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June 2029

"You look so handsome," I said to my son as I straightened his tie.

He brushed my hands away.

"Mom, cut it out. I'm twenty-years old already! I will be twenty-one in October you know?"

"That may be the case Jake but you will always be my baby and don't you forget it young man!"

He laughed at me and pulled me in for one of his bear hugs that were similar to those of his Uncle Emmett.

Jacob held me in his arms. "I love you mom. I'm glad you're here. Em and I couldn't have asked for better parents than you and dad. You have always been there for us. You truly are the heart of our family. I only hope that someday…Jen and I will be as good of parents as the two of you…and grandma and grandpa."

As if I was not already emotional enough my wonderful first born had to go and spew out that!

I was now in tears.

I heard the voice of my angel behind us. "JB, are you upsetting your mother again?"

"Like it's hard to do right now Dad, she's an emotional wreck."

"Well, it's not every day your son gets married you know?" I sobbed into Jake's chest.

"A little help Dad?" Jake pleaded with his father.

I felt myself being passed into my husband's loving arms.

"Baby, you're ruining your makeup. You know my sisters will not be pleased."

I chuckled at him.

Edward then whispered in my ear, asking me if I could give him a few minutes alone with our Jacob. I could not deny him anything, let alone time alone with our only son before he walked down the aisle to wait for his bride.

I went back into the now empty room in the church where I had gotten ready with Rose and Alice.

The last twenty years with Edward had been fantastic. We had our ups and our downs but we were still together and stronger than ever.

Jacob was born in October of 2009. Poor Edward was a wreck on the way to the hospital. My water broke while we were in the middle of the grocery store.


"Love, do you want whole milk or two percent milk this time?" He had asked me.

The doctors wanted me drinking whole milk for the baby but I did not like the richness of the taste so I preferred the two percent milk. As a compromise for my unborn child, and myself I had been alternating the two from one time to the next when we bought groceries.

Unfortunately, as the water began trickling down my legs in the dairy aisle…the type of milk I wanted was the last thing on my mind.

I braced myself on the shopping cart and when Edward turned around to see why I was being so quiet he saw the water…and the look on my face.

"NOW?" he asked.

"Now," I replied.

He scooped me up into his arms and carted me out of the grocery store and into the Volvo quickly. He was just about to pull out of the parking lot when the store clerk was banging on the window of the car.

He had my purse.

Edward had left it behind in the shopping cart.

I was chuckling at my goofy husband.

In between the immense pain of course.

The labor was excruciating and I cursed at Edward and swore he would never be allowed to touch me ever again…and I thought for a moment, judging from the look of horror on his face, that he believed me.

After twelve hours of labor, Jacob Black Cullen was welcomed into the world and he was beautiful.

He looked just like his father in every way.

End Flashback

I could still remember the first time I saw Edward putting Jake to sleep. It brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart. He was an amazing father.


We had just come home from the hospital. I was exhausted and Jake was wide-awake. My doting husband was incredibly sweet and made me go to bed while he tended to our son.

I turned the baby monitor on so I could listen to Edward with Jake. However, I could not stay put when I heard my husband's voice with our boy. I had to see the sight with my own eyes.

I tiptoed to Jake's room and saw Edward with his eyes closed, Jake in his arms, rocking him gently. He was humming a lullaby that he wrote for Jake while I was still pregnant.

Then he stopped humming and started talking to him.

"I want to tell you about your namesake little man. Your uncle, Jacob Black…was a hero. Your daddy would not be here with you right now if not for him. I owe him everything. I wish you could have met him.

"I love you so much already JB. I will never let anything happen to you or come between our family. You and your mother mean more to me than anything. I hope I never let you down. Your mother is an angel. She made me the man that I am. You are very lucky to have her for a mom."

He then went back to humming.

I decided to let my guys have their moment and I went back to our bedroom.

End Flashback

I loved my son with everything in me. Even though he might not have been conceived at the most opportune time, he was conceived out of love and we cherished him immensely.

He never gave us any trouble and it did not take him long to sleep through the night at all. He was always a happy baby.

He really did spoil us. His sister on the other hand was another matter all together but I will get to her in a little bit.

For our one-year anniversary, Edward decided that he wanted us to have our real wedding. The one that James, Laurent, and Tanya took from us. The one we should have had originally.

