Title: Happy Anniversary
Chapter 15 - Year Fifteen Crystal

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Mac slowly opens his mind the following morning, gently twisting his head to look over at his sleeping wife. A soft smile starts to spread across his face as his eyes continue to study the beautiful face of his sleeping wife; her perfect lips slightly parted, a familiar soft grunt escapes, forcing his eyes to crinkle with delight. Her face is at peace, golden curls spill around bare neck and shoulders; her olive skin tempting him for an early morning sexual escapade.

His mind drifts back to the night before; tempting images forcing his body to want to harden at just the memory alone.

'Missed you today Mac,' Stella's voice had purred in his ear as he crawled into bed right after dinner.

'We have never gone to bed this early.'

'Well we aren't going to sleep.'

'We arent?'

'Are you tired Mac?'

'With you naked beside me? Trick question right. Besides, I need to burn off all those calories from dinner.'

'Mmm then what are you waiting for?'

Her body slightly stretches, the creamy sheets slowly pulling up, his eyes quickly moving down as the top of one of her ample breasts starts to make itself known for his viewing pleasure. His body once again starts to tingle with delight as his fingers slowly make their trepid climb up her bare arm, teasing the skin and forcing small shiver bumps to make themselves instantly known.

"Mmm feels good Mac," Stella mumbles as his fingers slowly ease the sheet down, resting on her pert nub and tenderly fondling it between his two fingers.

"I know," Mac whispers as he watches emerald eyes slowly awaken and greet him with a warm, loving smile. "Good morning," Mac says as he leans in closer, his fingers now pushing golden curls off her shoulders as his lips start to tenderly assault her warm skin.

"You smell good too," he murmurs as his lips continue their assault, his hands now starting to caresses her perfect skin.

Stella's arms wrap around her husbands naked back, holding him close as their bodies start to tease the other. Stella's fingers gently grasp the back of Mac's head, directing his mouth toward hers as she starts to hungrily devour his flushed lips.

"Stella..." Mac lightly groans as her fingers move down his back, her actions instantly forcing his erection to swell. "My mother..."

"Is still asleep Mac...moan so only I can hear," she teases; his lips curling into a soft smirk that she always love to kiss until it disappears.

"Funny," Mac lightly huffs as his shoulders and back flex as he moves his body into position over her; her mouth nibbling his neck, moving to his ear.

"You did it last night...Mac...feels...so..." Stella gently gasps as he finally pushes into her; making sexual penetration. "Good."

"I agree," he smiles down as his fingers brush away some stray curls so that his lips can plant themselves on her neck, devouring her fragrant skin before moving higher. Her body arches in his grasp; forcing his body to harden further; always anxious to offer all he has, knowing he'll be rewarded in return.

"Love when you...do that," Mac moans as Stella's hand grasps his back, her pelvic area gripping his member and forcing is body to buckle once more with delight.

"Stella," Mac groans once more, before she quickly silences a loud moan with hungry kisses, her ears this time drinking in the sound of his delightful moans.

"Mmm Mac...love that," she rewards his efforts as his lips continue to devour her mouth, her tongue teasing his as it pushes once again into his mouth; her actions mirroring his own body as he thrusts into her with powerful momentum.


"Not yet Mac," Stella groans as her husband pushes into her once more.

"I..." Mac tries once more, small beads of sweat now starting to form as their bodies race toward climax.

"Now Mac...now."

"Stella!" Mac gasps as he pushes into her at climax before their bodies finally slow in their movements.

"Oh Mac...that was amazing," Stella praises her husband as she pushes some damp hair off his forehead, mussing his hair and smiling at her creation. "Think you should wear the bed head look to the party tonight."

"Think that would go over well?"

"Mac Taylor, rebel," she teases as he looks down at her with a warm smile.

"Think my mother would take me aside and give me a lecture about age."

"Mac you're fifty-two, not ninety," Stella smiles as her fingers rest on his rough cheek.

"And the grey's?" Mac's eyebrows lift in wonder.

"The few grey hairs that you do have give you character Mac," Stella reminds him. "And me?"

"The non-existent grey hairs that you have make you even more beautiful; all forty-seven years of you."

"Ah good answer," she giggles as Mac pulls himself out of her and spoons up beside her naked body, taking much delight in her after-sex glow. But when her face turns serious he looks at her in wonder.


"Just thinking about what really happened this week."

"You mean me making a deal with the devil?" Mac lightly chuckles.

