December 10th. It was the second to last Glee club meeting before everyone went on Christmas break. Everyone was decorating the choir room. Mike picked Brittney up by the waist as she put some ornaments near the top of the fake Christmas tree Mr. Schuester put up in the room. Mercedes, Liza, and Jake were putting up some paper snowflakes they made during homeroom last week. Being the only two who celebrated Hannukah, Rachel and Puck set up a menorah on the piano. Tina and Quinn (and baby Jessica inside Quinn's stomach) were setting up some blankets on the floor so they could just sing when they finished. Finn, Matt, and Kurt were picking Artie up out of his chair and laying him on the floor with Tina and Quinn. After everyone finished on the tree, Mr. Schuester when over and put a star on top of the tree.

And on that star were the 15 (16 if you count the picture of Emma on the back) members of New Directions. Rachel, Finn, Puck, Quinn, Mike, Brittney, Matt, Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie, Tina, Liza, Jake, and of course .

"So guys when you were little what would you do for the holidays?" Mr. Schuester asked when they all sat down. Liza raised her hand. "Go Liza." He said.

"When Matt and I were little we always went into our parents room to wake them up at at like 6 in the morning." She said.

"Yep and Mom would tell us to go back to sleep, but we never did. We would go into the living room, put on the Christmas tree lights and turn on TBS and watch A Christmas Story." Matt continued.

"Nice. Finn what did you do when were little?"

"Well when I was really little, my dad would come in and wrestle me out of bed to open the gifts. But my favorite memory was the year before Dad was was was." He stuttered out and gulped "well killed I had gotten a Nerf football. Dad took me outside and we play catch. And I remember he said 'Finn Thomas Hudson, I can't wait to see you on the NFL one day. And it will be my honor to watch you at the 50 yard line.' I wish Dad could see me now." Finn said tearing up a little. Rachel came over to him and gave him a big hug.

"Puck what did you do?" Mr. Schuester asked.

"Well My mom, my sister Danielle, and I would go over to Rachel's house and celebrate Hanukkah when her family." Puck said.

"Remember when we were 8 and we hid the the chocolate coins?" Rachel asked.

"That was awesome, instead of chocolate we got money."

THe rest of the afternoon they went back and forth sharing Christmas and Hannukah memories. During this no one had realised that Emma had set up a small piece of mistletoe above the door.

As Rachel and Finn walked out the door Finn looked up and said "Rachel look up." She did and saw the mistletoe. The two kissed and were followed by Puck and Quinn kissing, Brittney and Mike, Liza and Jake, Santana and Matt, and one last kiss from Artie and Tina. Will packed up all his things and went to the door. "Um hey Will." Emma said standing at the door.

"Oh hey Emma." He said kinda blushing. "Look what were under." He said pointing up. Believe it or not Emma and Will kissed for a full 2 minutes.

"Will what about Terri?"

"We're getting a divorce. She she lied about the baby."

"Oh Will." She said and put him in a tight embrace. Like he had been with the gleeks they shared memories walking down the halls of McKinley High as well as see Jacob try to put Rachel under the mistletoe.