A black car pulled up to the iron gates that were the opening to one girl's Hell. The sun was setting, the orange sky giving the gates an eerie feeling. Inside the black vehicle, a girl with short pink hair dressed in sweat pants and a jacket over a baggy t-shirt had an annoyed look on her face. Both of her parents, who were sitting in front, turned to her with smiles on their faces. She looked at them and frowned.

"Is it too late to beg?" she asked.

Her father laughed. "It won't be that bad."

"How do you know?!" the girl said, overacting a little. "They have a NIGHT class. It's going to suck! All the girls probably drool all over them and they think they're all high and mighty! I hate people like that…"

"Oh, suck it up," her mother said. "You need to have contact with people your own age."

The girl pulled a face at her mother. She didn't like people because they were either complete idiots or too uptight. She was doing just fine in school, what made her parents decide to transfer here? The answer was that her mother was best friends with the chairman and they ran into each other last week.

"Now, are you going to go, or am I going to have to drag you out?" the girl's mother asked, taking off her seatbelt to show that she wasn't kidding.

She sighed. "I'm going… only because if you drag me, you and Cross-san will never stop talking and Dad will be left all alone." The girl grabbed the two suitcases that were in the seat next to her as she opened the door with her foot.

"Love you!" her parents said in unison.

"Good luck," her father added.

"Don't sell my stuff, I'm coming back for it at some point," she said before closing the door.

She walked up the steps leading to the gates, hearing the car drive away. She surveyed the gates' height. A little too big for a school, she thought to herself.

"Welcome to Hell," she said, pulling the gates open with her foot, "please keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times."

Behind the gates were even more stairs that led up to a stone arch that reminded her of a castle. Eventually, the pink haired girl reached the top of the stairs. There were pathways paved with stones, much like the ones used on the steps and arch. There was a path to the left, forward, and to the right. The one in front of her led toward a huge building, the school. Behind it was a small tower, the chairman's office/private house. To the right was two towers separated, the Day Class dorms. That meant that the Night Class was to the left. The Night Class dorm looked more like a noble's house behind iron doors. The girl titled her head to the side. That's not the least bit suspicious.

She looked around, seeing if anyone was around. She did expect an escort or something to show her to the dorms or something along those lines; after all, she was the daughter of the chairman's best friend. Sighing, she headed to the chairman's place. Better let him know I'm here… or I could make a run for it!

"Gina-chan!" a voice cried out.

Gina turned, dread coming over her. Now she was stuck here. She had almost forgotten how annoying she found the chairman. "Hello Cross-san," she said facing the chairman. His long, dirty-blond hair was still tied back as it was the last time Gina saw him at her mother's birthday a few months ago. Hell, she thought it was the same coat and shawl too.

The chairman smiled. "It's great to finally have you here." He looked around. "Aki-chan didn't come with you?"

"My parents thought that I could walk up some stairs by myself," Gina said, "Mom says hi, though."

He smiled, more if that was possible. Forcing herself not to roll her eyes, Gina looked at the girl that was with the chairman. She looked about Gina's age, which was 15, and had brown hair and eyes. Her hair was straight and cupped her face. She was wearing the Day Class' black uniform, identical to the one in one of Gina's suitcases. Around her left arm was a white cloth with the Cross Academy symbol on; the sign of a prefect.

"So you're Yukimura, Gina?" she asked. "The chairman spoke fondly of you."

"Doesn't he about everyone?" Gina asked, the two ignoring the small cry of "why don't you call me daddy," from the chairman.

The girl laughed. "Gina-chan, this is my daughter Yuuki," the chairman said, quickly regaining his composure. "She'll show you around the campus and fill you in on the rules. Be sure to come to my office tomorrow for your class schedule."

"Yes sir. Nice seeing you again Cross-san," Gina said with a bow.

The two girls watch the chairman walk away. "So," Yuuki said, "shall we get started?"

As Yuuki started to show Gina around the campus, Gina said, "Please tell me you're not really his daughter."

"No," Yuuki said, "He adopted me ten years ago." Gina nodded and followed behind the prefect. They went everywhere that was allowed; Day Class students weren't allowed in the Night Class' dorms and the Night Class were in the middle of classes, so the girls couldn't go inside the school.

Finally, after half-an-hour, they got to the girl dorms. It wasn't that Gina was tired or anything, she just wanted to sit down with her pencils and paper and draw; seeing the campus had given her ideas. Gina drew anything and everything. Mostly, and her favorite, she drew vampires in a manga style. Most of the drawings went together like a story.

"Here's the girls' dorms," Yuuki said, "over there is the boys'. Girls are not allowed there and vise-versa." Gina nodded; that was basic knowledge.

"Are the classes mixed?" she asked.

"Yes. You'll meet the boys and other girls in class tomorrow," Yuuki replied. "Now let's go to your room." Yuuki went ahead inside, but Gina stayed back. She could feel someone looking at her. Turning, she saw a white haired boy in a Day Class uniform with an identical band on his arm as Yuuki. He had a cold look on his face as he stared at her. They stared at each other until Yuuki called Gina's name from inside.

"Coming," Gina called back, only turning away from the boy for a second. When she looked back, he was already walking away.

He had felt her presence as soon as she entered the grounds. Looking out the window he was leaning against, he saw a glance of her being lead by Yuuki. He knew she was human by just looking at her, but… there was something about her that made Kuran, Kaname uneasy. Who was this new student?

He exited the chairman's office, pissed. He didn't answer his question! When he saw the new student, he knew she was one of them, but the chairman tired to tell him otherwise. The conversation from minutes ago replayed in his mind.

