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There's no privacy. Not here, with the other presence pressing in on him.

Difficult, after getting used to having thoughts separate from inquiry. But there's no backing down and no turning away now. None of the options are desirable. There's nothing to do, so the lesser angel squares his shoulders and braces himself for the worst. He doesn't expect the slow ripple of amusement, tempered with something that feels strangely like respect.

"I'm not a thing to be bargained with."

"I didn't suggest that you were. You're... fascinating."

There's no way to tell what things that come out of his mouth are true. The connection doesn't go two ways. Castiel isn't strong enough to look into the other's heart, not removed as he is from the Host. Truth may drip from this creature's lips as easily as lies and he would never know, feeling only what Lucifer wanted him to feel. Right now, all he feels is that strange combination. Amusement and respect, a continuing stream that sings and sizzles through his core.

There's no mocking, and that is what has him on guard.

"You don't trust me."

"No, I don't."

"I can't say I'm surprised. That's very wise, little brother."

The smile is all too human, echoed in a tiny wave of emotion that dances through the air like a slow waltz. Castiel closes his eyes and watches the colour swirl between them. Uneven give and take. He had expected to be dead already.

"No, I'll never kill you."

"Not while you need me."

"I do need you."

"I will never come to you."

Castiel still has his eyes closed, open defiance of the real and physical threat posed to him just by Lucifer's very presence. Defiance is all he can really offer. He's not fast enough, not strong enough to give anything else. The world behind his eyes is awash in blues. Warm, golden tones brush against his consciousness, wrapping around him from the inside out. It pushes the blues away, paints his world in different shades, and disappears like the warmth from an embrace.

He opens his eyes to an empty room. Baffled, lost again. Alone and private, with thoughts that are just his own.

The gold lingers on the inside of his eyelids.