Okay so when I'm in a bad mood, I write angsty stuff.

This story is very angsty.

I also wanted to write Dean from a different angle.


Oh and the warnings: Language, Sensuality, Sex, Violence, Dark Themes, Drugs.


Milly Bishop smiled a little and rolled her eyes as Dean Winchester walked up to her at the bar and sat down on the stool next to her. She looked at him as he looked at her and flashed that amazing smile of his, her sister, Lexi, and her best friend, Grace sitting on her other side, going quiet and listening. Milly actually seemed to get picked up a lot, but she had secrets and normally she just turned them down and went on with her life—the outcome was always something for the three to talk about later.

"I couldn't stop myself from coming over here." Dean told her, looking up at the bartender as he made his way over. "How about another drink for my lady friend?"

Milly laughed a little and looked at the bartender. "I could use another Shirley Temple, thanks Peter."

"Coming right up, Sis." He replied, smiling at his younger sister and then giving her another drink and shooting Dean a look.

"That's my older brother. You should probably avoid making him mad." Milly told Dean, and then cocked her head to one side and pushed her dark brown bangs out of her face. "Now…how many times has this pick-up of yours worked?"

Dean smirked at her. "You let me know."

"I think you have this under control, sis, so…Grace and I are heading off." Lexi told her older sister, kissing her cheek. "I'll see you at home."

"Bye, Lexi. Bye, Grace." Milly said, and then she turned her attention back to Dean as the two walked away from her. "Don't worry—there are only three of us Bishop children around here."

Dean smirked again. "So I got a last name out of you, eh?"

He leaned into whisper to her and smiled a little as she didn't pull away from him, breathing in the smell of coffee and vanilla. She was a little intoxicating to him and right then he wasn't sure if he really wanted to finish this hunt and just move on. This girl was not going to be easy, and as the hour dragged on Dean found himself actually interested in pursuing her even though she wasn't coming home with him.

"So…how do I keep in contact with you?" Dean asked her.

Milly smiled and reached for his hand. "I'll give you my number."

"Look who's coming onto who now." Dean told her and laughed when she rolled her eyes and used a pen of hers to write a number in his hand.

"Just call me and you'll see me again." Milly explained, and then she headed out of the bar and Dean watched her walk away, watching her behind as she walked away.

Dean woke up slowly that morning, a small smile on his face until he realized exactly where he was: some random motel room, in a motel bed that smelled musty and worn. He wished for a moment that the smell of coffee and vanilla was on the pillows, but soon he had pushed the thoughts away and sat up. Ironically, Dean smelled some coffee, and looked up at Sam as he came into the motel room and smiled at his brother—nothing like coffee in the morning to wake someone up.

"Morning." Dean grunted out, trying to get his eyes to adjust to his surroundings as he woke up.

Sam nodded and handed his older brother the coffee. "Morning. I let you sleep in while I researched a hunt."

"You found one?" Dean asked, sipping the hot coffee and burning his tongue.

"Yeah—it's in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas." Sam told him.

Dean did a double-take for a moment and swallowed—Butler was Milly's hometown and with the dream about her, Dean was feeling a little flustered inside. Still, he couldn't talk about her, so he wasn't about to talk to Sam about her…even though he was pretty sure he was going to run into Milly's family. There was definitely one thing that Dean knew he wasn't prepared for, and that was to deal with everyone that Milly left behind.

"Dean?" Sam asked him, wondering why his brother was spacing out.

Dean cleared his throat and smiled. "What is it that you think we're hunting?"

"I'm not sure yet, actually. I just know that there have been two unexplained deaths and they've been pretty brutal." Sam explained. "I wanna see if there's any EMF anywhere."

"Definitely a Sam kind of logical decision." Dean replied and stood up, grabbing his duffle. "I'll be ready to head out in ten."

Sam nodded and began to pack his own duffle, both Winchester boys heading out to the Impala and putting their things in it, Dean sitting in the driver's seat and taking a breath. Mostly he was playing his part to perfection thinking of this hunt like it was just another one, but as it started to sink in where he was going he started having some trouble putting the key into the ignition. When Sam said his name again, Dean just nodded and turned the engine over, getting the car out on the highway.

Dean knew he was starting to get fidgety and he didn't want Sam to ask questions, so he reached over and turned on the radio. Sam knew from that motion that Dean didn't want to talk, and so for a few hours Sam didn't ask his brother about his strange behavior, but when they stopped for gas, Sam couldn't hold the questions in, any longer. He just wanted to know what was up, and if what Dean was going through was going to compromise the hunt that they were going into.

"So who is she?" Sam asked his brother, jumping to the most logical conclusion.

Dean looked at his brother. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Yeah…you can tell me you know." Sam said, trying to look his brother in the eye even though Dean was avoiding the eye contact.

"I'm just a little antsy about the hunt. We don't know what we're going after." Dean told him with a shrug.

Sam smiled a little. "We'll figure it out when we get there."

Dean nodded and then they got back into the car, and drove all the way to Cottonwood Falls without so much as another word to each other. When they stopped at the police station, Dean took a deep breath and then he paused at the door and realized he couldn't do this—Sam had a right to know some things. He didn't want to talk about it, but it was a small town and he and Sam couldn't lie about anything…they couldn't go about this hunt like all the others.

"Sam…they know me here." Dean said finally, stopping his brother's hand as Sam reached out for the door knob.

Sam gave his brother a look. "What?"

"Milly's father is the Chief of Police." Dean explained and Sam took his hand away from the door and turned to him.

"You have some explaining to do." Sam said, and then he headed for the Impala and with one last look at the station, Dean headed there too.

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