The Doctor is in

(from the idea/request of Crystal Persian i wrote this story enjoy)

It was a gloomy day at the secret base. Everyone but Susan was eating breakfast when Link looked over at the empty seat that belonged to Susan.

"Hey where's Susan at?" Link asked. Bob looked over.

"Oh! well I did not see her come out of her room" he said grinning goofy. looked up at the group munching on a slipper.

"So she is sleeping in again? But...she usually is up around this time." Link looked at his friends. He then looked at .

"Hey Doc, let's you and me go check on Susan to see if she is alright." Both and Link walked up to Susan's cell. knocked on her cell door.

"My dear? Are you alright? May we come in?" There was no response. He opened the door and looked over to see Susan laying on her back in the dark. Link turned on the light. Their eyes widened as they saw Susan, she was in her normal size, her face was pale her hair was a mess and her eyes had dark circles around them, her breathing was shallow and ragged.

"Susan? Hey Susan you alright?" Link placed his webbed hand on her face."Doc...I think something is wrong with Susan she is sweaty and she is hot." The Dr. looked at him glaring, Link put his hands up in defence.

"I mean..ya know temperature hot, like she has a fever." placed a cool hand on her really warm one. He noticed that she was normal size.

"The illness must not affect her when she is sick...My dear you have a really high fever." He slid his hand to her cheek. She looked up at him with dark blue eyes.

"Mmm...I'm alright...I just have ...a...a..AHHHHCHUUUU!...A small cold" She said meekly.

"Link, get me a cool wet cloth." Link goes to find the wet cloth. Dr.C picks Susan's head up sitting behind her so her head was on his lap. She looked up at him as he pulled out a vile of light blue liquid. He opened her jaw and pored the liquid stuff down her throat.

"Mmm...taste like berry...I'm feeling better!" She smiled as she started to grow abit in his lap. Then she added, " Dr. I was going to be fine. I sometimes get colds every so often you didn't have to worry about me." Dr.C Smiled lightly placing his hand on her flushed cheek.

"My dear... I care for you far too much for you to get sick." He looked into her eyes. Seeing her getting bigger he got up laying her back on the bed. Susan smiled and she fell asleep on the bed. The Dr. soon as well fell asleep next to her. Later that night Susan woke up in her Ginormica size to feel something in her hair she pulls out a sleeping cuddling her hair. She smiled and placed her index finger on the top of his head by his entoni petting him. She whispered softly

"Thank-you Dr. you always take good care of me. But I don't know how I can ever repay you." She heard him say something in his sleep.

"Yes...there is one..thing you can do for me....Susan..." She giggled softly

"What is that Dr.? She said laughing lightly as his Antoni wrapped around her finger.

"Please..Continue rubbing my head.... I really" She smiled and Continued falling asleep with him cuddling next to her.

The End

(ok this is one of my other storys i do take requests and suggestions. i have one fmore story im making for thanks giving and im going to make some other storys of other things i want to do like anime maybe or something so enjoy and tell me what you think.)