Sooooooooooo, how to explain this oneā€¦

My excuse is that I've recently become hooked to the PrussiaxSwitzerland pairing. I mean, Prussia is the ULTIMATE seme- can't you just SEE the sexy Vash squirming under his tou-

-shot by Switzerland-

Guns and Violence

For most people, guns and violence produces a fear and hatred, and thoughts of death and abuse.

Guns- tools for killing. Violence- an instrument of torture.

But for a certain trigger happy blonde and a perverted albino, the situation is completely the opposite.

A flurry of curses and bullets rained down upon a shockingly happy elder male.

The red-faced boy that trailed after him like a cat after a mouse was not so cheerful.

In fact, he was quite infuriated.

Which is why he had a machine gun in his gloved hands, shooting as many rounds as he possibly could at the laughing and seemingly jovial person running in front of him.

Ludwig watched in worn exasperation as the two raced past, completely oblivious to the slightly irate onlooker. He observed silently, his brother, openly jubilant. And then the furious blonde, whose eyes betrayed his mouth and face- for they were dancing in child-like glee.

Because he knew. And the other knew.

This was much more than just a game of cat and mouse.

And for Switzerland and Prussia alone, the guns and violence meant something totally different from the normal conceptions.

It meant love, closeness, proving they were truly alive.

And though they'd never admit it, it meant the world to both parties.

Yay! A happy ending!

Wtf, why isn't 'yay' in the dictionary for Word?

Pshft, never mind.

Anyway, I leave it up to your imagination to figure out what Switzerland was chasing Prussia for. Actually, go ahead and drop a review telling me what you think our little blondie was so angry about.

Wow this is extremely short. My goodness.

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