Alice started planning and my dad said that would be his deadline. When I asked him what he meant…he told me that he had been making great waves in his physical therapy and that would be his deadline for being able to walk.

"I have to walk my baby girl down that aisle and come hell or high water…I will do it!"

I believed him!

As a backup plan…Emmett and Jasper were going to do it if Daddy was not where he wanted to be yet by March 2010.

Of course…my amazing father came through. He walked me down the aisle at our second wedding with a cane but he did it.

We all had tears in our eyes, I think. I knew my dad and I did.

After the wedding, Edward whisked me away for the honeymoon I had always dreamed of having. I wanted to go to Hawaii. Call it clichéd, call it whatever. All I wanted to do was go to Hawaii with my love.

He gave it to me.

Let me tell you, I did not really see much of Hawaii…so we decided while we were there that one day we would return as a family.

My pregnancy with Jacob was very rough. Throughout most of it, Edward and I were unable to be intimate and once I hit the six-month mark, not at all. Then between waiting the six-week limit the doctor put on me, midnight feedings, school and work…we were exhausted. SO when we made it to Hawaii, we had probably made love less than six times in the last year and I was not kidding.

Needless to say, we were making up for lost time on our honeymoon…hence the no leaving of the room.

But it was on this wonderful two-week honeymoon that our baby girl was conceived.

Her father had been insatiable the whole trip. I had not been able to get back on the pill for one reason or another so we were relying on condoms. Neither of us thought we should get pregnant again so soon, when JB was only five-months old.

However, there were about three nights when Edward could not control himself or take the time to wrap it and we were too far gone in ecstasy to care.

We did not even really think about our carelessness until I found out two months later that I was in fact preggers.

Everyone was supportive of this even though they thought we were crazy for doing it so close together.

Emma Jazzmin Cullen was born on Christmas Day 2010.

She was another difficult pregnancy. I was on bed rest most of the time with her. For some reason, that the doctors were unsure about…my tiny body just had problems carrying babies.

We did not know at the time but she would be the last of our blessings in the child department. I would become pregnant two more times but…those pregnancies did not make it to term. My body just could not do it anymore.

After the last miscarriage, the doctors discouraged us from trying to get pregnant again and Edward was too scared of losing me.

I did not want to leave my children without a mother.

Edward went in for a vasectomy and that was that. No more babies for us.

We were able to be an aunt and uncle besides being mommy and daddy.

Jasper and Alice had twins. A boy and a girl. Amelia Isabella Swan and Jasper Charles Swan. They were both a year younger than Jacob.

Emmett and Rose had two boys. Jason Nicolas Swan who was two years younger than Jacob and Jeffrey Edward Swan who was three years younger than Jacob.

They named Jeff after Edward because we did not use the boy name we had picked out and my brothers thought that Edward was a good enough man that he should have a child named after him.

Edward's big sister Rose could not have agreed more.

The toughest part of our marriage was throughout Emma's infancy. She was a tough baby let me tell you. She was not like her brother at all.

She looked just like me.

She was just as stubborn as me and her father put together.

She cried ALL the time.

She was colicky.

She was moody.

She was not a happy baby.

Edward and I were both working. We were both still in school. We were both exhausted and we were at each other's throats. Jacob was a little over one when Emma was born and he was an awesome big brother.

But a one year old could only do so much.

One day I had come home from work after Edward had been left alone with the kids. He was so tired, I knew that but I had to go to work. I did not have a choice.

I guess I should have gotten someone else to look after them, but I figured…he was their father. He should have been able to care for them and take responsibility.


I could hear Emma screaming as soon as I got off the elevator.

When I opened the apartment door, I heard the words from Edward's mouth I never thought I would hear him say, "Damn it Emma! Please stop crying! Our life would have been so much easier without you. What were we thinking? We never should have gotten pregnant with you baby. I'm sorry…this is just too much. Jacob was such a good baby! What the hell is wrong with you?"

He was sitting on the couch staring at her. She was in her little bouncy chair that was sitting on the coffee table. He had his hands in his head like he was pulling his hair out as he listened to her screams.

"EDWARD!" I chastised him. He jumped up from the couch, shocked that I had just heard him.

