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WARNINGS: Language, Sensuality, Sex, Violence, Dark Themes, Drugs.



Milly smiled a little when she woke up the next morning, stretching out a bit and then running her fingers through her hair. When she opened up her eyes she really expected to see Dean laying there either watching her or still sleeping, but he wasn't in the bed with her. She took a deep breath and sat up, holding the covers up around her and biting her lip as she tried to figure out where he was.

She knew that she was over-reacting, but Milly had just never woken up with Dean not there after they'd fallen asleep together—not once. It just unnerved her to finally be close to Dean and have him not want her out of his sight but for him to get up and be away from her while she was sleeping. Where had he gone? What was he doing? Why was she freaking out so much?

"Milly, you are so clingy, so stop." Milly told herself, running her fingers through her hair and then getting up to get dressed.

She really hated that she was already feeling like she was completely attached to Dean when she wasn't supposed to be. Once her clothes were gathered up, Milly got into the shower and she turned the water on, letting it run down her for a few moments, her eyes closed. She was too close to him, and all of this closeness was just going to hurt him in the end…it was already hurting her.

"How can I do this to him?" Milly asked herself sadly.

She bit her lip again and then went for her hair, shampooing and conditioning, rinsing her hair out and trying hard not to cry. She had just wanted to show herself to him and make his pain go away because she wanted him to know that she hadn't wanted him to watch her die. There were things he needed to know and yet…yet now she felt terrible because she felt like she was ruining his life—she had a second chance at life but she was going to die when this was over and how dare she do that to him again?

"Cas was right." Milly said as she got out of the shower, wrapping the towel around herself. "Oh God, Dean, I'm so sorry I'm such a terrible human being. What the Hell have I done to you?"

Milly wiped a couple of tears away and then she fluffed her wet hair a little, dried off, and got dressed. Then she dried her hair, brushed it, and pinned some of her hair back, pushing her bangs out of her face and heading out of the bedroom, Dean coming into the motel room. He'd left to get them breakfast and had hoped to be back before she had woken up, but he hadn't made it and now she looked upset.

Dean didn't like that she looked so down in the dumps and he didn't like it even more when he took a couple of steps towards her after putting the bags down and she took a couple steps back. Milly bit her lip when Dean frowned at her and then she found herself verbally vomiting all over him. She hadn't wanted to, but she really had to get everything off of her chest and she hoped he'd be receptive to all of what she had to say.

"I shouldn't have showed up here again, Dean. I wanted to spare you pain, but I acted first and when I woke up without you here I freaked out." Milly explained to him and shook her head, continuing as he opened up his mouth to counter her words. "I shouldn't have freaked out because I'm being too clingy but freaking out gave me a chance to think and I'm a terrible person. I didn't tell you I had cancer, I died on you, I made you a ridiculous DVD that just hurt you more, I showed myself, and now I'm going to die on you again! Why do you even tolerate me?!"

Dean hurried to her and took her hands when she held them up to stop him, pulling her to him and smiling at her. He reached out and stroked her hair, nodding when she looked up at him and sighed, wishing she'd stop trying to pull away from him. He loved her more than he'd ever loved anyone and he just wanted her to be with him—just wanted her to stay by him and stop apologizing.

He'd honestly already forgiven her, and he knew that she felt bad about what she did, but it was only because she loved him. Also, Dean was touched by the fact that she'd freaked when he hadn't been there when she had woken up, but he also felt bad about not being there so she had freaked out. Milly bit her lip as Dean leaned down and she stepped closer to him, closing her eyes and just nodding slowly as he cupped her face and ran his thumb along her bottom lip.

"I 'tolerate' you, Mill, because I love you." Dean told her.

Milly opened her eyes. "Why, Dean? Haven't I hurt you enough already?"

"Why do you keep trying to push me away?" Dean asked her, stroking her hair. "I was already feeling bad enough about being away from you this morning, but now I'm feeling even worse—it gave you time to pin everything on yourself, Mill. I just went to get us breakfast. I mean come on, Mill—you're giving up your second chance to be a vessel for an archangel to save the world! Stop living in the past, please!"

"I just…I really wanted to wake up and have you there and I'm a little frazzled…I'm sorry." Milly told him.

Dean nodded and kissed her, smiling into the kiss as she kissed him back. She was still feeling pretty bad about the fact that she was going to die again and leave him alone, but Dean wasn't going to let that happen. She had been taken from him once, and even if he was going to let her have Michael in her because that was what she wanted, Dean was not going to let Milly being taken from him again—no matter what, Milly was going to live…because Dean loved her.

John smiled at his son and then tried to figure out what it was that had Dean so down in the dumps. They were on a hunt together and since Sam was off at Stanford, they didn't have Sam with them, but Dean had never been so don in the dumps about that before. There was something else going on…there was something else going on and John had a feeling that he knew exactly that look on Dean's face—Dean was in love.

"So you really like this Milly Bishop, don't you?" John asked him.

Dean looked up at his father. "What? Why would you say that?"

"I don't know…maybe I just know that face—I had it with your mother." John admitted and smiled a little and nodded when Dean smiled a bit. "So it's more than 'like' then? It's 'love'?"

"I…I…yeah." Dean admitted with a sigh. "I know I need to be focusing on this—and I am—but at the same time, I'm also missing her, I think."

