Novelization of Persona 4 Chapter 32

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Souji could not sleep tonight. He rubbed his arm as he lay in his futon. He shook his head as he finally checked his watch. His lit watch read 2 A.M. He had been lying in his futon for hours.

It really hit him that he was leaving today as he looked at his watch. Souji knew yesterday that he had one day as he said his goodbyes, but he still had something to do with his friends. They fought and nearly died trying to defeat Izanami. Everyone nearly gave their lives trying to defeat her. For who… for Souji, they threw themselves in front of certain death. Yosuke, Chie, Kanji, Teddie, Rion, Naoto, and even Yukiko all did so. He knew Rise would have jumped in front of him as well if she wasn't so far away from him at the time.

It had distracted Souji when seeing that beautiful place that was the fog-laden TV world. He could have stayed there forever, especially with Yukiko. That world… who could have imagined waterfalls, bubbling brooks, and flowing grass would be under all that fog and mayhem.

Yet, here he stood at 2 A.M, awake, and only a couple of hours from a train departure. The fact that his friends would be getting up for him to see him off is a sign of their friendship in its own. At the beginning of the year, he doubted he would do the same for one of the others. Yet, Souji would have been first in line if he had to send someone off. He chuckled at the thought that he would not be there to say goodbye to Rion. "He'll be heartbroken," Souji thought, chuckling, "He'll be one of those to be glad to see me gone." Laughing even louder, he fell asleep.


Souji overslept and had to be woken up by Nanako in the morning.

"Big bro! You're gonna miss your train!" Nanako yelled.

Souji opened his eyes as he looked at his watch. It read 6:40, "Oh Shit! I am going to miss the train!"

Souji threw the last four of his non-burnt or cut through jackets into his black duffle bag and ran downstairs. He grabbed a plate of toast from Nanako and quickly started eating.

Nanako looked sad, and who could blame her? Souji would be sad if he was in Nanako's shoes. He felt a little sad too for that matter.

He checked his watch again as he finished off a piece of toast, "I need to run!" he thought.

Souji, Dojima, and Nanako made their way to Yasoinaba Station via Dojima's new car. The old one had lost in a duel against Namatame's truck. Souji got out of the car with Dojima taking his luggage and he met with his friends who were waiting for him. Yukiko was standing straight in front of him and Rise was to her right as Naoto was straight to her left. Yosuke was to the extreme left and Rion was to the extreme right only flanked by Dojima. His other friends were filling in between.

As Souji stood by, Yosuke said to them, "Yo… well this is it."

Souji nodded, "Yeah. It's unfortunate."

Chie answered, "You really are leaving, huh? It really hasn't hit me yet."

"N… No more Souji-senpai from tomorrow on…," Rise was getting emotional, as usual, "Wahh!"

Souji rolled his eyes as he wondered what would happen when she saw Rion off.

The rest of them had rolled their eyes too. Kanji shook his head and said to her, "Hey, quit crying! It's way too soon for that!"

"But…!" Rise sniffled.

Kanji rubbed his nose, "Sheesh… Th… That stuff's kinda contagious, ya know? You gotta put on a good face for Senpai."

Rise stopped crying as they all stood tall for Souji.

Nanako looked at her cousin and said solemnly, "Big bro…"

"Yes?" Souji asked as he turned.

Nanako had trouble talking at first. She finally said quickly, "I don't want you to go away." Nanako ran up and hugged her Big bro.

"Me either," Souji responded. He wanted to stay here with his friends, and his little sister. He probably should go back to his parents though.

Dojima told Nanako soothingly, "Nanako… Didn't you promise that you wouldn't cry?"

Nanako let go of Souji and turned back to Dojima. His uncle said to him, "Building a case against Adachi is going pretty smoothly. After all, he's confessed to all of his crimes. There haven't been any more incidents since then. Inaba is finally back to its normal, peaceful self." Dojima patted his daughter on the head, "And Nanako's better now too. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks for everything. To me, you're just as much of the family as Nanako. I'm really glad you came to stay with us."

Souji nodded and said to Dojima, "It was my pleasure." He thought, "And to think I hated being here when I first came."

Teddie walked up to Souji and said, "Sensei… I've finally found a place for me. That's why… I'm going back over there."

"Are you sure?" Souji asked. He was a little surprise.

"To make sure it never goes wrong again. I'm going to protect that world from now on. I can finally be proud and say… That world is where I belong," Teddie told him.

"You'll do great," Souji said.

Kanji told him, "Man, Senpai… This town is going to feel empty without you."