I marched right up to him and slapped him across the face with everything I had.

"Bella! I'm sorry! Fuck! I didn't mean it that way. It just came out wrong. I'm sorry baby! I'm SO fucking tired."

"Fuck…fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Momma fuck fuck fuck!" Jacob said as he danced around us.

Jacob was talking and repeating everything we said. "Thanks Edward! That's just brilliant! You really get the medal for father of the year here!"

I pulled my cell phone out of my purse and called Jasper. I made him and Emmett come, get me, and take me to Charlie's house.

Before I could blink, Edward and I were in a trial separation and talking about divorce. I kept wondering how we had ended up where we were. I loved him so much. But he ripped out my heart when I heard what he said to our daughter.

I knew he was tired.

I knew he did not really mean it.

But I still had a hard time letting it go.

He did also.

He could not believe he had said it.

He felt horrible.

Not as horrible as he would be feeling very soon.

It had been about two months after that day. Edward and I were still separated. Things were still a mess between us.

Emma was now three months old and Edward had come to take the kids to the park. He had Emma in the stroller. Even though we were separated and throwing around the "D" word, I was not going to keep him from his kids.

I was at school. I received a frantic call from Edward that Emma was gone. Apparently, he was so exhausted that he dozed off on the park bench and when he woke up, Emma was not in the stroller anymore.

He was awakened by Jacob running up to him and telling him to wake up and that Emma was gone.

I was livid to say the least.

After what he had said, then he fell asleep and some freak stole our little girl. The first person I thought of was Laurent…but my dad assured us that he was still in prison.

I was a mess. We were at our apartment waiting for news. Edward and I had barely spoken to each other since Emma was taken and then the dam broke.

Edward was crying and it infuriated me. He was sitting on the arm of our couch and I walked over to him and fisted him in his shoulder.

"Don't you dare fucking cry Edward Cullen! You wanted this remember! You said it! Our life would be easier without Emma here. Well you got your fucking wish you bastard! You are probably fucking thrilled she's gone!"

I felt the sting but I did not realize what had happened until Rose had pulled her away from me. Alice had walked up to me and slapped me across the face.

She was sobbing in Jasper's arms.

"How could you say that to him Bella? How could you? That was heartless! You know how much he loves that baby! You take that back right fucking now! My brother would never feel that way!"

I did not register what she had said at the time…I just pounded my fists into Edward's chest while he cried and let me do it.

Before it was over, we were in each other's arms…on the floor…sobbing into one another for comfort.

We were without our Em J for seven days, four hours, twenty-five minutes, and ten seconds. That was how long it took Tanya to return her to us. Yeah, you heard me right.

Tanya had taken my baby girl. The police had never been able to find her after she escaped from Laurent's house. After awhile with no leads, they just stopped. I guess they were too lazy to keep looking for someone who was a potential threat to my family. Thanks to their lack of concern, that bitch was able to take my little girl.

When she brought EmJ back she was very apologetic. I told her very quickly what she good do with her fucking apology.

I punched her in her fucking face for it when she showed up at our door with my baby in her arms.

She said she just wanted a baby…Edward's baby and she knew she was not in her right mind when she took her. That was why she brought her back to us and she told us all the crying was getting on her nerves.

Thank god she did not hurt her because of all the crying.

She was promptly arrested and we never heard from her again.

Edward and I returned to counseling after that and decided we were going to do everything in our power to make this marriage work. We never should have quit it in the first place.

We spent about a year, living apart, and working on being a couple along with being young parents. After our year separation and getting to know each other again, we moved back in with Edward.

When Jacob was five and Emma was four, Edward bought us a house. It was perfect for us and we were the happiest we had ever been in our lives.

End Flashback

"Hey sis," Jasper's voice broke me from my thoughts.

"Hey Jazz."

"You doing okay now that your boy is getting married?"

"Yeah, I'll be just fine. Let's get out there."

I wrapped my arm through his and we headed out to the pews in the church. I was very happy for Jacob. He could not have chosen better than his Jennifer. She was perfect for him in every way and they loved each other deeply.

Now my daughter on the other hand…she was going to give Edward and me many, many grey hairs. She was nineteen and the girl went through boys like toilet paper.

