper also."

"Dinner is almost ready."

Stella watches Mac head into their bedroom, a smile on her face but wanting to ensure her actions dont ruin the surprise her husband is obviously trying to create for them. She heads to the table to finish setting it and then turns around only to offer a small gasp of surprise as she bumps into Mac.

His arms quickly encircle her, holding her close against his rapidly beating heart, his mouth nearing hers for a brief taste before dinner. "Missed you," he whispers as his lips move from hers to her ear, planting a warm kiss before he pulls back.

"Missed you too. Dinner time," Stella informs him as she loops her arm in his and leads them to the table. They start into the home cooked meal, talking about the week and what things they needed to fix in their apartment. After dinner, Mac cleans the dishes as per their arrangement, Stella hovering around him before they retired to the living room. Mac pulls out his guitar, Stella on the couch listening as he plays some soft music, the lights already low and the mood set for some after entertainment love making.

Stella watches Mac's firm arms holding the instrument and her desire for her husband starts to grow once again.

"I need you Mac," Stella whispers as his last song comes to a close, her fingers already slowly unzipping her jeans for him to have access.

Mac's lips automatically curl upward as he watches in anticipation as his wife slowly removes her stop, her pert nipples straining against the satin keeping them hidden from his view.

"Your turn," she whispers as Mac slowly stands up, his fingers unzipping his pants, his erection already hard and growing as his eyes continue to devour Stella's perfect body as it slowly undresses for him. He frees himself of his pants, pushing them away as he eases himself down onto his wife's waiting body, her arms automatically curling around him, holding him captive against her heated skin, his body already becoming one with hers.

"Make love to me Mac," she moans as his lips plant warm hungry kisses on her warm neck, before moving to her mouth and devouring them with firm force; his mouth keeping time with the rest of his body. Always aware of his strength, he ensures he never gets carried away with his thrusting, never wanting to hurt her in any way; or strain their amazing intimate bond.

"Gosh Stella," Mac groans as her own pelvic actions force his to thrust harder in response. "Where...did you...learn that..." he gasps as she grips him tightly once more.

"Cosmo," she teases as a few beads of sweat trickle down her back, getting lost in the folds of the couch; climax almost approaching. Their rhythm increases as their bond strengthens and Stella calls Mac's name one more time before climax is reached and then the room is silent once more.

"Wow..." Mac breathes as she looks down at his wife with a warm smile. "That was amazing. Never felt that before. Cosmo huh."

"It's enlightening reading."

"I think I'll pay more attention when you are flipping through that magazine."

"Please do," she whispers as she brushes away a small bead of sweat. "One year Mac."

"Hard to believe?"

"Hard to believe we didn't get the hang of this sooner," she states warmly as he tucks a stray curl behind her ear.

"Almost didn't make it."

"What the year?"

"No, to this point. Remember we danced around the friendship aspect so long, thinking it would be strained by wanting more."

"I'm glad we pushed that notion by the wayside."

"Me too."

"And you are not on call tomorrow right?"

"Told Sinclair I'd resign if he dared to call."

"Brave man. What did he say?"

"Actually he just laughed," Mac replies with a small frown. Stella smiles as she offers his waiting lips one more kiss and then slightly yawns. "Guess we did get up early today."

"Wanted to get today over with so we could have tomorrow."

"And we get to open our presents in the morning right?"

"Right," she agrees as Mac slowly pulls himself out and then pushes himself to his feet, offering his hand to his wife and then tenderly scooping her into his arms and carrying her to their waiting bed; the clothes all but forgotten until the next morning.

Stella climbs in beside Mac, wrapping her arms around his waist and planting a tender kiss on his cheek.

"Goodnight Mac."

"Goodnight Stella."


This time it was Stella to awaken before her husband. Her green eyes slowly awaken to gaze at his handsome face, at peace and frown free. The first few weeks of their marriage, he would take up tense and sometimes in worry, not allowing past memories to fade. But as the months passed, his anxiety would lessen until she would waken to find him at peace and solidly asleep.

With his lips slightly parted, his bare chest teasing her hungry brain, a naughty idea springs to mind. She slowly pushes herself out of bed and hurries to a small box of adult toys; items they at first were both shy to use but have since, enjoyed them more than she thought possible. She never really thought Mac as someone who would enjoy adventurous avenues of sex but he surprised her on a few occasions with ideas she only fantasized about.

Retrieving a pair of black fuzzy handcuffs she slowly heads back to her husband's unsuspecting frame and gently raises one arm above his head, smiling as his muscles flex with the new sensation. After the second arm is successfully captured above his head, she heads into the other room to retrieve her anniversary gift; a warm smile already adorning her beaming face.

