I couldn't believe it...

...It... it's a day... I never thought would come.

Just a few weeks ago he brought me over to a meadow, a beautiful meadow, that I will never forget as long as I live. Flowers smelled fragrantly, warm and golden colors brightening the entire area. We talked while we strolled, hand in hand, happily chatting about the future that was sure to bring. Skeleton King was losing; we knew the end of this vicious, five year lasting war was soon to come. Suddenly, he stopped me. He stuffed his hand in his pocket, repeating the words, "speaking of... the future..." His brows creased, and his eyes held frustration. "...The future..." He jumped and began to look around himself. "...The future..." I stared at him, confused, watching him get on his knees and pat the ground, rubbing it and looking for something that I couldn't imagine. Laying back against a tree, something glittery caught my eye. Maybe this was what Chiro was looking for... Sitting atop a flower, causing the stem to droop with the added weight, was a pretty, silvery ring.

"Oh, you found it!"

I started, staring at him with wide eyes as he quickly snatched it from me and put it back in his pocket. He cleared his throat, grinning almost sheepishly. "Ahem. Okay, as I was saying... Speaking of the future... Jinmay... We've known each other for... a long time... and well... I think... it's time to.. erm... get to the next level." He paused. "Now what was that word that Gibson suggested...? Ah, whatever. Jinmay, will you-?"

I interuptted him, grasping him tightly with my arms and laughed, crying at the same time, "I do!"

When Chiro asked, I was so excited ... And happy. We were finally going to be together; united in marriage.

...Now, though, as I stared at myself in the mirror, I couldn't recognize myself. I felt that I had matured, alot, from what had happened to today.

I picked up the lonely looking flowers from the table, and stared at them, gently touching the petals. I felt numb, but at the same time, sad. I should be happy... The suffering is over... Why do I feel so sad?


I slowly turned around, Nova clutching on to the knobs. She said, softly, smiling for me, "Are you ready?"

I looked down, staring at the flowers again. My heart had never felt so heavy. I replied back with a nod and a simple word. "Yes."

"We'll be waiting then."

The door closed gently. I sat down, and wiped some tears from my eyes. I had to go now; everyone was waiting for me. I sighed and looked at myself again in the mirror. My reflection... she just wasn't me anymore, was she?

I turned, facing the church doors. I took a deep breath, cradling the flowers in my arms as if they were a precious baby.... and stepped out onto the aisle.

They opened, and I closed my eyes, feeling the air rush onto my face.

Music played delicately, voices hushed.

I reopened my eyes, and, slowly, began to cry again.

Everyone bowed their head down as I stepped by them, holding the flowers tightly in my hands. I walked leisurely to the altar, feeling my heart thump slower and slower with each and every step.

...........Each and every step...

.......Toward the altar...

......Next to the priest...

....In front of the coffin that hid the face our precious leader.

Alright; please don't critisize me so harshly... This is a very nasty written story; I apologize. I'll rewrite it later.