"Two CSI City Administrators? Seriously Mac, how on earth did you pull it off?"

"Offered my soul."

"That belongs to me," Stella reminds him as she tastes his salty lips once more.

"It just made sense to have each of us in charge of four million instead of eight and..." his voice trails off in a rush only to be silenced by another warm kiss.

"I know the reasoning Mac and I think both Sheldon and Danny will be great supervisors of the lab; you trained them well."

"It was time Stella; time for us to do this."

"But we are in the same building."

"That was a deal with the devil for sure," Mac gently grunts as he slumps onto his back, Stella now looking down at him. Her fingers start to gently massage his damp locks, her eyes studying his slightly tense jaw.

"Mac you trained them to be the best and they won't let you down. Now it's time for both of us to start a new challenge."

"I know you are right," Mac smiles as his fingers tenderly stroke her naked back. They linger in a naked state a while longer, talking about the fifteenth anniversary party the team had arranged for them tonight; Mac's mother also in town for the festivities.

"Well I guess we can't walk naked around the apartment right?"

"Mac, your mother knows we still have sex on a regular basis."

"She's still my mother," Mac rolls his eyes until Stella playfully pokes his side and a soft chuckle escapes his lips. She plans one last warm kiss on his mouth before she lets him out of her embrace; the day finally starting. Stella quickly robes and then wanders into the kitchen to get breakfast started as Mac heads into the bathroom to have his shower first.

After he was done, it was Stella's turn and by the time they had both emerged, dressed for the day; Millie was in the kitchen making something for herself to drink.

"Morning Millie," Stella greets the older woman with a warm hug.

"You two all set for tonight?"

"No," Mac lightly frowns as he pours himself some coffee.

"Mac didn't want a party," Stella teases her husband.

"Mac Taylor not wanting to be the guest of honor with a lot of fanfare and personal attention? Fancy that," Millie also teases her son before kissing him on the cheek. "Trust me McCanna you won't have to face this again until year twenty-five."

"What is that one again?"


"Ah right. Retirement."

"Can't wait."

The three of them sit down to breakfast, talking about the small intimate party that will take place in one of New York's cozier but trendy restaurants.

"I see some gifts have already started coming in," Millie nods toward the hall table.

"We are going to open them all tomorrow night," Stella informs her mother in law as her hand rests atop her husbands, her fingers intertwining with his.

"Except this one," Millie states as she hands them a thicker envelope.

"Mother? No we don't mind..."

"Please open it now."

"We don't mind waiting until tomorrow."

"It'll be too late tomorrow."

Mac and Stella exchange surprised looks as Mac takes the envelope and then hands it to Stella who promptly starts to open it. She pulls out the card and then gazes at the contents before looking up in surprise.

"Mom?" Stella asks as she hands the paper to Mac.

"For my children," Millie states as Mac looks at Stella.

"You even got us the honeymoon suite?" Mac queries.

"I love you both very much," Millie smiles as she plants a warm kiss on Stella's cheek and then gives Mac a hug. "Besides I'm sure tonight you'll not want to worry about me in the other room."

"Mom we didn't..."

"Hush now McCanna, you know I'm hard of hearing," Millie teases; Mac's face warming.

Mac and Stella look at their anniversary present from Millie; a night at The Plaza; the same place they had first celebrated their first night as husband and wife. Mac's fingers tighten around Stella's in happy delight. The rest of the morning was spent just lingering in the apartment; talking about their new positions; the new team they'd have to help training to fill the gaps now left by Danny and Sheldon and where they'd be spending the winter, both of them finally agreeing to go some place tropical to celebrate.


Mac heads out of the bathroom, finishing buttoning up his shirt, two cufflinks his next mission. He pauses in the doorway, his eyes now fixed on his beautiful wife's every move.

"Wow," Mac whispers as he watches her pull on the long black satin gown; fitted in all the right places, but modest and sexy at the same time; if that was even possible. "You are truly beautiful," he praises as he slowly zips up the zipper, planting warm kisses on the back of her neck and then smiling when stray curls tease his face.

"Well you look pretty handsome yourself Mac," Stella compliments him in return as she helps him with his cufflinks. "Thank you for wearing this tie."

"Well you did buy it."

"Didn't I buy all of them?"

"All except one," Mac quickly reminds her.

"Ah yes, the green monstrosity. THe one you bought yourself."

"I didn't think it was that bad," Mac frowns as Stella plants a warm kiss on his lips. "But we found better uses for it."

"Yes a knot I wasn't able to get free from."