Mac slowly starts to feel himself coming out of his dazed stupor; his body however, unable to respond as he'd like. Sensing something not quite right, he quickly opens his eyes and looks around only to see he is handcuffed to the headboard but his wife is no where around?

"Stella?" Mac mumbles in a sleepy tone, forcing his eyes to blink awake and adjust to the morning sunlight coming into the room through the slates in the blinds.

"Coming," he hears her call out, his body already starting to harden in anticipation of an early morning romp. He watches her enter, completely naked and smiling.

"Love waking up to you like that," he praises as his eyes hungrily devour her perfect body. From the curls teasing her bare shoulders, to the darkish skin on her erect nipples to the soft area that awaits his manly touch.

"Yeah me too."

"So are we..."

"Nice try Mac, we aren't having sex."

"What?" Mac asks weakly, his face now displaying a frown instead of a smile. "Why am I like this? For torment?"


"But it's our anniversary."

"Happy anniversary Mac," Stella teases and Mac slumps his head back onto the pillow in frustration.

"You can't leave me like this," he moans as he feels himself staring to harden the longer her eyes continue to devour his helpless frame.

"Yes I can and am going to until I get what I need."

"And you don't need me?"

"I need whatever gift you were hiding on my yesterday."

"What? No Stella, you can't," he huffs as he tries to pull himself free.

"You break those and you'll be spending tonight alone," she lightly warns and his arms stop pulling.

"Stella you can't stand before me naked and expect me not to want you. Damn it!" He gently curses as she laughs.

She brings out two envelops from the dresser and holds them before him.

"Our anniversary presents. I know. Now come and take advantage of me," he begs and she laughs. She walks closer and pulls the sheets off, his body already begging for hers.

"Mac..." she shakes her head. "You are such a weak man."

"I'm married to the most amazing woman in the world; guilty as charged," he confesses with a warm smile. "Please?"

"This could be a record even for us."

"Okay I promise we won't have sex after this until tonight. After all it is our anniversary."

"Somehow I think we might break that rule."

"Really?" Mac arches his brows. "Stella please..."

Knowing her husband needs the sexual release only her body can offer she gently lowers herself down, lightly moaning as he makes penetration and starts to hungrily assault his mouth with hers. Without his hands to hold her Mac's body arches into hers, begging for her touch for her to let him go.

"You stay like that until I'm done Mac," she smiles as he pouts. "I couldn't find my gift."

"Stella," he groans as their rhythm increases. "Cruel woman," he smirks as her hands start to tease his trapped arms, gently digging into his taut muscles before her lips plant hungry kisses on his warm flesh; moving loser to his nipples and teasing them with the tip of her tongue, forcing his body to push itself harder into hers with delight.

"Mac..." Stella gasps once more before their union is once again complete.

"Sorry...that was...faster..." Mac lightly pants as his wife's body presses down into his, both hearts racing. "Than expected."

"All have to remember handcuffs work for an office quickie."

"Then Sinclair would fire me for sure," Mac smiles as his arms flex once more. "You are going to let me go right?"

"No Mac, sorry."

"What?" He asks weakly as she just chuckles.

"Okay fine if I must," she teases as her fingers dance around the lock.

Mac looks up at her and just shakes his head. "You are enjoying this aren't you?"

"Very much," she smiles as she kisses him once more. "Aren't you?"

"Very much."

Her fingers finally remove one of the cuffs and Mac is quick to encircle her warm body and hold her close, planting a firm kiss on her waiting lips before pulling back. He moves himself onto his side, now in anticipation of opening their first year anniversary presents.

"At the same time?" Stella inquires as they trade cards.

"Sure," Mac shrugs as his fingers fumble with the flap. Both of them start to open their envelopes at the same time, hearts racing in anticipation. Mac opens the flap to his and a slight frown starts to decorate his expression. But when he looks up he sees Stella's happy expression and smiles.

"Like it?"

"Dinner, dancing and a private room at the Plaza?" She manages as her eyes lightly water. "It's perfect," she whispers as she leans in and plants a warm kiss on his lips. "Do you like mine?"

"I um...sure?" He states with some uncertainty.

"I know you were not too thrilled about having a couples massage but trust me you'll like this. I asked for a regular guy and I want us to enjoy it together."


"They said we could have a private room for afterward if we want."

"Private room?"

Stella wrapped her hand around the back of Mac's head and pulled him near, her lips brushing his ear. "You and me, covered in warm oil, warmed up from the massage; alone and naked."

By the time she pulled back, a few seconds later, his face was already flushed in delight and a smile had formed on his lips.


"I think I'll like it."

"I know you will."