John nodded and then smiled when Dean's whole face lit up when his phone went off and though he wanted to scold his son because they were on a hunt, he nodded in approval when Dean mentioned that Milly had found them some more research for them. Dean really trusted and loved this girl and John was going to be supportive—after all she was helping them on their hunt. Besides…Dean looked happy every time he talked about her, and John really didn't want to take that away from him.

Dean spooned Milly on the couch and held her close to him after they'd had breakfast to make up for her waking up and him not being there. He liked just being able to hold her, and he smelled her hair and stroked her arms as Sam came into the motel room, followed closely by Bobby. Dean and Milly both sat up just enough to see the two, giving them a small wave, Bobby smiling at them.

"I'm Bobby—I take it you're Milly?" Bobby asked her.

Milly beamed at him. "Yes, I am—I've heard quite a lot about you, Bobby. You're Dean's second father. He really looks up to you and loves you."

"Milly." Dean told her with a laugh, trying to get over the caring and sharing she was doing on his behalf as Bobby looked at him with a smile and started to wheel himself over.

"Just because you can't say it out loud, doesn't mean that I can't." Milly replied with a shrug, and then sat up completely and looked up at Sam. "Since we have to get out of Cottonwood Falls today, I figure that we should head out as soon as possible—I have a house we can head to."

Sam nodded slowly. "Yeah, about that…Grace had a talk with your brother and he's letting us stay…and I have a date with her tonight."

Milly's jaw dropped and then she smiled brightly—she was glad that Grace had a date and she liked Sam, so that worked with her too. If the two of them were happy then she was happy for them, but they had to get out of Cottonwood Falls. Milly's presence there was definitely overdue, and she needed to get her act together and leave the place again…leave her family again.

"I'm glad that you have a date with Grace tonight, Sam, but I have to get out of town. I have a house right out of town, so you can just drive back to be with her." Milly explained to him. "Dean and I are already packed up, and I think we should head out now."

Bobby nodded at her. "I say we listen to Milly."

Sam nodded as Dean agreed with Bobby, all of them heading thirty minutes out of town and to a quaint little house. Dean suddenly felt some pangs in his stomach and realized that he wasn't sure exactly what he was feeling, but he was pretty sure…he wanted this and he wanted this with Milly. How could he though? They were in the middle of the apocalypse, and at any time, Michael could come back and be in Milly for good until the end…how was he going to deal with that?

"You have a very nice home, Milly." Bobby told her, smiling at her as Dean stroked her hair.

Neither Sam, Dean, nor Bobby had really been feeling very good lately—not after the loss of Ellen and Jo. They just wanted this war to be over with, and Milly couldn't blame them because she wanted it over with too. So Bobby was glad to see that Dean had a girl to love that loved him back, and he felt bad for Dean at the same time—Milly was doing what the angels wanted Dean to do…this Dean/Michael/Milly situation was definitely far from over.

"There are two guest rooms and Dean can sleep with me, so let's go ahead and get settled in. There are few things I need to do, so make yourselves at home and I'll be back soon." Milly explained.

Dean looked at her. "Wait…what?"

"It's okay…I promise that I will explain soon." Milly told him, kissing him softly and then pulling back and smiling a little at his pout, telling him she loved him and then laughing when he swatted her butt when she turned around to show off for Bobby and Sam. "Well how romantic, Winchester."

Dean smiled at her as she walked away after handing him the key, and he, Bobby and Sam went into the house and started to make themselves at home. Actually at first Dean had half the mind to follow Milly and figure out what it was that she was doing, but he trusted her and he had to show her that. So instead he looked over some hunt findings of Bobby's, and they were so busy with it that they didn't hear Milly come in and start to cook in the kitchen.

The only thing that caught the boys' attention was the smell of something sweet and amazing, and so they went into the kitchen and Dean found himself groaning happily. He had forgotten that Milly could cook, and Bobby and Sam exchanged looks and watched Dean's face as his eyes lit up. Dean walked over to her and put his hands on her hips, her back to his front, and leaned over as she stirred a pan on the stove.

"It smells like cookies." Dean told her.

Milly giggled and shook her head. "It's not cookies—it's just chocolate, peanut butter, and a dash of vanilla. Then I'm going to coat some rice and corn Chex, then put it all in a container with some powdered sugar, shake it all up and BAM! Muddy Buddies."

"Sounds good." Dean said, and then smirked when Milly dipped her finger into the melted chocolate.

"Does this taste good?" Milly asked him, holding her finger up to his mouth while still stirring the mixture.

Dean didn't even remember that Sam and Bobby were still watching, and put this mouth over her finger, sucking the chocolate/peanut butter mixture off of her finger, turning to Sam and Bobby when they laughed and whistled. Milly laughed a little too and then took the sauce pan off of the stove, going about doing what she had said she was going to do while Dean blushed a little. Then she let them try what she'd made and bit her lip, taking Dean by the hand and dragging him out of the room after they all told her that the Muddy Buddies were fantastic.

"I love you." Milly assured him, kissing him, running her fingers through his hair.

Dean stroked her hair too. "I love you too, Mill…where is this coming from?"

"Dean…it's time." Milly replied slowly.

Dean wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but then he watched as she glowed white, swallowing because she was no longer Milly Penelope Bishop…she was Michael the archangel. This time, Michael wasn't trying to see where Dean was with her either—Michael wanted to take out Lucifer and stop the apocalypse. Dean had had Milly, and now…now he didn't have her anymore…all he had was Michael in Milly's flesh and it was breaking his heart…

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