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"Nope. Nada, nothing I can do." Azumuth stated, shacking his tiny head,

"But!" Tena complained, she collapsed to her knees in a last desperate attempt for help.

Azumuth turned to her and folded his hands behind his back, "The Omnitrix I designed is long gone. Think of it as, well a living weapon. A weapon that had the ability to grow and adapt depending on the user's ability. I knew the green one was basically an upgraded version on my own, but this one perplexes even me. Its so advanced it has over ten thousand aliens at your disposal, ignoring all the ten minute time limits, and the default sets of ten."

"But how do I use it?" Tena begged,

Azumuth shrugged, "That is for you to find out."

Tena's jaw dropped, she hung her head. Kevin walked up in front of her, "And how does 'she' become a 'he' again? Do we wait for the baby to be born?"

Azumuth shrugged, "I may be the creator of the Omnitrix, but there are several thing about it that not even I know. Like I told you, it is a living weapon, free to grow and change at will. But I believe that this may just be a 'form' the Omnitrix is using to keep your body healthy."

Tena remembered the pain and shuddered.

Azumuth went on, "And thus, this is a form and that is why you cannot use the Omnitrix."

"So you believe me that I'm the real Ben?" Tena smiled,

"Don't insult me!" He snapped, turning away from them, "I know my work when I see it."

Tena smiled and looked over at Kevin. He looked down at her with an 'I-told-you-so' smirk. He helped her back to her feet before turning back to Azumuth, "Thanks for your help. Or should I say lack of help?"

Azumuth smiled, "Your on your own children. Don't squander your time."

Kevin led Tena from Azumuth's cave. She looked over her shoulder as the tiny Galvan disappeared into the darkness. She sighed and looked ahead as Ana's ship came into view. The girl was leaning against the side of the ship, she looked up at them as they approached with a smile.

"Ready?" She asked,

"Thank you Ana." Kevin smiled, he jumped up onto the ramp, and helped pull Tena up behind him. Ana waited till the two of them were aboard before climbing up as well.

"For what?" She grinned, "You paying me back? Now hurry up, we've got to be in New York by the end of the month."

"Your taking us to New York?" Kevin asked,

"I think its good to visit family, don't you think?" Ana replied, she looked at them slyly, "But we have to blend in better."

"Eh?" Tena asked, slowly setting herself down on a chair,

"They will be looking for the two of you. Plus, Dana Lyn is still on the loose. I heard a rumor she's in the region." Ana closed the door and removed the ID Mask, Ravin appeared from beneath it, "The world knows Ana, but no one knows Ravin."

"Gwen does." Kevin replied,

"Yes, but as Ravin, I look like an ordinary girl. Nine-hundred-thousand of a million." She explained, playing with a lock of her long black hair, "Tena is fine as she is, but you Kevin, the entire Underground knows you. We already have the Mustang to get around in without being worried about being spotted, but if the Underground finds out about you, so will Max Tennyson."

"What do you want me to do?" Kevin replied.

The most evil, dark, and creepy smile Tena had ever seen crept across Ana's face, "Just wait until I get this baby into the air…then we'll change your image."

~ * ~

Tena screamed against the pain as it spread through her body. It was like that pain back on Demetrious, when she was still a he, and he felt like someone was ripping apart his penis. A blond Kevin held tightly onto her hand as the nurse came back into the room.

"I'm sorry sir, you're not supposed to be in here." She said, a little too cheery for Tena's liking, "Or are you the father?"

"YES! Whatever!" Tena shouted, she grabbed Kevin's shirt, pulling him down so his face was inches from hers, "DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME!"

"Ok!" Kevin gasped, pulling himself away from her, keeping her hand tightly within his own. He looked over at Ana who sat holding Tena's other hand, she shrugged and grinned darkly.

Ana's disguises had worked. They had lasted this long hiding within New York. They even spotted Grandpa Max and crew, but they did not give them a second glance. Ana had brought them back to Kevin and hers childhood home. It had been long abandoned, but it was a safe place to hide. Still, Owen had no problem escaping by phasing through the chains and tracking them down. Tena was almost glad that he found it so easy to track her down.

Though Kevin had protested extremely having his hair bleached, he had to admit, even Gwen would never expect this. They had gone unnoticed by everyone for a long time, playing mother, father, and daughter. Ana could easily pull off a young teenager, and it only took a little make up to make Kevin and Tena look older. She had forbid ID Masks, because Dana Lyn could sense them. She only used one because it pissed Dana Lyn off, as well as hid the fact that she was human.

Tena screamed as she felt something begin to squeeze out of her loins. She tightened her grip on Kevin's hand, "Get out of me!"

Finally, with what felt like ever, the nurse held up a bloody, blue baby. She held it up for Tena to see, then carried her off to get cleaned up. Tena felt her heart stop as the nurse placed the beautiful perfect baby girl in his arms. She had a small tuff of hair on her head, and beautiful green eyes looking up at Tena. She couldn't find any words to say.