"Liked that," Mac smiles as he kisses her back. "But I think I like this better," Mac states as he pulls out a small blue box.


"Wanted you to wear this tonight."

Stella slowly opens the box and then feels her eyes water as she looks up at Mac in wonder.

'S&M for eternity.'

"S&M?" Stella arches a playful brow as she moves her eyes away from the crystal heart pendant to lock with the blue eyes of her husband..

"Yeah knew you'd like that," Mac smiles as he plants a soft kiss her cheek. "Please wear it tonight?"

"I would be honored."

Mac's fingers lift the crystal pendant on its expensive chain, placing it on her skin and then holding her close as they stare at their reflection in the mirror.

"Feels like just yesterday Mac."

"So will tonight," he whispers, making her cheeks slightly warm.

They hear Millie puttering around outside and know it's the time to continue to get ready and then head out for the night's festivities; their overnight bag's already packed for their special stay at one of New York's finest hotels. They finally reach the restaurant where the party is going to be held; Millie taking the keys from Mac as he had already arranged for a limousine to take them to The Plaza afterward.

"Wow," Mac whispers as his fingers tighten around the hand of his wife's. "This is all for us?"

"Yes. Your mother and Lindsay did an amazing job with this place," Stella whispers in return as they slowly head toward a happy and waiting crowd. "Why are you nervous?"

"You're kidding right?" Mac grunts in a low tone. "You know I hate fanfare."

"Even at your own anniversary?" Stella arches a brow as they reach their party.

"There's people here right?"

"Welcome Taylor's," Sid warmly greets them.

Mac leads Stella toward their table, arranged so they were in the middle of all their friends; a modest amount of anniversary gifts from the team on a small table behind them. With their dinner already taken care of, Mac looks around the group before him.

Danny and Lindsay were sitting with their two children, Lucy and Louisa; Don and Jessica with their two boys, Derek and Jason; Sid and Alice; Sheldon and his wife, Adam and his wife; Millie and of course them all together as one big happy family. Supper was spent talking about the new changes at the lab; the children's latest antics; any upcoming much needed vacations and where the Taylor's would be spending their vacation.

"Bermuda," Mac confesses, looking sideways at Stella.

"You convinced him to get on a plane again for fun?" Danny teases.

"I think Sinclair ordered it," Sid pipes up.

"Trust me my wife is a bigger force to be reckoned with," Mac states as he looks at Stella who just nods her head in agreement.

"Especially since it was his idea that I be one of the new Administrators."

"Too late to change my mind?" Mac teases as Stella's grasp around his shoulders tighten. "Partners forever," he whispers before he plants a soft kiss on her cheek, much to the delight of everyone around them.

"And speaking of partners..." Sheldon's voice is finally heard as he and Danny stand up.

"We aren't going to go all mush on you," Danny starts, looking at Sheldon who offers an approving nod, Danny's fingers still wrapped around his wife's.

"But since you two have placed such a great trust and honor in us; we all have something for you that we think honors what you two mean to us."

Sid then pulls out a wrapped box and hands it to Mac and Stella.

'From the team.'

Mac allows Stella to open the box and then both of them look at each other in shock before looking at the team with happy expressions.

"Wow thank you," Stella starts. "It's simply amazing," she praises as she holds up the large, engraved crystal plaque in the shape of a police badge, both of their shield numbers etched into the bottom; below the words Mac and Stella Taylor, partner's forever in love, life and liberty.

"Does this mean you want a raise?" Flack quips and Mac just shakes his head.

"Well..." Mac starts into his modest acceptance speech.

They linger over dinner a bit longer before Mac finally extends his hand, leading his wife to the dance floor as a familiar song starts to play in the background. Mac holds Stella close; allowing a few golden curls to tickle his neck, her faint scent already teasing his senses.

"This is our wedding song Mac."

"This Love Is Forever," Mac remembers. "It was a very fitting song."

"I agree."

"Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?" Mac's soft breath tickles her ear.

"I never tire of hearing it," Stella replies back, her fingers teasing the nape of his neck.

"Thank you for tonight," Mac tells her with a semi-serious expression.

"Night isn't over yet Mac," Stella replies with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Mmm like the sound of that. When are we leaving?" Mac queries, forcing Stella's lips to lightly chuckle.

"This is our party Mac."

"So a bit longer yet?" He arches his brows.

"A bit longer yet."

