Summary: After New Moon, Bella and Edward barely escape the Volturi. As a result, they're being hunted, stalked. Sensing the lurking danger, Carlisle reaches out for help in the form of an old friend, Albus Dumbledore. However, instead of the old man arriving to Forks himself, the Cullen clan is taken aback when they greet a seventeen-year-old boy at the airport. The question on everybody's mind is how a young child can help save them from the Voultri, especially when the boy needs help saving as well.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Warnings: Slash. (EC/HP). AU.

Some things you may need to know; Harry is seventeen. The war is still going on and Dumbledore is still alive. Remus is still alive and so on. It's Canon up until Half-Blood Prince. Harry's Sixth year was rather uneventful, save for a bit of training and the learning of Voldemort's Horcruxes. Also, I don't like Twilight. Ha. Therefore, I don't know all about it. There may be discrepancies with Canon.

Chapter One of:Runes of your Soul

Harry sat stiffly on his aunt Petunia's floral couch, blinking listlessly at Dumbledore. Despite the bizarre situation, the man seemed at ease as he sat on Vernon's usual armchair and sipped at the tea Petunia had prepared for him. The woman had looked sour at his arrival and busied herself in the kitchen so she wouldn't have to deal with Dumbledore. Harry wished he could have done the same, anything really, to avoid the sparkling blue eyes in front of him.

"I don't really understand, sir," Harry muttered darkly. "You want me to go…where exactly?"

Dumbledore set the teacup down on the porcelain saucer and adjusted his glasses with a light smile. "Forks, Washington, Harry. It is a quaint town in the United States."

Harry stared at the man, a frown pulling at the corners of his mouth. "But Headmaster, Hogwarts starts in only a few days, it's my last year. And I thought you wanted me to search for the Horcruxes this year—"

The man held up a wrinkled hand, his eyes still gentle. "Carlisle Cullen has contacted me and pleaded for my help. While I wouldn't mind settling down for a vacation this year, I have many responsibilities here to take care of." As if sharing an inside joke with the teacup in front of him, Dumbledore smiled mysteriously at the piece of dishware.

"Carlisle is an old friend of mine, Harry. He would never contact me if it wasn't an emergency." Dumbledore leaned forward, his cheerful expression turning grim. "The Volturi is a group of powerful vampires settled in Italy. They have targeted Carlisle and his family. I'm afraid they won't back down until the Cullens have either joined their cause or until they are killed."

It sounded oddly like Voldemort and his beliefs. But for the life of him, Harry couldn't grasp why Dumbledore would pick him of all people.

All last year, Harry had trained for his confrontation with Lord Voldemort. He had suffered through Snape's presence the whole year, learning Occlumency and improving his dueling. On top of suffering with the over-grown bat, Harry had also researched magical theory, memorized several spells and curses, all the while, more than aware of the burden he carried on his shoulders.

The burden of saving the Wizarding world never got easier. Even now, after a year of preparation, Harry could still feel the overpowering weight on his back, crushing him. He had sacrificed a lot last year. Quidditch, friends, Ginny, fun… it was all pushed aside because Harry realized he couldn't defeat Voldemort on luck alone. Hearing the prophecy and losing Sirius were two other factors that contributed to Harry's determination to be a better wizard.

Not to mention learning of the Horcruxes…

Is that all, Harry?

Harry looked away from Dumbledore, feeling bile rise in his throat. With the knowledge of the Horcruxes came Harry's suspicions on his own existence. How could he not put the two and two together? His scar, his wand, Parseltongue… they were all there, pointing and confirming Harry's suspicions.

He was a Horcrux. Moreover, he had to die in order to stop Voldemort.

"You've been training so hard this past year," Dumbledore continued, oblivious to Harry's inner thoughts. "I believe the Volturi would be a good challenge for you. But you should also consider this as a vacation. Surely, they won't attack so quickly. They'll bide their time, waiting for the right moment to attack. And until that happens, you can enjoy yourself." The man offered a smile.

