title taken from death cab for cutie's, 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark.' if you have never heard it, i suggest you find it & listen. it's a sad song, but it's beautiful.

disclaimer: this fic contains character death. if you don't have the stomach for that, i suggest you turn away now.

pairing: matt hardy & cm punk aka some really cute name I'm trying to think of. (while i originally despised this pairing, it has slowly been growing on me. :) )

Matt sat on the patio as he watched he watched his lover, his Phil, do back flips across the beach. They had finally moved in together about a few months ago; Phil having moved from his Chicago condo to Matt's beach front home in North Carolina. Matt was loving every single minute of it. He adored Phil; more than he could ever actually tell him. But he always made it a point to make Phil aware that he was loved.

He smiled as he watched Phil's jet black hair flutter in the wind, & the child-like smile that laced his face. He couldn't help but feel proud that Phil was his. Phil had many suitors since he'd joined the WWE, but of every other superstar on the roster, he was chosen. It made the elder Hardy boy feel a bit enamored at the jealousy that seemed to get thrown his way each time he & Phil walked into a room. Even Matt had to admit to himself that he liked making the others crawl just a little.

"Matty!" Phil shouted waving his hand in front of Matt's face.

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry baby. I was just thinking," was Matt's response as he was taken out of his daze.

"Well, you were definitely in la la land there buddy," Phil giggled as he straddled his boyfriend's lap.

"Mmm, so you came over here to bring me back to reality, baby?" Matt asked as he slid his hands into Phil's shorts cupping his firm ass.

"Mmm hmm..." was the only answer he received from Phil as he felt Matt's finger slide into him.

Matt continued to poke inside of Phil, sliding in two more fingers for added pleasure. He used his free hand to pull Phil's face down to his, kissing him sweetly. Phil kissed back with equal passion & was soon sent over the edge as his orgasm milked into his pants. He whined softly as he felt Matt's fingers slide from him, but knew that Matt wasn't done with him as soon as he was lifted into the elder man's arms & carried upstairs.

Matt laid Phil on the bed & shed him of his soiled shorts. Using a warm cloth he cleaned the remains of his pleasure from his skin, kissing the area softly afterwards. Phil giggled softly at the tickling sensation, blushing red when Matt winked at him before taking his love into his mouth. Phil entwined his fingers into Matt's silky black curls as he lifted his hips, urging Matt to take all of him in. Matt did just that as he sucked the hardened organ harder.

Phil moaned softly as he rocked his hips to match Matt's suction. He cried out as he came for a second time, spilling his essence down Matt's waiting throat. Matt stroked lightly at Phil's thighs as he watched his honey come down from cloud nine. Climbing over top of him, he smiled down into the lust, & love, filled gaze of his man, Phil Brooks.

Phil was something else to Matt. He wasn't like any other guy he'd ever dated. Even his brother, Jeff, had said the same thing. Phil was like a rare Van Gogh, ... a masterpiece. Not once did he ever feel the need to worry about whether Phil was being true to him. He never feared that the straight-edge vixen might have someone else as well as himself. No, he didn't have to worry about such petty things with Phil. Phil was special. He told Matt everything; even about all of the rude comments other superstars made in reference to their relationship. He'd even told Matt about the time Nick & the members of the Hart Dynasty cornered him at a Smackdown taping; attempting to coax him into a foursome. That pissed Matt off. But he was quickly reassured when Phil made it perfectly clear that he wanted no parts of them, only him.

Phil had a way of just making his day better. That man's smile could not only light up a room, but it was so contagious that when he smiled; everyone around him did the same. Phil's disposition was always content, & that emotion spread through Matt so hard that he rarely ever found himself in a foul mood. As he leaned down to kiss his lover's lips, he couldn't imagine himself living without the love of his life. But knew that soon the time would come where he wouldn't have a choice. ...