It All Ends

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone who was following this story for not updating in a while. Life's been keeping me busy and thus I haven't been finding the time to update the stories which I had started which great enthusiasm here on .

I won't be able to complete this story or my other WIP 'Moving On'.

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As for this story, I had planned so long and hard for it, and time constraints have lead to such a cruel ending. However, as there is a lot of suspense in the story as of now, I don't want to leave the readers hanging. Thus, what will follow is a shortened account of what was to come. If you feel like reading it, please do.

Just to make it clear, this is a very very rough draft. So don't blame me if you don't like it.

Here goes nothing:

Harry and Tracey kiss in their first patrol session. They end up in a broom cupboard in one of the subsequent sessions and are caught in the act by Daphne and Hermione, who are both patrolling the corridors at the same time. Both girls are excited for the pair and Harry also asks Tracey out for Hogsmeade.

Who was the girl who overheard Daphne and Tracey's conversation? That would be Astoria. She later confronts Daphne and it's revealed that Daphne has a long standing crush on Harry. However, Daphne convinces Astoria that she is happy for Tracey.

Neville makes the quidditch team as Keeper, thus beating Ron in the process. Ron is naturally pissed but can't do anything about it. The Weasley's are generally ignored in this story.

Life goes on at Hogwarts, and Albus Dumbledore is declared as missing. The Ministry sends out search parties but to no avail. Harry is flummoxed at the sudden disappearance of his former Headmaster but he decides to leave it in the hands of the Ministry, after being advised by Sirius.

Meanwhile, the mystery couple are always in the background and they have managed to procure the Horcruxes memory from Slughorn. They're destroying Horcruxes as Harry continues his school year. They manage to destroy all of them except the one in Harry's head and Nagini before Christmas.

Just before Christmas, Theodore Nott attacks Tracey in an abandoned corridor. However, Neville and Lisa are walking nearby and they hear Tracey's shrieks. They save her easily and then Neville follows Nott as he runs off to the Forest, and is soon followed by Lisa. After a while, Tracey manages to gather the others and they enter the forest only to find a sobbing Lisa – and to their shock, the dead body of their friend Neville Longbottom. Lisa explains how Nott used the Death Curse on Neville before fleeing. She curses herself for not being able to help. The friends manage to calm her down.

This is obviously followed by Neville's funeral, and a massive search for Nott, who is not to be found.

Christmas arrives and the friend's are still mourning Neville's death. They decide to spend Christmas at Hogwarts itself in the memory of their friend.

Meanwhile, there are regular attacks on Death Eater families during the Christmas period. They all try their best to hide, but they are unable to do so. By the end of the festive period, all the rumoured Death Eater families have been wiped out.

Term begins again and students return. The Slytherin table is almost empty as a result of the attacks. However, life goes on as normally as it could for Harry and his friends.

However, tragedy strikes again soon as Tracey is kidnapped. Harry finds a not addressed to him to come to the Dept of Mysteries if he wants to see Tracey alive. On the way there, he finds Lisa at the Hogwarts door and she asks him what's wrong. Harry tells her, and she insists on accompanying him as she wants to help. Harry disagrees with her but finally relents.

But of them use Harry's firebolt to get to the Ministry of Magic and subsequently to the Department of Mysteries. Soon Harry finds Tracey tied to a pillar with magical bonds. He rushed to free her as she shouts, "Harry NO, its a trap!"

From behind Harry, a voice shouts "Avada Kedavra" and to his horror the curse hits Tracey square in the chest, and she moves on to the next great adventure.

Harry is stunned and he turns back to find Lisa Turpin holding the wand which fired the death curse. In a fit of rage, Harry leaps for her only to be stopped and bound in mid-air as another person enters the room – none other than Neville Longbottom.

Harry is shocked to see his friend alive and after a few taunts Neville begins his tale...

Neville tells the tale of how Dumbledore was disappointed after the 2nd task in the Triwizard Tournament about Harry's actions. He's pinned Harry as too noble and thus unable of being his pawn as he strived for magical world domination. Thus he'd called Neville to his office and released his magical core. However, Neville's core had proven to be too strong for Dumbledore and Neville managed to subdue him and perform Legilimency on him.

Dumbledore's memories showed two boys being born with extraordinary power. However, Dumbledore wanted no one to be as powerful as himself and thus he had bound both their magical cores. He had been under the assumption that he would be able to control Neville, but he wasn't.

Neville walked out of Dumbledore's office with his magical core restored and spent the next few days learning how to control and use his power. He sought help from his oldest friend, Lisa to do the same.

Neville's thought soon started to shift to world domination and he knew that for that to happen he's have to get rid of Voldemort and Harry Potter.

Thus, he, with Lisa's help had managed to destroy all of Voldemort's Horcruxes. He had faked his death so that he could find the time to destroy the Death Eaters and their families during the Christmas period. He had then managed to destroy Voldemort himself, thus sealing his destiny (according to him) as the Boy Who Conquered.

He then uses the Killing Curse on Harry and throws him through the Veil.

Neville returns to the Wizarding World and claims that Voldemort had captured him and not killed him. He refuses to reveal why he had been taken as a prisoner. He tells the story of how Harry Potter died in battle and Neville later managed to kill the Dark Lord himself.

Neville wins the trust of the Wizarding World and becomes their here. He thinks to himself "The good guy doesn't always win!"

Just as the story is about to end, there's a scene in which a young man opens his eyes.

The last line of this story is a young female saying, "Welcome back, Harry."

There was a sequel planned for this as well. It was to be titled "Revenge of the Fallen"

In this sequel, its revealed that Harry is inside the veil and he is talking to Tracey at Kings Cross. She gives him the option to move on with her or go back and save the others.

He gets tempted into moving on but Tracey convinces him to save the others. Tracey tells him that he will exit the veil but it will be at an uncertain time in the future and at an uncertain place. She also tells him that his magical core will be as powerful as Neville's.

When Harry exits the veil, he finds himself 5 years in the future. Neville Longbottom has taken over the Wizarding World. He believes in power and has invented a device with which a wizard/witch's power will be measured. All those below power are treated like Muggles.

He somehow manages to make his way to Black Island and there he finds the people who oppose Neville. To his surprise there are only 8 of them. Sirius is alive and married to Leslie Bones (Susan's mother). Remus and Tonks are alive and together. The other 4 are Susan, Justine, Daphne and Hermione.

The 8 of them are ecstatic to see Harry and stories are exchanged. It is soon established that Susan and Justine are a couple.

However, what surprises Harry the most is that Daphne and Hermione are together as well. Obviously, they go on to include Harry as the story progresses and Harry ends up with both Hermione and Daphne by his side.

The 8 of them manage to defeat Neville's Power Army and we end with our happily ever after.

The End

Note: I know a lot of you would want to abuse me right now, but this is the best I could do. Hope you liked the short story at least. It's been a pleasure writing for you.

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