Enjoy himself? Before he had to die? Waiting in suspense before a clan of vampires attacked? Yes, he imagined that would be a relaxing vacation.

Harry snorted, glancing at Dumbledore's expectant expression. As much as he wanted to hate the man, he couldn't. If Harry were in Dumbledore's position, he'd do the same thing. Get the boy who had a piece of the Dark Lord's soul inside him to destroy the Horcruxes before he was sent off to his death. It made sense, really, but what Harry hated about Dumbledore was that the man hadn't even broached the subject of Harry's Horcrux within him.

"There is also the issue of discrimination, Harry. I've asked you especially because I trust you. You have a pure soul and you won't let the fact that they're vampires cloud your sense of duty to protect them. Many wizards, regrettably, many Light wizards, find it hard to coexist with vampires because they are beneath wizards and are considered Dark creatures."

Harry had heard of discrimination against vampires. It was the same for werewolves. They were creatures, and as such, men and women looked down at them.

"I'll do it," Harry whispered, giving a light shrug and plastering a fake smile on his face for the man to see. "It can't take that long, can it?" Harry paused. Green eyes narrowed a bit on Dumbledore. "Will I be learning more about the Volturi and their abilities?"

Dumbledore perked up at Harry's acceptance, patting the armchair. "I will send along a file of the Volturi so you can study on the airplane I booked for you today." Harry blinked at the suddenness. The man stood from the chair, his eyes twinkling crazily. "I have asked Remus to accompany you. If there are any troubles, Remus will contact me. There may come a time where you need backup and I will be quick to provide it. However, I think your skills have grown considerably this past year, Harry. You will do fine."

It was fortunate that Remus would be accompanying him. The werewolf was a lot more sociable than Harry was. The man could speak to the Cullens, interact with the Cullens, and pretty much be Harry's voice for the remainder of this vacation. "Does Carlisle know you'll be sending someone other than yourself?"

"Yes, I Owled him and told him to expect a 'Mr. Harry Potter'."

Something in Dumbledore's smile made Harry guess that not all the information was disclosed in that owl.

Including his age.


"I still don't understand why we have to ask an old human to help us, let alone have him stay in our home," Rosalie muttered repulsively under her breath. Her long, blonde hair flipped over her shoulder as she flashed Bella a repulsive look. "I say we just throw her to the Volturi."

Carlisle bestowed her with a warning look and Edward gave Bella's waist a reassuring squeeze.

Bella tried to give Edward a smile, but it failed miserably into a grimace. He knew she felt guilty about the danger they were in, about the hunting Volturi, but she had nothing to feel guilty over. If the blame were to fall on someone's shoulders, it would be Edward himself. He had foolishly and thoughtlessly ran to Italy, drawing Bella right into the Volturi's hands. Edward, Bella, and Alice had barely escaped the Volturi, who wanted Bella turned or killed.

Edward wouldn't, couldn't bow to either of their wishes. Consequently, the Volturi were after them, the rest of the family included.

"We've been over this already, Rosalie," Carlisle scolded softly, his hands holding a sign that read 'Harry Potter' in elegant scrawl. "We cannot protect Bella against the Volturi alone."

"Then why not other vampires?" she whispered back, her poisonous stare still directed on Bella.

Edward tensed, his lip lifting to reveal his teeth. Placing his body in front of Bella, he defended her from Rosalie. Even if Bella mastered an expression of cool indifference, Edward could feel her body become rigid in his arms. He would have liked to reassure her more, but he was afraid of hurting her, of holding her too tightly.

"We cannot be sure of their loyalty," Edward replied to Rosalie's inquiry. "A skilled wizard, even one, is a major threat against a group of vampires. You know this, Rose, so stop complaining." He pitched his voice low enough, knowing there wouldn't be any humans to overhear, save for Bella.