"Hey there Gwyneth." Kevin said softly, grabbing her little hand, the baby made no sound. It did not cry like most babies when they were born.

"Congratulations!" The doctor said, walking over to the bedside, "How are you feeling Mrs. Sonne?"

Mrs.? Oh right, she had accidentally said that Kevin was the father just to keep him in the room. She rolled her eyes, and the doctor laughed.

"Right, get some rest." He nodded, "I'll put the baby in an incubator."

Tena almost felt her heart break as the nurse took her baby away. Kevin smiled, "So, was all that worth it?"

Tena couldn't help but smile back, "It is now."

~ * ~


~ * ~

"Step on it Kevin!" Tena shouted, holding onto a crying baby,

"I'm going as fast as it'll allow me to go!" Kevin cursed, keeping the gas pedal on the floor.

It was nearly a day after Ana send word that the Plumbers now pulled out the Vulpimancers to track them down. There was nothing they could do, you cannot hide from Vulpimancers, and Tena knew that well. She had had her fair share of tracking things down when she could turn into the Vulpimancer, Wild Mutt.

But the Omnitrix still did not work. And she was still stuck as a girl. She had no idea how to switch back, or even how to use the new Omnitrix, all she knew that the last year she had no time to learn. She had been too busy changing diapers and coddling a clingy baby.

Ana had gone back to work. She found a new partner and was long gone. She was not there to help them. All they had was Kevin, his hair now back to black, Tena, Owen, and the baby Gwyneth. There was no way they could fight off the plumbers…

And then it happened. Something hit the wheel of the Mustang, and it spun out of control. Kevin slammed on the breaks to skid the car to a stop. Gwyneth's screams sounded loudly through the car. Kevin jumped up and looked at whatever fired at them. The Rustbucket soured their way.

Kevin placed his hand on the red paint coated vehicle and let the red metal coat his body. Owen was out seconds later, standing next to Kevin, ready to fight. The Rustbucket stopped in front of them, and Max Tennyson and his crew stepped out. Including Julie and Ship, it was nine against three, and Tena could not fight, so technically, nine against two. Immediately Kevin knew the outcome of this battle.

"Kevin." Gwen said softly, stepping forward, "Please, be reasonable."

"I am being reasonable!" Kevin snapped, "Stop letting that impostor blind you!"

"I'm not the impostor!" Ben replied, "She is!"

"I have no reason to impersonate you!" Tena cried, holding onto Gwyneth tightly,

"Enough." Grandpa Max stated, "Give up now, and no one get's hurt."

"Fat chance Grandpa!" Manny laughed, charging at the Mustang.

Kevin grinned and lashed out at Manny, hitting the alien as hard as he could. Gwen immediately shot beams of energy at them, which Owen stepped forward to block with his ice. Helen burst forward, aiming straight for Tena. Owen growled and quickly launched some ice at her. She gasped and slid, crashing into the side of a rock face. Cooper pulled out a grenade launcher, but instead of grenades, it launched some sort of strange circular disk. Tena quickly pulled out a laser gun from under the seat and shot at them before they could reach Owen or Kevin.

Allen charged at Owen, sending fireballs at the boy. Owen grinned and dodged them easily. He shot ice back at the Pyronite. Gwen turned and charged at Kevin. She sent two beams of purple light at him, but he caught them.

"You don't have to do this." Gwen gasped as she struggled to keep her ground,

"Yes I do!" Kevin snapped, "At least until you stop letting that impostor fool you."

"You're the one being fooled!" Gwen shouted.

Kevin was about to respond when he heard Tena scream. He turned around in a panic, momentarily forgetting about Gwen. Using this too her advantage, she wrapped her beams around the Aufnehman and threw him away, letting him land several feet away. Kevin gasped as the wind was knocked out of him, but did not give himself time to regain it. He forced himself up, as he saw Jet Ray land on the Mustang. He turned back into Ben, pulling the baby away from Tena. Gwen gasped and ran over, scooping up Gwyneth from him.

"Leave her alone!" Tena screamed.

Ben did not answer. He turned into Humongousaur, picking her up by the front of the shirt.

"Tena!" Kevin shouted,

"Dad!" Owen gasped.

Owen turned around and launched a beam of ice at Humongousaur. Humongousaur easily swatted the ice away, as Allen launched fire into Owen's back. Owen screamed and collapsed forward. Tena struggled against Humongousaur 's grip. The alien just smiled and threw Tena. She screamed as she soared through the air, landing with a thud a few feet away.

"Tena!" Kevin screamed, he ran at Humongousaur , but all the giant dino had to do was flick its oversized tail, and Kevin went flying.

Tena climbed to her feet, she looked down at her Omnitrix, but it was till non-operational. Humongousaur quickly changed into Swamp Fire. Tena rolled out of the way as he launched a fireball at her. Swamp Fire walked towards her, raising his hand to attack. Tena quickly raised the Laser gun and shot at Swamp Fire. She knew it would do no damage, but she had to try. Swamp Fire laughed and charged at Tena, she gasped and jumped aside just in time.

