So! This is kinda sorta a drabble in my collection of drabbles with Magailyn, but I decided to post it to my profile, too. Cause I know some people are expecting Hetalia fics from me and I wasn't posting any so bleh. SORRY NAOMI IF YOU SEE THIS. If you get a chance, check out the first chapter in Magailyn's fic. Her drabble is way better than mine! No joke.

I'm actually gonna post another drabble that I wrote for that collab on my profile, shit, sorry Naomi.


Happily Ever After…Almost

The sound of obnoxiously loud chewing echoed around the small meeting room, and a certain refined blonde glared at a rather crude dirty blonde in obvious disgust.

"You're going to get fat, you know." Arthur stated childishly, crossing his arms and glaring at the fast food that Alfred held in his gloved hands like it had done him some terrible wrong.

Predictably, the younger and less bushy-browed blonde attempted talking through his beloved hamburger. The result was not pretty.

"Nauseating," grumbled Arthur, averting his gaze from the flying sandwich residue and vaguely remembering a time when he'd found this kid… cute.

Looking at him now, the only word the Brit could use to define him was 'gross.'

Or at least, that's what he tried to convince himself to think.

Truth be told, the English man had been having rather conflicting thoughts lately concerning a certain American- none of which he would discuss freely with the 'idiotic git' as the Brit oh-so-fondly called him.

Arthur scowled at the wall he had taken up glaring at, and attempted to focus his mind on other things.

"Hey, Artie," came a curious voice- a little too close for comfort.

Arthur's head snapped in the direction of the sound, and his nose bumped Alfred's roughly. Both leaned back and rubbed the sores unconsciously- and Arthur- upon realizing the close proximity- decided to take a practical approach.

"You wanker!" England felt his face heat up unwillingly, and unnoticed by the frowning American. "Why on Earth are you so close?"

"Artie~" whined the younger blonde annoyingly (adorably), temporarily forgetting the abused nose, "you looked mad. So I came over to see what was wrong. After all, that's what a HERO would do!" And he proceeded to strike a disturbing (cute) 'heroic' pose for his English companion- who blushed faintly.

Yes, Arthur Kirkland had been having some conflicting, if not overwhelming, thoughts about the younger nation lately.

Alfred winked at him and stuffed an entire cheeseburger in his mouth, just as the other Allied Forces members began to file in.

The revolted Brit then berated the 'git' about his lack of manners, a feeling of contentment washing over him- though he didn't show it.

The feelings he had long withheld from the exuberant younger male still couldn't form themselves into words, and until he figured out what he felt for the blonde… this was fine by him.

Perhaps this is just my simple (if not ridiculous) happily ever after.

America stuck his tongue out at the increasingly irate Brit.


Yes, my first drabble IS semi-romance! GOD I LOVE ENGLANDXAMERICA.



-shot again-

And this doesn't even compare to hers. DON'T JUDGE ME.