He had never met a wizard before, but Carlisle had spoken of them in passing. Vampires and wizards didn't get along, yet there was mutual ground. By far, wizards were the superior beings, and as a result, it ensued prejudice. The vampires, centuries ago, left the Wizarding world, choosing to build their own covens away from wizards and into the human world. There, they could be the superior creatures.

The prejudice was what Edward was afraid of. He didn't want this wizard to underperform on his promise to protect both Bella and their family against the Volturi. However, Carlisle had reassured Edward, stating that Albus Dumbledore had the kindest and gentlest souls. The old wizard wouldn't send someone who looked down at them just for their vampire status.

Edward tightened his fingers on Bella's side, offering her a smile. As doe-like eyes looked up at him, Edward found himself wondering how she could look at him with such trust, such love. How could someone so pure love a monster such as himself? She did so much for him, she made him feel… human again, yet it also made Edward aware of how different he was from her, how dangerous he was.

They shared a bittersweet love.

He turned away as soon as a crowd of voices assaulted his mind. They spoke all at once, complaining about the long flight, the cramped legroom, and whispering promises to fall asleep for the whole day – damn the consequences.

Edward straightened up, trying to dull the voices. He had gotten rather good at blocking out unnecessary voices until he wanted to hear them. Only then, would he focus on the sole individual, opening his mind up to them.

His eyes danced across the sign Carlisle insisted to make. Edward thought it was rather pointless that Carlisle made a sign for Harry Potter. After all, didn't wizards have a sixth sense when it came to identifying vampires? How could one miss the group of four vampires and one lone human? Fortunately, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice chose to stay behind as they picked up the wizard from the airport. Rosalie claimed she tagged along because of her curiosity at seeing a wizard, but Edward knew Rosalie was just concerned for her family's safety. With Rosalie, that would always be the case.

Edward caught scent of a man making his way over with a shorter boy in tow. The man was tall and shabby looking, his face weathered and worn. His physical age was difficult to guess, perhaps late thirties. What caught Edward's attention were the man's amber eyes, a characteristic that immediately put Edward on guard. He inhaled, frowning when he caught the man's scent. It was similar to the Shape-shifters of La Push, but a bit… wilder.

Despite the man's scent and eyes, Edward could see true kindness radiating from the man. When Edward tried to confirm his assumption of the man's character, he began to read the man's mind, only to come up empty handed. All he could hear were quiet, undistinguishable whispers.

Reluctantly, Edward acknowledged that noiseless minds would be expected. Carlisle had warned his family that their abilities might not work on the wizards.

"Harry Potter?" Carlisle ventured, smiling and offering his hand toward the wizard who had come to a stop in front of them.

Bella stood on her toes, eyeing the proceedings with interest.

The wizard smiled kindly, chuckling as he reached for Carlisle's hand. "Alas, no, I am Remus Lupin, but it's a pleasure to meet you."

Edward frowned, his eyes automatically going on the second figure behind Remus Lupin. He was the first to notice the shadow, the mere child. When he tested the air a second time, he grew rigid.

"This is Harry Potter." Lupin moved aside, unveiling the mystery wizard.

Edward moaned softly, his face twisting as he struggled to control himself. Venom pooled inside his mouth and he swallowed it quickly. The boy's scent was… appealing to say the least. However, it wasn't the scent that triggered his venom, no, it was what the scent did to him. His vampire side, the side he liked so much to hide and smother, seemed to awaken at the boy's presence, snarling and hissing in wicked pleasure. His gut twisted and turned cold as the venom acted up.

One world seemed to whisper sadistically in his mind, repeatedly. Claim.

He wanted to weep dry tears, to run from the situation. Instead, he remained stiffly in place, his expression remaining impassive despite his inner turmoil. How many years did it take to smother his vampire side? He wanted to be human; he wanted to forget what he really was. However, this boy, this wizard, made his animalistic side come out.

What made it so ironic was that Edward didn't feel the overwhelming urge to kill the boy as he had with Bella. Instead, he wanted to…

"Edward?" Bella whispered softly, her fingers pulling at his shirt in concern. "Are you alright?"

