The 50 States Of Mpreg

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Summary: England got America pregnant 47 times. If you count the three sets of twins that equals 50 kids. How the heck did America and England not commit suicide yet? Have they and you even met their children?

Child 1: Virginia

Virginia was the older of out of America and England's first two children. She was suppose to be the only one but (as Daddy says) "The bloody dumb asss wanker of a doctor didn't realize that there was another baby." Of course he never said this when West Virginia was around.

Virginia was sweet if not the perfect southern belle. Her manners were impeccable and she used correct language and was unflappably caring. She wasn't perfect she did have her tomboy moments when she rolled in the mud and caused a wreck, and then she was conservative to the extreme.

No one knew how the daughter of two gay men could be so conservative! She even got embarrassed by America and England on occasion! She requested numerous times to go to boarding school anywhere in the world but America and England always said no. She would grow to love them in time but with every parent-teacher night her embarrassment always seemed to grow.

Elizabeth 'Virginia' Jones-Kirkland sat on the bench outside her English teacher's homeroom. Her head was down and she was running her long slender pale fingers through her curly blonde hair. Pops was inside talking. She hated when Pops came. Daddy was much better and more polite and less hyper energetic. She heard the door open and out came Pops with a smile on his face.

"Your teacher says you're an excellent student. That's very good but she's that your-" America was cut off as he got distracted by a butterfly outside the window. "Look Lizzie it's a butterfly!" Virginia blinked her green eyes. She really couldn't have come from this ADD faggot now could she? "Pops, I don't think that butterflies are a need for a riot..." she trailed off as another white butterfly came onto the same branch as the first one. The new butterfly was smaller and had tiny black dots on the wings, it could have been the first butterfly's child.

Virginia stared in wonder at the butterflies with her pop. She at fifteen might have resembled England in girl form with better eyebrows but at her core she was a carbon-copy of America.

And to tell the truth that wasn't so bad.

Author's Note: This is the first in my collection of one shots about the 50 states of America as children of America and England. I know that not all states were colonized by the English like Louisiana and New York but I already have solutions for them... I also know that West Virginia and Virginia weren't founded at the same time but I chose to do this because my MCAS math teacher on the day before Halloween instead of teaching us math gave us this worksheet filled with questions that only the really smart or master of the obscure could know.

One of the questions was name a pair of twin states? My group didn't get the answer right but the possible answers were North Dakota and South Dakota, North Carolina and South Carolina, and Virginia and West Virginia.

Also I'm sorry if I offended anybody from Virginia I'm working on stereotypes here and I unfortunately never been to Virginia. But if anybody from any of the 50 states has suggestions on personality I'd be more than happy to take them!