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*Chapter Eight*

*Sam's P.O.V*

I heard a light scraping sound, and then what sounded like the scuffling of feet. My body hurt like hell so I didn't dare to move around to much, and my vision was cloudy from all the blood loss, but what I did turn around enough to see feet under the doorway... They paused in front of the door, and then the door slowly pushed open. My breath caught in my thought as I watched, expecting it to be either Flick or one of his men...

But what surprised me was that it was neither. At first all I saw was the dark boots, the dark wash jeans with holes all threw them, then the dark t-shirt stretched over his well defined chest and arms. Then I saw a black hat. Then the man's face came into view and if I could have I would have jumped at the sight of my beautiful boyfriend.

"J-ak-e." I managed to get out before I lapsed into a coughing fit. Jason and the other name, who I later found out, his name was Kevin, hadn't done shit for me, because Flick told them to just leave me here to die. Stupid Bastard. I was to injured to do anything by myself and I couldn't walk, or run and I had no idea where the hell I was. So I had guessed that was my only choice.

Wait here to die or until someone found me.

"Baby!" Jake yelled. His face brightened, then it darkened, as he surveyed me. My face covered on starches and brushes. Blood running from my mouth. Dried blood caked my hair, my face, my side,it was everywhere. I was lucky to be alive, by who much blood I had lost.

I just didn't know how much longer I could make it. I was in pain, and I was still slowly losing blood, and I hadn't have anything to eat or drink in days, there was a dark tint to my sight.

"Jake-Help, m..e" I said before I passed out.

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