Edward shut his eyes, slowly pulling the monster back down inside him. It didn't like it, and it didn't go without a fight, but eventually, Edward was able to control himself. His face cooled and he opened his eyes to reassure her. But instead of reassurance in her eyes, he only saw surprise.

"Your eyes, they're black," she commented quietly, unaware that she had the attention of everybody present.

Edward looked up at a watchful Carlisle, nodding his head once to confirm that he was under control. However, he found it difficult to remain so. Especially when Bella's fingers felt constricting when all he felt was undeniably drawn to the stranger in front of him. Edward swallowed, focusing his attention on the wizard, finally taking a good look at him.

Harry Potter was a thin, young man who was of average height, shorter than all the Cullen males, yet taller than both Alice and Esme. He had lithe muscles and sharp features that curved delicately. Shocking black hair was naturally messy, but oddly enough, it was an endearing sort of mess that lured others to want to run their fingers through it. Edward, specifically, couldn't take his eyes off Harry's stare as soon as they met gazes.

They once matched his own. They were a pale shade of vibrant green.

Edward licked his lips once, his hand curling around Bella's for support. Confusion was clouding his mind and he needed to speak to Carlisle as soon as possible. Edward vowed he loved Bella. He even promised her he would never leave again. Moreover, she was his everything. They were a pair, yet… even Edward knew that she wasn't his mate.

Mate. It's a ridiculous notion, a very rare notion, but so true when it came to Harry Potter. As if needing conformation, his vampire all but purred at the thought.

Edward then made a promise to himself that he would stay far away from Harry as possible. He loved Bella. They had gone through so much together. He could never hurt her like that. It would be difficult to avoid Harry Potter, especially when his vampire wanted to do nothing but smother the boy.

"I… apologize," Carlisle started again, bringing the attention away from an expressionless Edward and back to the situation at hand. "I would have thought you would be…"

"Older?" Harry finished. "Yeah, I seem to get that a lot." A small hand shot out and clasped Carlisle's hand. "It's a pleasure."

Carlisle mentally shook his surprise and recovered nicely, offering Harry a warm smile.

Edward eyed Harry through half-lidded eyes, noticing that the boy was a lot like Remus Lupin. They were both younger than what their eyes claimed. Curiosity churned at Edward and he longed to know everything there was to know about Harry. Regrettably, Edward knew that would be difficult to accomplish, not only because he wanted to keep his distance, but because of the obvious mood around Harry.

There was a dark aura around the younger wizard, an aura that screamed of depression, of reclusion. As if to prove his point, he watched as Harry stepped back, allowing Remus to step forward again. Green eyes were that of indifference, eyeing the proceedings with nothing akin to interest. It wasn't arrogance. No, it was more like a wounded and scarred child looking out from expressive green eyes.

Edward took an unnecessary breath of air.

His instincts wanted nothing more than to stand at the boy's side. Instead, he inched closer to Bella, wanting her to protect him for just once. But even Edward knew that once his vampire took control, no one would stand in his way.


Harry sat in the backseat of Edward's car. Remus was sitting next to him, pleasantly looking at the passing scenery. According to the clan leader, Carlisle, they were heading to a quick lunch before they arrived to Forks. Harry couldn't care a less. He wasn't hungry; he just wanted to be back in Britain.

He had agreed doing this because he was a sucker for these kinds of things. When Dumbledore had mentioned wizard and vampire 'discrimination', Harry could do nothing but agree to watch the Cullens. But before he left, he had asked Dumbledore if Ron, Hermione, or even Ginny could accompany him. The man had pleasantly expressed his concerns that either of them would cause a distraction.

A distraction.

Harry's lips twitched in cynical amusement. More like bring some fun out of this silent trip.