"What are you thinking?!" he snapped out, after opening the door. "Putting one of them in the Day Class?"

"Do you mean Gina-chan?" the chairman asked. He rolled his eyes; who else would he be talking about? "There's nothing to worry about Kiryuu-kun. Gina is human."

"No she isn't!"

"Kiryuu-kun, it's fine. Yukimura, Gina is the daughter of a very successful hunter."

Then explain why she seems so much like a vampire?!

Zero returned outside to continue his job as school guardian. What the chairman said did not make him feel like everything was fine. He was going to keep an eye on Yukimura, Gina.

Getting to her room involved a lot of stairs. They were almost to the top floor before Yuuki got off the stairs and made a turn. Gina followed behind, half listening to the rules that were coming out of her mouth. The only thing that needed to be said was no going out at night. She understood not leaving the grounds, but no going outside? Maybe there was some couple they were looking for or something. At least there's nothing about "lights-out."

Stopping at a door, Yuuki knocked.

"Password?" a voice from behind the door asked.

Yuuki sighed. "Kemino-chan, open the door." She tired to open it herself, but it was locked.

"What's the password?" the voice asked again.

"Password," Gina said. She did the same thing with her parents when she had a shitty day. Her hopes about Cross Academy grew a little; at least her dorm-mate seemed likeable.

Yuuki looked at the pink haired girl before turning back to the now opening door. The first thing that stood out was her eyes; they were a really light shade of lavender, almost white. Another thing was that she was wearing a black wig. Gina smiled; Kemino was cosplaying as Hyuuga, Hinata from the manga Naruto. They were going to get along.

"Hi Yuuki-chan," she said, "What do you want?"

"Gina-chan, this is SaiJin, Kemino," Yuuki said, turning to Gina. "She's going to be your roommate."

Yuuki left and Gina went into the room with the suitcases. Kemino stepped aside, letting her in.

"So Hinata-chan," Gina said with a smile, "Naruto not around to stalk?"

Kemino's personality did a 180 as she closed the door. Her face reddened on cue and she fiddled with her fingers. "No…" she said, her voice quiet, "he's busy right now."

"Night Class?" Gina asked.

Kemino nodded. "Oh, the fun you'll have tomorrow!" she said when she saw the face Gina pulled. "But first let's handle the problem at hand, getting you settled in."

The girls each opened a suitcase; Kemino's filled with clothes while Gina's was filled with drawings.

"You don't mind if I put these up do you?" Gina asked. Kemino shook her head; she thought they were cool. Every picture had a vampire. Interesting. Kemino put Gina's clothes in the empty drawers as Gina taped her drawings all over the walls by her bed. When Kemino looked over, she noticed some of the same vampires in different pictures. It was like a story.

"Planning to be a manga writer?" she asked.

"Kinda," Gina said. "I don't know if I'll do a full fledge thing about what runs in my head."

"And this is the story, romance between human and vampire?"

Gina nodded. "Yeah, I know it's been done before, but it's fun. Plus there's so many ideas/myths about vampires so I can almost make up anything for them."

So you think, Kemino thought to herself.

Later that night, Gina was on her bed, drawing. It was about quarter to three in the morning. Kemino was lying on her bed, reading a manga. They should be finishing up, she thought, finishing the book. She was now dressed in Hinata's outfit. She got up, stretched and went to the window.

Gina looked up slightly from her drawing. "Going somewhere?" she asked.

"Have to make a return to the Ichijou, Takuma Library," Kemino said, holding up the book. Earlier, she had told Gina all the major people in the Night Class and provided chibi drawings of them. Ichijou, Takuma and Shiki, Senri were her best friends. She visited them after their classes just about every night in Takuma's manga library. She had a feeling the Kaname knew she came, but enjoyed the fact that she could get past Zero and the others.

Gina looked back at her drawing. "I didn't see anything." Kemino laughed before leaving the room through the window.

Just as she was returning the manga to its spot on the shelf, the door opened, Takuma and Seri coming in. No – Uzumaki, Naruto and Nara, Shikamaru came in. She reminded herself to stay in character, despite how much she wanted to squeal about how good they looked. In your face Senri-kun! I told you that you'd make a good Shikamaru!

Takuma hopped over to her. "Hello Hinata-chan!" he said, a huge smile on his face.

Kemino blushed. "Um… hi Naruto-kun…"

"How are you?"


"Are you sure?" He put a hand on her forehead and got in her face. "You look a little red."

Kemino could help but laugh. "Sorry, it's too funny to see you right in my face."

Takuma pulled back, his small smile on. "It's ok."

Kemino pulled off her wig, revealing her short blue hair. "Ok, I'm being Kemino for a minute." She sat down in one of the chairs; Senri and Takuma followed her.

"Your new roommate came?" Senri asked.

"How'd you know? Oh, and in your face. You make a perfect Shikamaru."

"You've been talking about it for the past three days," the brunette said.

"And we saw Yuuki-chan leading a new girl around during class," Takuma added.

"Well, anyway, she's in love with vampires."

The two Night students looked at each other and then her. "Define," Takuma said.

"She's kinda making a manga, a love story between a human girl and a vampire. The room is now covered in her drawings. But this is the creepy part, no this only ONE of the creepy things. Her ideas about vampires are the truth; she has the eye thingy, the levels, powers, and that bonding thingy. The second thing is that she feels like a vampire." The two vampires looked at each other. Kemino has known about vampires for years, due to numerous attacks and other reasons. "And get this, it's almost like a Pureblood's aura."

I'll also show you a sweet dream next night.