She and I were very close and she assured me she was still a virgin…she was just playing the field until she met her mister right. Oh dear lord, I hoped he came along soon for her…because that v-card was only going to stay intact for so long.

However, today was Jacob and Jennifer's day. I would worry about my Em J another day.


I could not believe my twenty-year-old son was standing before me…about to marry the love of his life.

I knew exactly how he felt.

I felt the same way when I married his mother…both times.


"Yeah JB?"

"I am so fucking nervous right now."

He slapped his hand over his mouth. "Sorry sir."

I patted him on the back and smiled at him. "It's alright son, I know how it is. Believe me, I felt the same way. But I was also overjoyed to be marrying your mom."

"I feel that too right now. I can't wait to see Jen walking down the aisle to me. She makes me happy dad. Do you think we are being foolish? Getting married at twenty?"

"Of course not. You two love each other. You will finish out school at UW and then go off to Dartmouth together for medical school. It's your plan. Just stick to it. At least you don't have some psychotic 'so called' friend ruining your day for you," I said sadly.

I still thought about that time in our life…and then the time when Tanya took Emma from us. Things were already tense, Bella and I were already separated and then that bitch had to go and make things worse.

I would never forget the day I said those horrible things to my baby girl. They would haunt me forever. Bella forgave me a long time ago and she always told me that I needed to forgive myself.

I did not think I would ever be able to do that. No amount of therapy would heal the pain I felt for saying inexcusable things to my little angel.

I just prayed to god Em J never knew what I said to her that day. She was my baby and a true daddy's girl in every way. My life would be empty and so much less without her in it.

I was just a tired, exhausted asshole who was speaking bullshit because he was frustrated. I knew that but it was still no excuse.

Jacob and Jennifer were both going to be doctors. Dad and I were thrilled to have the family business carrying on through my son. Bella had become a published author. She wrote a book about our ordeal with James.

It helped her heal. She said it was fiction…unfortunately, we all knew that it was not. She also had written several humorous parenting books about our adventures with our children. Our easygoing son as well as our very stubborn and challenging daughter.

The last twenty years had been wonderful…even with the bad things that happened to us. They made us stronger. I knew I would get through anything as long as I had my wife and my two beautiful children…who were both now adults.

I chuckled at that thought as I remembered all the things I did with them as kids.

Pushing them on the swings.

Piggyback rides.

Chasing them around the house with "the claw."

Reading them bedtime stories every night.

Teaching them piano.

Humming their lullabies that I had written for each of them.

Singing to them at night.

Clearing the monsters out of their closet.

Taking the training wheels off their bikes.

Going to dance recitals and sporting events.

I was proud of them both. Even though, Em J felt I was not as proud of her as I was her brother.

But I was.

She was attending the community college and she was switching from major to major because she said life was too short to settle on one thing. She just could not decide…but she was our quirky, flaky, little Em J and I could not love her any less because of her uniqueness.

She was my baby girl…end of story.

One day it would be her day. One day I would have to take the long walk down this church aisle and hand my baby girl over to another man.

I felt a few traitor tears fall from my eyes at that thought. Jacob cleared his throat.

"Where did you go Dad? Tell me you're not turning into Mom right now. I can't handle two overly emotional parents at the moment."

I embraced my son and said, "No…I was thinking about how soon it will be Em J's day and I don't want to hand her over to some guy."

My son rolled his eyes at me and looked very much like his Aunt Alice in that moment. It was quite funny.

"Oh jeez dad…let the goofy girl settle down and find 'the one' first. She's all over the place right now. She's got time. Don't be marrying off our Em J just yet."

"What about me? I heard my name mentioned. You better not be talking crap about me…big brother!"

She punched JB playfully in his arm as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to him and kissed the top of her head.

God she looked like her mother.

She was so beautiful.

Our Emma Jazzmin.

Could you guess who she was named after? Her two very proud and overprotective uncles.

"What did you need sis? Did you just come in here to annoy me for old times' sake or what?"

"No stupid!" She said as she stuck her tongue out at him. "Mom sent me in here and said that you and daddy better get your asses out there SOON because Jen is ready to walk down that aisle."

"Language Em J," I told her.

"Sorry Daddy," she said sheepishly.

"Oh please. Don't be coy Em, you have more of a potty mouth than I do," JB told her.