Green eyes caught Edward's stare in the rearview mirror before he looked away uninterested. He wasn't here to make friends or form bonds, especially with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Both of them were pathetic in Harry's eyes. He had read the detailed file on the plane, frowning when he got the full story.

Apparently, the Volturi wanted Isabella Swan dead or turned because she knew too much on the vampire world and because she… what was it? Ah yes, she showed potential for a useful gift in her afterlife.

No matter what the issue was that resulted into this mess, Harry knew both Edward and Bella could be fully blamed for putting their family at risk. Edward, in particular, was the one Harry was disgusted at the most. Wasn't the vampire at least one hundred years old? What could have possibly made the vampire fall in lovewith a mere seventeen-year-old girl who, quite frankly, looked rather ordinary?

Ah yes, but Harry knew exactly what made Edward drawn to the girl. Simply because he couldn't read Bella's mind and because her blood sang to him, and in turn, Bella was in love with Edward because he was a mystery to her, the bad-boy mystery that simply glowed attractiveness.

Harry snickered lowly, his eyes remaining stubbornly on his window. This wasn't love. This was just a human drawn to an attractive, alluring creature. And that alluring creature was bored, drawn to something out of the ordinary.

They were both in the relationship for the wrong reasons. Not that Harry played the psychiatrist. He was just… revolted with their actions. Did the two not know they were putting both their families at risk? Apparently, it didn't matter, as long as they were forever in love. Merlin forbid, not forever in love on Edwards part. No. The vampire wouldn't tarnish Bella's soul if he had a choice.

So then how did they expect to continue being together? Harry was sure Bella didn't agree with Edwards's choice in keeping her human. After all, what girl, who looked nothing short of ordinary, could give up the chance of turning into a beautiful creature that lived forever?

Then again, Harry could be judging her character wrong. He certainly wasn't judging Edward wrongly. The vampire was immature and rather naïve for being over one hundred. But really. It didn't matter. He was only here for his job, nothing more.

As soon as the car pulled into a parking spot, Harry was out, already making his way to the restaurant.

"Hungry, cub?" Remus chuckled, following Harry closely.

Harry only offered Remus a small smile. The man faltered, his face darkening at Harry's lack of response.

"Not really, I just want to get this over with." Harry blinked when he noticed Edward suddenly in front of them, holding the door open to the restaurant. While Remus gave a sharp nod of thanks, Harry eyed the vampire with indifference. "The faster we can get back to Britain, the better." He noticed Edward's wince, and curl of his lips, but ignored it in favor of the hand stopping him from entering.

"Go ahead, Edward and Bella. We'll meet you two inside in a moment." Remus' voice was sharp, no room for argument.

Harry watched the two enter the restaurant moodily. Carlisle, his wife, and the other blonde female were already inside, having driven separately. He turned slowly to Remus, frowning.

"Is everything alright, Harry?" Remus questioned softly, true concern creasing his face. "I haven't seen you in almost a year, but… you've changed."

For the worse. Harry could practically hear those unspoken words between them. "I'm fine. I guess you could say the war… and Sirius have changed me," Harry responded tightly, aware of the hand on his shoulder. "There's nothing wrong, Remus."

Amber eyes studied him deeply, looking for any signs of deception. "I was surprised when Albus told me he chose you for this mission. I understood that you're one of the most generous wizards, usually placing yourself in front of others, but I found your age…"

Harry winced, frowning. "You know I can handle myself. I've been training—"

Remus held up a hand, halting Harry's defensive remarks. "I didn't mean it like that, Harry. I know you are a very gifted wizard. What I meant was you are very young to be handling so much. You have Voldemort after you, you've been training nonstop all last term, and now this...protecting Bella and the Cullens. It's a lot to handle for someone your age. I can see it weighing you down…"

Harry felt guilty at Remus' raw concern, yet the man didn't know half of it.

He chuckled lightly, trying to loosen the tension between them. "It is a lot, but I believe I can handle it, Remus."

