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Summary: Bella, Emmett and Jasper are siblings. Edward, Alice and Rose are siblings. James and Jacob are Edward's best friends. Edward is that guy that always listens to his friends and makes dumb choices with them. How much will Bella put up with before she says enough is enough? How far are James and Jacob willing to go to keep Bella out of the picture?



Present Day 2009

Was it too much to expect for your fiancé to show up on their wedding day? I would not think so…however…I guess I am wrong. Most guys show up to say their vows to their beloved. But not my guy. Of course, he did not show.

Edward never finds a problem with being fashionably late as his wonderful friends put it. Of course, he never sees anything wrong with anything that they tell him. What is a girl to do? I had been with Edward since our junior year of high school. We were each other's first everything. I was the first and only girl to pull him away from his "buds." That is probably why they hated me so and tried to pull my Edward away from me at every opportunity. My loving and understanding Edward, always fell for it. He constantly chose them over me. Apparently, even on our wedding day.

It had been thirty minutes…thirty fucking minutes since my brother, Jasper came in and told me that Edward and his groomsmen were not here yet. How much is a girl supposed to take? How much was I expected to endure? I placed my hands over my stomach. What am I supposed to do? It was not just Edward and I anymore. I had another person to consider.

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