AN: Now I've revised the first four chapters seeing as they were all terrible to look back on and I thank all you people for muddling through it to get to the actually decent writings of an amateur

Bella I don't want you anymore

You don't want me


The conversation replayed in Bella's mind as she walked through the thick trees looking for some way out of the large forest. After searching for any of the Cullen's for months without hope not actually believing Edward when he said he convinced them to leave with without at least a goodbye.

She felt tears begin to fall down her face with the realization that Edward was correct and they really left without her.

Okay Rosalie made sense she'd never wanted her anywhere near her family but Alice, Emmett and Esme were practically family. Bella couldn't believe they had actually left her without saying anything at all.

The tears began falling faster and though she kept trying to wipe them away they just kept coming until she just didn't even want to bother.

Unfortunately through her tears she couldn't see or hear the trees rustling or the sudden movement of the tree leaves and branches until the cause of it was right in front of her.

Bella didn't actually notice until she heard a loud cackle.

"Ha I'll be the first to admit I didn't expect this to be so easy but the Cullen's might as well have put a red bow on you. I guess family doesn't mean as much as they say," Victoria cruelly mocked.

"No" Bella whispered not looking up at the red haired vampire.

"Come now just because you're a human doesn't make you stupid. Why else would they leave you here so ripe for the taking," Victoria stated thinking Bella was denying her claim.

"No you're right. Family doesn't mean as much as people would like to believe when it comes down to it all people human or vampire care about it themselves," Bella was looking at Victoria now "But you already know that. You were me with James when he was hunting me weren't you" she went on.

Victoria refused to be distracted despite the look that told Bella her answer "Your death will be quick and painless," she began circling Bella changing into a predator's hunting mode.

Bella closed her eyes knowing doing anything would only make her death more painful though living would've been nice nothing short of hell freezing over was going to save her.

Bella was surprised to hear what sounded like a bottle breaking and flames going up. She could feel the heat. She jumped back opening her eyes to see Victoria burning in pain. If she had wanted to she probably could have jumped out and made it to the steam that divided Quileute's land from the Cullen's. But she didn't. She just stayed in the flames and burned maybe she was tired too.

"Are you alright," a gruff voice suddenly appeared interrupting her thoughts. She turned and saw two pools of green lighter than grass in the summer.

Dean POV

The brunette girl who we or rather I just saved from the leech just looked like she was lost in the flames. Maybe its shock it's not every day a vampire tries to kill you.

"Are you okay," I asked at first gently knowing that learning of supernatural will make anyway a bit emotional but she just stared into the flames like she couldn't see or hear anything else.

After asking another two times I started getting sick of being gentle since it clearly wasn't working.

"Are you alright," I asked her rougher than before.

She finally turned her head toward mine and I saw the darkest of chocolate's in her eyes.

"I'm fine" her voice sounded mechanic as she answered me almost as though it was a stupid question.
"I'm pretty use to crazy as hell things happen that I can't explain. So how did you kill her she's been after me for a minute now" She was asking now with curious tone.

"What do you mean after you" Sammy asked her

"Not many ways you can be attacked by a vampire" she told us bluntly

"How do you know that" I asked her

"My ex-boyfriend was one alone with his family" she told us casually

"You do know the concept of vampire's right" Sam asked

"No of course not because I've never heard of them" the girl retorted her tone sarcastic but you could hear offense as well.

"Well it's hard to understand why you would risk your life to be with a murderer" I told her sharply not standing her rudeness no matter what she looked like.

"They drank animal blood and none of them have murdered except when they were newborns" she snapped apparently not in the mood.

"Wait they were born vampires" Sam asked confused

"No dumbass they were newborns as in recently changed vampires you really don't know anything much. Anyway thanks for postponing my death now goodbye" with this the girl walked away.

Me and Sam looked at each other and ran after her. "Wait" I said when we finally caught up to her."What do you mean postpone" I asked suspicion now taking place in my voice.

"Well the Volturi aren't going to be happy when they find out I know this much and to vampires I taste like a five star meal without a doubt they'll kill me" she said bluntly not seeming to concerned about this little detail.

Bella's POV

I watched as the two men jerked back as they sucked in a deep breath. 'Whatever' I thought to myself and began to walk away.

It's been 3 months since they left and over that time my sadness has started turning into anger. The only person I had that cared was Charlie seeing as Jacob is to high and mighty for me now.

Unfortunately after I made this decision Charlie died from an unknown disease. After that something inside me snapped my tie to Forks? My sanity? I don't know the point is everyone I care for is gone.

I knew without looking back they were going to call me "Wait" I heard from the shorter of the two.

I sighed but almost unwillingly turned to face them if they say something as stupid as I expect them too.

Dean's POV

Please one of you angels up there tells me this woman did not make a deal. As I expected there was only silence in my head.

Stared at the brunette girl wondering what would corrupt her to the point of going to demons. I'd been corrupted by them all my life so it was no surprise it'd happen to me.

As much as I'd like to believe it was something more it was probably beauty. She has the looks for it I thought to myself staring at her backside as my brother called out to her.

I could hear her loud sigh and didn't need to see her face to know she was rolling her eyes.

"Look I'm sure you're only trying to help but I doubt you can handle any of my problems," she called back at us.

"Why don't you let us decide that" I spoke up but I don't know why. Usually when someone wants me to go away I just let them. But she was different from them for some reason that I couldn't describe to myself let alone her.

Besides she was probably overreacting I thought to myself as I shook myself out of my little trance.