Remus removed his hand from Harry's shoulder, his face tightening into that of a protective guardian. "Let me tell you this once, Harry. I won't hesitate to remove you from this situation if I see you suffering anymore. If you are waning, I'm going to bring you back to Britain. Do you understand me?" Remus asked heatedly, his eyes holding Harry's in a fierce stare. "Your safety and mental health mean more to me than Bella and the Cullens. Albus can get someone else to fill your position."

Harry nodded solemnly. He wasn't used to someone looking after him like this and he felt almost uncomfortable with it. "I understand, Remus," he muttered. But it would never come down to Remus taking him back to Britain. Harry wouldn't let it happen.

"I only want what's best for you, Harry." The man ran a hand through Harry's hair, messing it with the rough caress. He then looped his arm around Harry's shoulders, leading him inside the dim restaurant.

Up ahead, the Cullens and Bella were sitting around a table, waiting patiently for them. Harry parted from Remus, sitting stiffly between Carlisle and Rosalie. His werewolf companion sat across from him, nodding for Harry to begin.

Harry took out his wand, drawing the sharp attention of all the table's occupants. They tensed, eyes narrowed, and fingers splayed as if the Volturi were in the premises.

"Relax," Harry whispered soothingly as he tapped the table twice, his magic leaking and encircling the table and the surrounding premises. "I'm only putting up a privacy ward. That way, no one besides us will hear our discussion."

Carlisle nodded, impressed. His eyes were dancing across the table and the surrounding areas, almost a wonder-like gleam to his gaze. "Very interesting," he admired.

Harry offered the man a tight grin, slapping the file Albus had given him on the table besides his glass of water. The liquid inside the glass sloshed to one side, in danger of spilling across the table. "I've been reading your family's and the Volturi's abilities—"

"Where did you get all that information?" a suspicious voice asked to his left.

Harry barely spared Rosalie a glance, for Carlisle interrupted before he could retort. "I gave it to Albus, Rose. Albus, in turn, gave it to Harry." The handsome blond vampire looked back down at Harry, his molten gold eyes reassuring. "Please, continue, Harry."

Harry withheld his grin. Carlisle was a very diplomatic vampire, very kind and gentle. Rather ironic, for a vampire, but Harry was grateful. He'd rather work with a vampire like Carlisle than an arrogant clan leader that wanted to offer his 'own ideas' for protection. Despite the man's surprise at the airport due to Harry's age, Carlisle was now giving Harry attention as if he were an adult.

"Remus and I will be putting up wards around your house and Isabella's house." He flashed the human a look when she made a sound in her throat. Edward placed a silencing hand on her shoulder and Harry continued. Though, his voice was strained as he glanced at Bella. "Wards are like runes. They protect those within them. I'm sure you'd want your own house and your father covered by the wards, yes?"

Before either of the vampires and human could interrupt, Remus continued. "Harry and I have decided we should split duties. I will be watching over Carlisle and the Cullens during the day. And because I think Bella is our main concern, we are going to assign Harry to guard her at all times."

For the first time, she spoke. Harry watched her closely as her eyebrows furrowed and her teeth nipped her bottom lip.

"But… but what about school? And Charlie?" Her voice was hesitant.

Charlie. Harry was more than sure Charlie was her father and his respect for the girl dropped at an all-time low. "You call your father, Charlie?" Harry whispered, his sharp eyes pinning the girl with a stare. "You've been blessed with a loving parent and you don't have the respect to address him as such?"

The blond vampire next to him, Rosalie, stiffened, a pleased aura coming off her in waves. Harry didn't offer her a look, his gaze directed on a flabbergasted Bella. She looked insulted, glancing at a quiet and rather stoic looking Edward. The vampire looked up at Harry, his eyes expressionless. It was probably meant to scare Harry. However, he wasn't affected in the least.

"I love my father very much. I don't think you have a right to judge," Bella replied stiffly.

Harry gave a grin, not at all comforting. "I've been known to judge quite well, my dear."