Mac's grasp around his wife tightens further as the music continues; soon they are joined on the dance floor by the rest of the couples, the anniversary celebration still a few hours from being complete. Finally a few hours later, the Avalanche was packed up; Millie already having taken her leave; Mac and Stella saying their goodnights to everyone before they headed into the waiting limo that Mac had requested.

"Tonight was such a beautiful tribute from the team," Stella lightly mentions as she looks at the crystal plaque between them. "Did you know about this?"

"No. But it really is amazing. Did you see all their names at the bottom? Our team?"

"Our family," she confesses as she leans in closer, kissing his lips. "They have given us more family than either of could ever have imagined."

The finally reach The Plaza hotel and after checking in, head upstairs to their room. Stella sets down her bag but lingers near the window, looking out.

"Thinking about that night?"

"Fifteen years ago today Mac," Stella mentions as his arms wrap around her, pulling her back against his chest. "It was magical."

"Very," Mac mumbles as his lips find their way to her ear and start to nuzzle it; forcing Stella's lips to curl and her eyes to close with delight.

"Mmm feels good Mac," Stella whispers as her hand snakes behind his head, gently teasing dark chocolate strands.

Mac's fingers gently start to ease the zipper to his wife's long black satin gown, letting it carefully pool at the bottom of her feet, his fingers loving the feel of her lacy underwear, his erection starting to strain against the dark fabric of his dress pants.

"I have something non traditional for you," he whispers, forcing her to turn around and look at him in wonder.

"Crystal handcuffs?"

"We have a set of those remember," he smiles as he turns and heads for his suitcase, leaving her standing in the middle of the large, honeymoon suite.

"Mac I..."

"It's not a competition, remember?" He lovingly reminds her as he walks back up to her with a box in his hands. "But once again I would like to see you wear it."

"Oh you and your...lingerie..." her voice trails off as she opens the box and allows her lips to emit a soft gasp at the item in her grasp. "A crystal bra?"

"The year was crystal right?"

"Yes...but," Stella starts as she looks up at her husband. "Mac...how much..." she starts only to be silenced with a warm kiss.

"Never too much for my amazing wife," Mac admits in truth as he kisses her once more. "Please?"

"Of course."

Stella takes the special gift and heads for the bathroom to carefully put it on; allowing Mac to quickly undress himself and arrange the bed for the special night ahead. He turns on the CD of songs that Stella had labeled 'wedding night' and presses play before he continues to undress. Just as he strips down to his underwear, he hears Stella pull the bathroom door open and then it's his turn to offer a small gasp as she exits, wearing the crystal bra and a pair of white lace panties; a familiar song playing in the background.

"Thats our wedding song Mac."

"Pardon?" Mac stammers, a small giggle is heard from Stella's lips.

"How do I look?"

"Wow...I um," Mac lightly gulps as he feels his groin starting to tingle. "How um...how does it feel?"

"It was cold at first," Stella mentions softly as she slowly walks to her waiting husband, her smile almost reaching ear to ear by the time she's standing before him. "But it's pretty amazing."

"You look amazing in that," Mac praises as his fingers gingerly start to fondle the unique material before him.


"Feels cold at first," he teases as her fingers rest on his cheek. "Good thing I don't have a hairy chest," he smirks as his erection starts to swell.

"Mmm I agree," Stella murmurs as her lips start to plant warm kisses on his neck, Mac's body arching into hers; allowing her lips to assault his warm skin before he picks her up in his arms and heads toward the waiting bed, carefully placing down on the silken sheets, his body following.

Mac's fingers gently push some curls out of her face as his lips start to lightly assault her face, moving lower to her neck and forcing her body to arch into his, his strong hands holding her captive against his heated flesh and racing heart.

The crystal starts to warm the longer Mac's body is pressed up against hers, Stella's fingers working on his underwear, her body already wet and waiting for sexual penetration from her husband.

"Mmm you smell good Mac," Stella admits as her fingers gently tug some chocolate strands as Mac's hands rest on her hips, moving her into position so he can make penetration.

"Maccc..." Stella lightly gasps as their union finally starts.

"Feels so good..." Mac smiles down at her as their bodies continue to move as one; her hand grasping his warm back, his fingers teasing the edge of her bra, but not making any attempt to remove it.

"Your chest has my imprint on it," Stella lightly teases.

"Your mark you mean?"

"That would be it," Stella replies as her mouth finds his again, hungrily devouring his lips once more, her tongue pushing forward into the soft folds and silencing any hungry moans of delight her actions were producing.