They trade one more warm kiss before it's time to get their anniversary day officially started. Mac heads to the shower first while Stella packs a small overnight bag, including a new black dress to impress her husband when they go out for dinner and some dancing. The rest of the morning is spent lingering over breakfast, cleaning up the clothes from the night before and then leaving their apartment in perfect condition so they'll have less to do when they get home on Sunday. They finally get out, the Spa at the Plaza their intended destination.

"Nervous?" Stella asks Mac as she wraps leave only her panties on and wraps the plush Spa robe around her frame and heads over to her husband.

"A little," he huffs as he too leaves on his black boxers and reaches for his own plush robe.

"Yeah I can tell."

"Pardon?" He arches his brows.

"I'm wearing only my panties and you are not hard."

"I'm uh...distracted."

"Mac, the masseuse is not gay. It wouldn't matter if he was, you are with your wife."

"Still nervous," he gently gulps as Stella takes his hand and wraps it firmly in hers. "This whole place makes me nervous."

She places a reassuring kiss on his cheek as she leads him out the door and toward their waiting room.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. I'm Angela and this is Victor. Are you two ready?"

"We are," Stella replies for both of them.

"Okay so please go inside and get yourselves ready and we'll be in in a few minutes."

"So now what?" Mac inquires as Stella closes the door.

"Take off your robe and get under the blanket. I only got both of us a back, neck and shoulder massage so you won't have to worry about him touching anything else."


Stella touches his cheek and smiles. "You'll like this, I guarantee it."

Both get under the sheets and in a few minutes both professional's enter and take their respective positions; one for each Taylor, gender to gender. Mac looks over at Stella and smiles at the contented look on her face and smiles. As Victor lightly talks to Angela, he feels himself starting to relax, the strong touch starting to ease some of the tension he had been carrying for the past few weeks. He closes his eyes and finally allows himself to fully relax.

An hour later, both masseuses finish up and allow Mac and Stella to redress.

"Well?" Stella asks as she walks up to Mac who is fastening his robe.

"I actually really enjoyed it."

"Told you so," Stella teases as she touches his flushed face. "You have a glow about you you know."

"Matches yours. Come on lets go put this oil to good use."

They head into the hallway, thank both their professionals for the services rendered and then head into their private couples changing room; both naked in seconds, sweaty, oil covered bodies melding into one. Mac's warm fingers get snared in fragrant curls, keeping her lips captive against his as he hungrily devours her tender flesh. Stella's fingers gently dig into Mac's oily skin, holding him close as their union continues. As Mac's body pushes deeper into hers, Stella allows Mac's lips to stifle her moaning so as not to attract any undo attention to their daring bout of sex in a public place.

Mac's lips offer one last gasp as he completes his task; both of them being fulfilled one more time before they pull away, sweatier and warmer than when they first entered the room and looked the door.

"That was daring," Stella smiles as they stand under the hot water and start to wash off; cleaning away sexual residue and massage oils.

"Nearly had a heart attack," Mac smirks as he turns off the water and hands his wife a towel. "But I um...would be up to doing that again."

"I'll have to remember that."

"Please do."

Mac smiles as he follows her back into the changing area and within a few minutes are dressed and heading back outside, more than a healthy glow being displayed on both their faces. They head upstairs to their room for the night; dinner and dancing now calling to them.

"Stella?" Mac calls from the bathroom as he fiddles with his tie. "Do I need a tie?"

"It's our anniversary Mac," Stella calls back and Mac just frowns.

"Right, I need a tie." He quickly finishes his task and then heads into the bedroom and stops short, staring at his wife with a contented smile. "I really am the luckiest man in the world," he whispers as he gazes upon her. "You look amazing," he praises as his eyes continue to devour the sight before him. Her fitted black cocktail dress fits all the curves that drive him crazy; her hair up, a few curls hanging down, teasing him as always. He watches her apply some perfume to strategic areas and feels his body starting to awaken.

"You look pretty handsome yourself," she smiles as she nears him, her fingers gently fixing the knot of his black and white striped tie; a fitting compliment to his black suit and white dress shirt. "Good enough to eat."

"Speaking of which," Mac smiles as he stuffs his wallet into his pocket. "We need to leave now."

"What's the hurry?"

"The longer I look at you the faster I'll be in trouble. Besides the sooner we go the sooner we can come back here."

"We are going to enjoy dinner and a few dances at least."

"Holding you close? Trust me I won't mind," Mac whispers.

"What is in the bag you just placed on the bed?"

"It's not paper," Mac teases.

"Naughty boy," Stella teases back as she places a warm kiss on his cheek.

Mac smiles as he wraps his arms around her and holds her close. "I love you Stella Taylor, happy anniversary."

"Happy Anniversary Mac. I love you too."


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