"Harry," Remus spoke sharply, halting all insults and conversations. "We came here to protect Ms. Swan, not antagonize her." His eyebrows rose, yet his eyes were soft, completely understanding where Harry was coming from. But it wasn't the time nor the place to push the topic.

"You're right," Harry sniffed, leaning back in his chair, playing with his napkin idly. "It is not my place to remind unsighted children how blessed they are before they lose it all."

Remus cleared his throat, almost flustered at Harry's bold declarations. "Albus and I have thought over Harry's protection. We think it's best to enroll Harry in the local school with Bella. We have adjusted the schedule so Harry can shadow Bella every class—"

"What?" Harry whispered sharply, his eyes narrowed. Around them, the table's tension heightened. "Somehow, Remus, that was withheld from me. I haven't been to a Muggle school in seven years. How am I supposed to keep up appearances if I haven't learned anything past long division?"

Rosalie snickered next to him and Harry frowned when he noticed Remus looking more amused than frightened of his outburst.

"Don't worry, dear," the softer, more musical tone of Esme answered. Harry turned, craning his neck to the side in order to see the warm smile spread across the woman's face. Her smile complimented her heart-shaped face and caramel colored hair. "I can help you with your homework. If there is anything, anything at all you need to adjust into school, I will help you."

She was so affectionate. Her glow seemed to soften Harry a bit and he found himself smiling back. If there was anybody gentler than Remus, it was this woman, or, vampire across from him. She had a maternal aura about her, something Harry had never really encountered before besides Mrs. Weasley. "Thank you, Mrs. Cullen."

"Call me Esme, Harry," she winked, curling her hand in Carlisle's. The two were a perfect couple in Harry's eyes. Both were patient, extremely non-judgmental, and demonstrative. Carlisle smiled at Harry, almost as if he could read his mind.

"As far as your father, Bella," Remus continued. "He won't need to know that Harry is staying in your house at night. Harry is able to make himself scarce."

Harry cleared his throat. "However, if there are… other…people in her room at night, I'll stay outside," he spoke icily. Revulsion made its way across his delicate features at the thought of seeing thatimage in his mind. There was no way in hell that he would spend the night in Bella's room while she cuddled against the cold chest of Edward Cullen. It just rubbed him the wrong way. So…sugary and…sweet.

Actually, it was pretty disgusting.

"That won't be necessary," Carlisle firmly spoke up. "Edward will keep his hands to himself at night." The clan leader cast a warning look at his adoptive son.

Bella groaned, her face turning a unique shade of crimson. "We never," she started, cutting herself off before she could go into detail. "Anyway, Charlie—" here, she glanced at Harry, almost if she realized her slip again. "He lets me spend the night with Alice. I'll be at the Cullen home a bit more this year."

Was it just Harry or did he tastethe dislike coming from Rosalie at Bella's declaration? He grinned at the tall and beautiful vampire. She cast him a haughty look, rivaling Malfoy with her arrogance. In fact, Harry could bet all his gold that Malfoy would meet his match in Rosalie Cullen – or—Hale.

"We'll speak more about this later." Harry sat straighter as their Muggle server came toward them.

He ignored the stare boring into the side of his face, wondering what the hell he'd done to issue Edward Cullen's scrutiny. He just hoped his stay here in America would be only a few weeks.

If that. He had a war back home.

Why so happy to go back to die, Harry?

Harry's mood dimmed considerably and he was unaware of Edward stiffening across the table.

Notes: A few things; this won't all be taking place in the Muggle world. We'll be seeing the Wizarding world in the second half of this story. Also, I like my vampires…rough and dominant. That will happen in this story with Edward. Right now, he's just a bit unsure and confused. Can you blame the poor vampire? Give him time and he'll be my possessive vampire. However, Harry won't necessarily be completely submissive. Yes, he'll be bottom, but that doesn't mean he can't stand up to Edward.

There will also be a bit of venom play… /cough/. If that turns you off, please don't read.