Chapter One-

"Hey Brat, Are you ready yet?" "Of course just let me tack up Ace." "All ready done." I looked at the dusty, teenage cowboy.

I looked at him, studying him. He stood there with a shy look on his face and his dark mustang eyes quiet. He wore dark blue jeans and a dark t-shirt that pulled tight over his muscles. His black Stetson was pulled low, and his long black hair was pulled back into his usual ponytail. "alright."

I went over to the hitching post where my beauty bay horse, was tied next to witch, Jake's grumpy cow horse.

We got on and swiftly jogged out of the yard and over the bridge. I aided Ace into a lope, grateful for the warm day after the long, cold winter.

Jake said that we were meeting Jen and Darrell on war drum flats. I looked over to Jake who was keeping pace right next to me.

He looked over to me smiling knowing what I wanted. He nodded. I lean completely forward and gave Ace his complete head. Letting him run free, just taking me along for the ride.

As we neared War Drum Flats, I slowed Ace to a jog. I kept looking to the mountains; I haven't seen the phantom in a while. I hope he is okay, but I had a nagging worry that he wasn't.

It took only a minute for me to spot Jen and her palomino horse Silly, and next to her on a horse I didn't recognize was Darrel.

It was weird to see him on a horse, but it was cool. "Hey Jen, Hey Darrel." I smiled at Jen, My best friend Jenifer Kentworty had for a long time a crush on this boy, I hoped that they came together meant that something was going on.

I would have to get the details for Jen later. "Hey Sam, Hey Jake." Jen said. "Are we ready?" I asked. "Sure are darling." Darrel said. I shot him a dirty look.

Then I smiled, I wasn't going to let a little teasing to get in the way of my good day. We rode all over War Drum Flats, Arroyo Azul, and the Lost Canyon, joking, laughing, and enjoying our ride.

I looked for the phantom the entire way, hoping for just a glimpse of my wild white stallion, but unfortunately nothing, and soon it started to get dark, and it looked like it was about to storm, so Darrel and Jen took off in one direction, and Jake and I took off in another one.

On the way back to River Bend, we let Ace and Witch run all the way back, hoping that the rain would hold out until we got into the house. We untacked the horses, brushed them, put them into the pasture, and headed into the house. All the lights in the house were on, but no one was home. I found a note on the kitchen table:


Had to run into town with Gram. Brynna is going to be home late, and Pepper, Ross, and Dallas have the night off. So that means you and Jake will have the house to yourself for a while. BEHAVE.


I walked over to were Jake was sitting quietly. I handed him the note and let him read it. "Okay, so do you want me to stay or should I leave?"

I pretended to think about. "You can stay." "So what do you want to do?" He asked. "Hmmm…" I thought about it then said "Lets watch a movie." "Okay."

It was weird for Jake to be so agreeing with everything. Normally he would have left right after the ride. Something must be going on at home.

I for sure was not going to ask what that something was. He would tell me when he was ready. He walked into the living room. I followed him. "What do you want to watch?"

I walked over and looked over my choices, and came back up with one I knew he would like. "McClintock" "Hmmm…. Interesting choice alright." He put the movie in and the settled down on the couch to watch it. "Um… Sam we need to talk."

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