Teddie looked at Kanji, "How cruel! Were you even listening!?"

"I doubt anyone was," Rion smiled.

"We can see you anytime we want, you dork!" Yosuke responded.

Chie smiled as well as she said, "Like you'll be gone long. As soon as you start craving something like ice cream, you'll be back in a flash."

Teddie put on his charm as he said, "C… C'mon my honeys. Bluffing that way isn't very cute, you know?" It resulted in Souji rolling his eyes.

Yosuke responded, "You're just gonna be going in and out of the TV in Junes. How's that different from what you've been doing before?"

Naoto walked up to Souji and said, "Feel free to call anytime, even if there isn't a case to solve."

"I will," Souji answered.

Rion walked up to Souji as he told his partner, "If you ever need help with anything… just ask, unless you want me to take your exams."

Souji had to chuckle at that.

Yosuke said from the semi-circle, "I don't feel like saying goodbye either. Hey, you got any plans during the long holiday in May? If you're free, come over and visit. With no mysteries to solve, we can have some real fun!"

Yukiko smiled at Souji, "I'll make reservations now so that we can stay at my family's inn."

Teddie had a sinister look on his face as he said, "Ooh, I can get my revenge for that night. Our surprise sneak attack will work for sure this time!"

Souji, Yosuke, Kanji looked nervous. Rion rolled his eyes, while the girls looked confused.

Kanji exclaimed, "D… Don't bring that up, you stupid bear! Hey, what happened to going back to that world!?"

Teddie answered, "That has nothing to do with this! It's entirely different!"

The group started laughing in varying degrees.

Dojima looked at Souji and told him, "It's almost time. You'd better get on the train."

Yukiko looked at Souji, quickly walked up to him, and gave her boyfriend a quick hug. He did not want to let go, and neither did Yukiko. This would be the saddest part. He eventually let go, and walked away.

Next to the ticket booths were Kou, Daisuke, Ai, and even Yumi. They all wished them farewells if it was to eat ramen again and crashing at his place or helping out if he came back. They all thanked Souji for visiting.

Souji nodded as he made his way to the train.

"This is it," Souji said as he was on the platform.

"Well, see ya," Yosuke said.

"Good luck over there, too," Yukiko said to Souji, trying not to cry.

"If you need anything, we'll come running," Chie told him.

Naoto said, "Until we meet again, Senpai."

"We'll be waiting for you, Senpai," Kanji nodded.

"See ya… Take care," Rise said.

"We will see each other soon," Rion said.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you again," Teddie said.

Dojima said, "Be careful."

"I'll see ya, Big bro. Goodbye," Nanako smiled.

"Thank you," Souji responded, "I'll miss you all."

Souji slowly got onto the train and it seemed to shake everyone in the group as they started running.

"Thank you everything! Stay well until we meet again someday! I love you!" Yukiko yelled as the train sped up.

Teddie ran as he yelled, "You'll always be my Sensei forever!"

"Please don't forget about us over there!" Naoto yelled as she barely holding onto hat as she was running.

"Goodbye Senpai!" Rise yelled.

"Take care!" Rion yelled.

Kanji yelled, "I'll do my best! You better not run away too, Senpai!"

Chie yelled, "I'll always remember our time together!"

Yosuke yelled, "Distance doesn't matter to us! Even if we're separated, we're still friends!"

Souji nodded as it was pointless to say anything to them.

They continued to run after the train and yell well wishes at Souji until the platform disappeared.

"He's really gone," Yosuke said as the train had disappeared from view.

"It's sad," Chie said, "But we'll be okay, right guys?"

Teddie answered, "Doesn't matter how far apart we are… The bonds we made will remain strong… Everyone's heart is connected to the people we know and trust. It's those bonds that allow us to search for our purpose in life. As long as it's a purpose you believe in, there will always be someone who can help you fulfill it."

Souji sat down and put away his black bag luggage. He sighed. He wouldn't be able to see his friends for a long time. Souji had friends waiting for him when he got back, but he wouldn't see his "friends" until he came back.

He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a picture they had taken only a few days earlier. Yosuke, Souji, Rion, and Kanji were in the back. Teddie, Naoto, Chie, Rise, and Yukiko were in the foreground. They were all smiling together.

Igor said this would a turning point in his life, and it did change his life. He gained many friends he could call his "best". He solved a mystery that could have destroyed the world, and fought a goddess. He was represented by a god. Souji found a girlfriend that he had never felt a bond with before. He could definitely consider it a turning point in his life.

All because of a handshake…



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