Kevin was there within seconds. He punched at Swamp Fire, his fist going through the alien. "Isn't this ironic?" He smiled, "Wasn't this how we got reacquainted?"

"I should have known back then that you would be nothing but trouble!" Swamp Fire hissed,

"No." Kevin shook his head, removing his fist and punching Swamp Fire in the face, "Because your not Ben!"

Swamp Fire blasted Kevin in the chest with a fire ball. Kevin screamed as the metal was melted away, and he was blasted back once again.

"KEVIN!" Tena shouted, she grabbed her laser gun and charged at Ben. But the Omnitrix bearer was faster, before Tena could process it, she stopped. She looked down at her chest, where a large crystal punctured.

She coughed, blood spewing from her mouth as she did, and fell to her knees as Diamond Head turned back into Ben. He smiled as he pulled the crystal from her chest, "Without you, now I am the real Ben. The one and only."

Tena's eyes widened as numbness overtook her body.

"Tena!" Kevin had never felt so terrified in his life. Ignoring the burns, and a large bleeding gash on his chin, he charged at Ben, pushing him roughly away. But before he could reach Tena, Cooper shot him with one of those disks, it electrocuted him on the spot. Kevin screamed and fell to the ground, stunned for a few seconds, he crawled towards Tena.

She looked up at him with dulling eyes. Kevin felt his breath stop in his chest, he held onto her shoulders as blood came from her mouth.

"Tena no…" Kevin whispered, breaking out into tears,

"G-Gwyneth?" She whispered,

"I'll get her…" Kevin nodded, "Just you wait, I'll go get her! You stay here!"

Tena nodded and wrapped her arms weakly around Kevin's neck. He held her gently, feeling her sob into his neck. He broke down into hysterics, cradling her as he felt her life slip away, and her body become limp in his arms. He screamed in agony and laid her down on the ground, pushing her bloody hair from her face. Her green eyes were still slightly open, void of all life. Kevin sobbed and gently closed them as he stood up.

"Bastards!" He shouted, he turned around, Allen had Owen lying on the ground, the boy was curled up in a ball against the fire. He turned and looked at Gwen, who held the sobbing Gwyneth gently in her arms.

"GIVE HER BACK!" Kevin shouted, he charged at Gwen, and she screamed and stepped back.

Ben quickly turned into Jet Ray and launched a beam right into Kevin's back. He screamed and fell to the ground. But he refused to stay there for long. He jumped back to his feet and continued to run towards Gwen.

The baby screamed, reaching out her tiny arms towards him. He reached out towards her, reaching for her tiny hand, then felt something pulling at him. He turned around and saw Grandpa Max, holding a Null Void Projector.

Kevin's eyes widened. He turned around to face Gwen, "I'll never forgive you!"

Gwen lowered her eyes as Kevin's feet left the ground, being sucked into the Null Void.

"I'll get you back! I'll get you all back for this!" The bitterness in his voice cut Gwen like a knife. "I'll get my revenge on you, Ben!"

Grandpa Max closed the Null Void projector, "Good riddance." He looked up at Gwen as she stood there shaking, holding the sobbing baby, "Are you alright?"

She cried out and fell to her knees as large tears fell from her face.

Owen slowly rose to his feet while Allen's eyes were distracted, as soon as he was on his feet, he took off running, he scooped up Tena's lifeless body and fled. Allen turned to follow him, but Grandpa Max shook his head, "Let the boy go."

Ben hurried over to Gwen, "I'm sorry Gwen. I know you did not want them to get hurt…I didn't mean to hurt them."

Gwen shook her head, "I know…its alright. You did not mean to hurt them."

Ben smiled, "Of course."

"So, what are you going to do with Tena's kid?" Cooper asked,

"I guess she was my impostor, so I should take the kid?" Ben offered,

"Are you sure?" Gwen asked,

Ben nodded, "it's the least I could do."

Gwen sighed and slowly handed the baby to Ben.

It continued to scream as loud as it could within Ben's arms. He turned towards Grandpa Max, "Come on, let's go."

~ * ~

Owen collapsed behind a rock face, he gently laid Tena on the ground and cried, he curled up against the cold rocks and cried.

~ * ~

Kevin floated within the Null Void, the hatred and anger growing within him as he wiped his bloody chin with his sleeve. An Alien came towards him, and he angrily lashed out at it, absorbing its powers…

…the next time he saw Tennyson, he was going to kill him…


Yeah, so that's it. I guess it will be one of those 'So this is why Kevin is evil and hates Ben again' stories…just think about all that pent up rage he built up in the Null Void?

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Twenty years is a long time to be holding a grudge. As Devlin found out when Kevin escaped the Null Void for his revenge. Without his adopted father or Kenny to rely on, how is he going to save the world? Future Ben 10, Rated M