~*You and Me*~

Sunny Funny loved a lot of things. Sunlight, hanging with her friends, music, shopping.

But most of all she loved a dog named PaRappa.

It wasn't really so much the fact that he was a great rapper, or a good looking person, but more of the fact that he was funny. And charming. A silly boy that daydreamed a lot, sometimes doodling or singing under his breath things that she just barely couldn't hear.

He was nice too, and friendly. Polite. Not overly talkative like Joe Chin, no…PaRappa would gladly sit in silence with her during a sunset in the park. Just the two of them.

PaRappa and Sunny, sitting in a tree…

Oh, that had happened before, Sunny knew. She smiled because he was smiling, trying to reach with one paw for their kite, caught hopelessly in a tree by its long tail. She remembered gasping as a branch broke, and he was caught in the tangled mess of kite, tree, and vines. She had to climb up to get him out, and somehow the sun had vanished behind the horizon as they just sat together on the sturdiest branch in the tree, the kite forgotten.

Laughing and smiling, just you and me…

Sunny would find herself drawing in the dirt sometimes at the park when PaRappa wasn't there. The little dog took up her mind completely, and she would smile wistfully and wish he was there. If Joe Chin ever decided to talk to her, she just tuned him out, but was careful to not let him see the two faces in the dirt with the heart between them.

Joe would leave at some point-she wasn't honestly paying attention-and then who else would show up but PaRappa? She would scratch the image out quickly and just smile at him, listening to every word, and follow him to play Frisbee like he wanted. Or asked her to, with those pleading puppy dog eyes. How could she say no?

There's no end that I can see…

PaRappa's car wasn't the greatest ever, but she liked it more because not only did it fit all of them, but it wasn't so overly impressive that she felt self conscious just riding in it. It wasn't an environmental hazard, it wasn't something obviously not needed, it was just the friends in a car out for a joyride for no particular reason. Like it should be.

Just PaRappa, Katy, Lammy, Ma-San, herself and the road that stretched as far as the eye could see…


Sunny was surprised as, on the park bench, she felt PaRappa's fingers intertwine with hers. Blushing, she looked at him and he smiled nervously, also red and she thought the sight was so adorable that she simply had to laugh.

He rubbed the back of his head with his free hand, then the next thing she knew she was kissing him, a delicate, brief touch on the lips before she looked down at the ground, embarrassed.

PaRappa was covering his face and blushing so hard under his creamy fur that she again started to laugh helplessly, but this time it was he that kissed her.

Together for eternity…

Sunny Funny the flower girl loved many things in this world.

Gardens, movies, dancing, singing.

But most of all she loved a dog named PaRappa the Rappa.

Made because PaRappa and Sunny Funny belong together.

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