Em J glared at her brother.

"Alright, we better get out of here and to your bride, son…before your mother sends Aunt Alice for us."

We all shuddered and then laughed.

I walked out of the room with an arm around each of my children. They were not too old to be doted on by their father. Sorry, they would never be too old for that.


The wedding was beautiful. I was currently dancing a slow dance with my boy. "I can't believe my handsome little man is twenty years old and he's married. Ugh. I'm so old."

He chuckled at me. He had his father's laugh…his father's smile…his father's hair…and his father's everything.

They both took my breath away…in different ways.

"Mom, you're not even forty-five yet! You are SO not old!"

"Well sir, you are getting an extra big Christmas present for that little suck up!"

I held him tighter to me and the tears came down fiercely once again.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm happy for you but sad at the same time."

He nodded and we hugged each other tighter.

Jennifer was dancing with her dad and Edward was dancing with Emma.

"Mom, don't take this the wrong way…I love you and all…but I really want to dance with my wife now."

"Okay, okay…you got it JB. Go leave your old mom and dance with your wife."

"Mom. Don't make me feel guilty."

"I was just teasing honey; I'm going to go cut in on your father and Em J anyway."

"That sounds good…she was eyeing up the drummer from the band and they're on a break."

"Good lord, don't tell your father that! He'll be arrested if he sees that guy looking at her wrong. You know how he gets."

"Of course, it'll be fine Mom. Don't worry so much."

"I'm your mother…that's impossible. I worry about the two of you all the time. Always have…always will."

He hugged me one last time before he went off to find his wife and whisk her away to dance the night away with him.

He definitely got his coordination from his father…thank goodness both of our kids did.

I felt warm arms wrap around my waist and I knew immediately who had me in their embrace.

"Oh Doug…I've missed you."

Edward growled.

"What the fuck was that Bella? That was not nice. I think you will have to be punished for that later Mrs. Cullen."

"Oh I hope so! I plan to hold you to that Mr. Cullen."

He spun me around and we started prancing around the dance floor like the proud parents that we were.

"Can you believe it Edward? Our boy is married…and well I guess he's not a boy anymore."

"Yes, I can believe it. I always knew we would make it and I always knew we would still be together after all this time. It doesn't surprise me that we have two amazing children…well adult children…and that they are starting lives of their own."

"You knew we would make it? Even when we were separated and discussing divorce? Even when things were so hard we never thought we'd make it back to each other."

"Of course I did. You wanna know how I knew?"


"This is going to sound crazy…but every time things were tough or scary as hell…Jake would…visit me in my dreams…and he would tell me that everything was going to be okay…because he was watching over us…and he wouldn't let anything happen to any of us."

I could not speak.

I did not know what to say to that. Of course, I believed him. I was just floored. Now I was crying once again.

"I shouldn't have said anything, love. I'm sorry. I was afraid you would think I was insane. Please don't call the men with strait jackets just yet," he chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

"Edward…I believe you…I'm crying because it's beautiful that he's been with us all this time."

He mouthed an 'o' and pulled me tighter to him.

"So you see baby…we have our very own guardian angel and everything will always be alright. Besides, we can get through anything because we are Edward and Bella."

"Bella and Edward," I countered.

"You say potato…I say potatoh," he grinned.

It did not matter because whatever it was…I knew he was right and it did not matter whose name was first.

"Always and forever baby," he purred into my ear.

"Always and forever, sexy Eddie."

"We are getting out of here, love."

He scooped me up and we said our quick goodbyes to our family. We were off to relive our youth as a couple of horny teenagers that we once were.

Oh who was I kidding…hello! Edward Cullen was my husband! We would always be those horny teenagers who could not get enough of each other.

The two teenagers who were so in love that they would not let anything tear them apart.

And we didn't.

We had made it.

We did get our happy ending after all. It was real, it was love and it was beautiful. Emma and Jacob were living proof of that.

Thanks Jake…thanks for saving us. Thanks for making this possible for us. We will never forget you and we love you greatly for your sacrifice.

I would always be grateful to him.

He allowed Edward to return to me safely that fateful day. He gave his life so my love could live.

The love of my existence. My reason for being.

My soul mate.

Together forever we were.

The End

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