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Prologue: Oh… That's New

I looked again. They were still over there! Using my bangs, I kept on glancing over at them, the horrid people in my spot! Oh, they were going to pay. Sneakily, cause I'm just a cool awesome ninja like that, I quickly moved to the next closest table. Wait a sec! Was that my name mentioned?! I subconsciously leaned closer to eaves-uh… practice my long-range hearing skills.

"Ne, ne, Naruto-kun. Have you confessed yet?" the girly-boy asked the stupid blonde dobe. Hn, so the dobe has a crush huh? Presumptuously, said dobe blushed. "Ano…" "Yeah, Naruru! Have ya, have ya?!" the most annoying girl on the planet. Honestly, he really didn't see how people thought she was the prettiest, most popular girl in the school. It made him gag at the very thought.

Sure, the stupid blonde dobe was the epitome of American looks with his perfectly tanned skin, blonde spikes and the 3 whisker marks on his cheeks that accented his would-be-thought girly features. His extremely blue eyes could give the sky a run for its money. And, okay yeah since I have P.E. with him, he had a pretty ok built body. It's tolerable. Nothing too major. Hmmph.

The girly-boy, Momochi(1) Haku was sooo hard to understand. There were some days where that pale brown-eyed brunette would come to school in miniskirts and tube tops layered and other days where he came in skinny jeans and graphic tees. Both with appropriate accessories. Overall, he pulled off the "emo/punk" look rather well. His hair is always in that bun with the strands that frame his face and fall about to his chin.

There was the 3rd boy in their group, Akimichi Chouji. Poor thing, he's known as the fat kid but nobody calls him that to his face. You don't wanna know what happens if you call him that. He has orange hair that's rather long and… spiked everywhere. Not that it didn't suit him and not that it was wild. More like it spiked going down his back. He was a little overweight but again. You don't mention that. He also had these two reddish swirls on his cheeks.

And don't even get me started on those other two. You'd think they'd be super sweet but ha. You'd be terribly wrong. It'd be almost like a major FAIL.

One, Hayashi Arisa(2), looked exactly like what people think a vampire looks like: pale, dark-haired and gorgeous. She was bright in personality and brains, innocent in body (definitely not in mind) and acted like a whore. Key word: acted. She was just really touchy-feely and creepers misinterpreted that part of her nature. It didn't help that her body was one to die for. Not that I care. Sorry, I'm a- well, to put it nicely, I've decided to follow my inner rainbow.

The second girl, Fuuma Sasame, was a very gentle person. She was also extremely shy and kinda blushed sometimes. It's not like she couldn't keep a conversation but you had to definitely get to know her first. Trust me. I mean, I spy o- uh, see these people every day. In every one of my classes, at least one of them is in there. And they all sit NEXT to me! It's rather frustrating to continue playing the part of a nerd when they're right there in your ear, yammering about something. Actually, that's just Arisa. Sometimes Naruto but mostly Arisa.

Sweet, sweet, quiet Haku… Oh, those 2 classes I have with just him of the little group are my favorite classes. Oh, back to Fuuma-san's description.

Well, she has orange hair that's always with two rather wide strands that frame her face and they fall to her shoulders kinda. It's also in some little itty-bitty bun that spikes up. The rest falls down her back. She's also got slightly tanned skin and chocolate brown eyes.

There was one thing that made the group different: possessiveness. I don't think you really understand. Every single person in that group is very possessive of their belongings or friends. Out of all of them, Arisa was… uber-possessive. That's right, Arisa's possessiveness could rival a famed Uchiha's possessive nature. It was ridiculous how possessive she was. How anyone knew about that… Funny story. No, really it's hilarious.

The 3 girls – if you count Haku as one- traded off having Naruto and Chouji for a week. One girl would have Naruto, one Chouji and one would just be… Well with no one. She wouldn't be sad since they were all really good friends. The only reason they did this was to make Chouji feel better about himself and Naruto decided to join to throw off suspicion. It worked for, wait for it… a week. Now they still keep up the tradition because they think it's fun. Weirdos.

Anyways, back to my practicing.

Blushing harder, the dobe –also known as Uzumaki Naruto if you didn't already know- proceeded to finally answer, "Well… No. But I will! Just not… now." Arisa whined, "Aw, but Naruuu! Since he's absolute adorable, he's going to be snatched up soon and be eaten by someone other than you! Really, it also doesn't hurt the fact that everyone knows he's rich!" Huh, so the guy is rich… Wait a sec-nah, it couldn't be.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the daily lunch of- Eh? Who am I? Oh, I'm just your average Uchiha(3) playing the part of a nerd to avoid super fame from looks and name alone. At the moment, I'm spying on my current obsession. Hi, I'm Uchiha Sasuke. Welcome to Suna High(4).


– So Haku doesn't have a last name. I gave him 1. :)

(2) - Um, an OC. Hope y'all like her. She's in a lot of my fics.

(3) – The Uchiha massacre DIDN'T HAPPEN. Get over it, it's AU.

(4) – Again, my story so… what I say goes. :D

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