Taking much delight in the feel of his wife's body pressing up against his as they continue to make love; their sexual rhythm starting to increase. Mac's back arches as he pushes down into his wife once more, always loving the feeling of her warm skin melding with his; her soft moans of delight, telling him his actions were more than appreciated and how she always made him feel like each time was better than the first.

"You taste good," Mac mentions as his lips move from their latest task of nibbling her neck to look her directly in the eye.

"Vanilla body dust."

"Mmm vanilla Stella," Mac smiles as his lips return to her neck, playfully biting her fragrant skin and forcing a small bout of laughter from her flushed lips.

"Love that...Mac," Stella gasps as her husband's body pushes down into hers once more.

"Me...too," Mac lightly groans as small beads of sweat start to slowly slide down his face, bypassing his wife and settling on the silky sheet below their bodies.


"Not yet...Mac."

"Now," he grunts as sexual climax nears.


"Stella!" Mac exclaims as he thrusts into her one final time; climax reached, both satisfied.

Stella looks up at her husband with an adoring smile, before she brushes away a stray bead of sweat from his face and tastes his salty lips once more. "You made me feel as beautiful tonight as on the first night."

"I hope I always do," Mac confesses warmly as he kisses her cheek. "I love you Stella Taylor, more than anything."

"I love you too Mac Taylor," Stella replies in kind as her fingers slowly move their way to his heart. "In here Mac. This is where I'll always be."

"I know," he mumbles as his lips rest near her ear once more. "Always."

Mac finally pulls himself out of her, spooning up beside her and allowing his fingers to start to once again fondle the material still encasing her ample breasts. "As amazing as this is, I did miss the feel of you...all of you on me."

"Tomorrow morning?" Stella arches a brow.

"Sounds good to me," Mac quickly agrees as he leans down and kisses her once more. They talk more about the party, how the dinner tonight compared to the one they had fifteen years ago; what kinds of gifts they'd be getting, what any cash donations would be used for, when they could move Millie to a home closer to them and what their new roles would entail. Finally Mac pulls the sheets all the way over them, letting Stella's hair spill over his naked chest as her faces rests near his heart; allowing the slow, steady rhythm to finally lull her to sleep.

This time it's Stella who's first to awaken, slowly opening her eyes and allowing them to rest on the sleeping form of her husband. Face slightly flushed; hair mussed and a peaceful expression on his handsome face, he still makes her heart beat faster with a single glance in his direction.

"I love you Mac," Stella whispers as his body slightly stretches for her viewing pleasure. Stella very carefully removes herself from the warm nest, retrieves a box and then hurries back to bed; wanting to watch her husband's early morning boyish expression before he fully awakens.

"I know you are watching," Mac finally pipes up; his eyes still closed.

"Can you blame me?" Stella teases as Mac finally opens his eyes and looks at her with a loving smile. "Good morning," she whispers as she leans in closer and kisses him passionately; her lips slowly leaving his lips and then moving lower, forcing his stomach to lightly suck in.

"Stella...good morning," Mac gently groans as Stella's lips taste his once more.

"Well since we are opening presents today, I thought I'd be the first to give Mac Taylor my gift."

Mac looks up in wonder and then gently frowns. "Well much like the past few years, and outside of crystal cufflinks, what on earth could you have gotten me that isn't well..."

"A pair of crystal book ends?"

"Yes that," Mac smirks.

"Open and find out."

Mac opens the box and then looks in shock at the small crystal replica of one of his Marine medal's of honor; fully engraved with the same wording as the original that now decorates his new office.

"Stella? How did...I mean it's the same shape and..." his voice trails off as he looks up in wonder. "How much did this cost?"

"Never too much for my amazing husband," Stella whispers as she leans in closer and kisses him on the cheek. "Read the inscription."

'Mac Taylor, my hero...' and the date of our wedding. "Stella, this is...thank you almost doesn't seem enough."

"Then it was worth it."

"More than you know," he answers as he gently places the medal on the bedside table; not wanting it to get ruined in their next love making adventure. "And now I want you; the best gift I have ever received."

Stella's eyes glisten with happy tears as Mac's fingers start to gently massage her skin; now missing the crystal bra that she carefully removed the night before, not wanting to sleep in it.

"You are a gift to me Mac, forever."

"Forever Stella. Happy Anniversary."

"Happy Anniversary Mac," she whispers just before her husband's lips silence her with hungry kisses; the rest of the day now put on hold.; the remaining years to come promising to be full of happy memories that would last through eternity.


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