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Sasuke sighed and adjusted his glasses. He did actually need them; they weren't just part of his nerd prop. He had a very strong prescription, something about not damaging his precious eyes, but he could get contacts or a different frame. Why waste an opportunity to reinforce his nerd façade at school? So, he chose the dorkiest frames he could find, and also asked his mother to get him a really nice pair that he could wear when he wasn't at school.

He was still sitting next to those people who were in his spot when his best friends came up. Sasuke brightened but only a bit. He's still an Uchiha after all. "Hey Yakumo-chan, Shino-kun. Were your mornings alright?" Shino nodded and Yakumo let loose a dramatic sigh. When she started to ramble on, Sasuke took the time to appreciate his friends.

Aburame Shino barely talked... at school that is. Well, even out of it he didn't talk that much. He would just actually say sentences out of school. Otherwise, his mouth was kept shut. Even when he knew the answer to a question. The Aburame heir

While his girlfriend, -friend that's a girl people, remember the rainbow talk?- Kurama Yakumo would have a cold look if you didn't know her really well. Other than that, she was really friendly. She was just kind of overprotective but you learned to get used to it… eventually. She had pale skin and chocolate brown hair


Naruto bit his lip for what felt the millionth time in this entire class period. This was the one and only class he had with his U- uh... with Sasuke and he wanted to talk to him, dammit! Only problem was that Sasuke was ignoring his notes! This would usually happen and they would talk about mundane teenager things. Nothing too revealing because Naruto didn't want to be rushed into confessing and, possibly, being rejected.

Ugh. That would not be fun.

Sasuke sighed and twirled his bangs around his pencil. He would be taking notes like a good little nerd but just one teensy problem... he already knew the material being taught. Very well. So, there was absolutely no point in wasting the paper needed to take notes, to then waste the notebook, that would then waste trees, that would take up a whole forest that would take away even more oxygen and- Okay, getting off track.

In conclusion, Sasuke didn't want to be a tree waster. No, that was not good for the environment. He risked another glance at the Uzumaki. Oh, look at that tongue and how it peeks out and-COUGH- Oh. There went the beginning of a great dream. Sigh. Turning back to face the window, he decided to get some sleep. He was bored anyways and this was his last class. School would be out in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, while the Uchiha was sleeping, something drastic happened... Partner projects. Their sensei, Anko-sensei, for history decided to pair up the maggots to scrape up an A for her class. "Alright, maggots, listen up! I'm assigning a partner project where you already have your partners, so NO, I'm not going to change it just so you can be with your true love or whatever. You wanna confess, get up in their face and tell them. Yeesh. So. Read this paper and then get with your partners once I have called them out."

Mitarashi-sensei then proceeded to pass out the info sheets. Naruto was excited. There was a possibility that he and "Uchiha Sasuke and Hayashi Arisa!" would be chosen since they sat next to each other. Sigh. There went that plan. Arisa bounded over after Anko-sensei went out. "Hiya Kitsu! You want me to wake him or you? Oh, and since you weren't listening, you've gotta work with..." Arisa squinted at her hand. "Um, Isaribi? Something like that." Naruto gloomily nodded and went to move next to the soft-spoken girl.

Arisa glared when she realized she was left with the task of waking up the Uchiha. Honestly, Naruto should have reveled in this chance that he had. She looked over at her bestie and he was already talking to the Isaribi girl and discussing things for the project. She gently nudged him and softly said, "Hey Sasuke-kun, it's time to wake up... Sasuke-kun... Okay, I really didn't wanna do this." She whipped out her cell silently and called a friend.

"Hey, Ita? Yeah? Aren't you supposed to be at school? Yeah, I'm still at school. Then how are you talking to me and not getting caught? Anko-sensei stepped out for a bit. Oh. Well WHY are you calling me? Well, your little brother won't wake up and he's my partner so I gots ta talk to him. Hn. That's a valid enough reason. Put your phone near his ear and cover your ears."

She did and told him so. What was heard next was soon a memorable time in the entirety of Suna High. "!" Sasuke jumped out of his seat so fast that he almost hit the ceiling. After he had come down, his glasses had completely come off and landed, conveniently, on his desk. He hastily put them back on but not before Arisa saw his true face. She gasped while Uchiha Itachi chuckled at his brother's obvious reaction.

"Well, Otouto, learn to stay awake." Sasuke's deer-in-headlights look soon became a glare at hearing that statement. Arisa turned around to see the entire class gaping while the two brother had a quiet argument. "Well? Nothing to see here, dorks! BACK UP!!" They then turned back to their work. Naruto and Arisa shared a look and she told him that Sasuke was alright. He nodded and turned back to Isaribi. "Ne, Hayashi-san, thank you for allowing the use of your phone for my stupid brother and I." Arisa beamed and chirped back, "No problem Sasu-kun! Ne, Ita, everything alright?" Chuckling was heard on the other line, "Hai, my little flower. Be sure and tell Naruto-kun hi for me." Giggling was his answer.

The dial tone went dead after that. Arisa, still smiling, shut her phone and plopped it gently in her backpack. "So, um, Hayashi-san is there a reason that no one is in their proper seat except for me?" Sasuke inquired. "Ah, that's right you were asleep! Anko-sensei assigned us a project!" She handed the boy the info sheet and he looked it over. "Well, then I guess we'll be seeing each other more often?" 'And I'll get to see Naruto more!' Sasuke thought as Arisa nodded.


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