Hey, here I make another story of Dean and Sam. It's little bit different with other stories, as I set them on year 1700, cause I just love the medieval story when the slave and master still existed.

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Pain and Loyalty

Chapter 1

Dean woke instantly from his brief slumber. The tiredness and soreness of his body never allowed him to sleep well, not to mention the floor where he slept every night without any linen, was cold and hard. He got up and looked up at the large, luxurious wooden bed where his young master slept peacefully, just right beside him. The little sleeping figure was curled into a ball, covered with a wool blanket that made it appear even smaller. His 12-year-old master's body hadn't grown much and still looked like that of a 9-year-old's body, but Dean was sure he would be grown up to be strong considering the large build of his father's body: Lord Jonathan Winchester.

Dean sighed with relieved smile. He couldn't explain how he loved and adored his Young Master Samuel Winchester. So innocent and pure, with his blond hair and his cute and warm face. Not mention two cute dimples that appeared when he smiled. Dean always wished Master Samuel was his little brother, but Dean knew his place as a slave. Being assigned as the young master's personal slave and letting him sleep in the big room had been enough for Dean. Dean had been Samuel's personal slave since the boy was 8 years old, Dean only being 12 at the time. Yes, too young to be a personal slave, but Lord Winchester had given him the assignment, and no one could say otherwise. Samuel actually had his own maid- Rosa, but Lord Master suddenly cut the assignment and passed it to Dean. Lord Master then decided to cut Dean's manhood as a precaution, so nothing bad happened to his baby boy. Since then, Dean cared for the young master, tended his every need, and would do anything for him. It made Dean slightly proud to see the little master growing up in his hands, without a mother. Lady Mary Winchester died when Master Samuel was 6th months old, and since then Master Samuel had lived with a lack of love and attention. There's no question Lord Winchester loved his baby boy, but after the horrible tragedy that happened to his wife (thus causing his son to grow up without a mother) Lord Winchester's life changed. Originally a plant merchant, he became to be a hunter of supernatural beings in order to find out what killed his wife—but he still had hundreds of slaves to cultivate his plantation. Dean didn't know happened to Lady Mary Winchester, but some said she was burnt alive, pinned on the ceiling of her 6th month old baby's nursery. Since then, Lord Winchester was so obsessed with what killed his wife, never showing his baby boy any attention.

Dean put his heart into caring for his young master, not only because the boy had to live without a mother and lacked attention from the father, but also because the boy feared his father. Lord Winchester was strict with his only son. He wanted the best for his son- from education, to music, to his hunting abilities. Yes, Master Samuel was very clever and smart, and he loved studying with his personal tutor- he was like a walking encyclopedia. But for the hunting skill, Samuel would rather stay locked up in a library than to learn how to fight any demon and shoot the creature. Samuel didn't feel right hunting things- he didn't like it—in fact he detested it... But his father pushed him to learn become a hunter, and always trained him… like what's going to happened today. Samuel had hunting class today at six a.m. with his father Lord Winchester in the backyard. And when Lord Winchester said six a.m., it was six a.m. - no excuses for being late. So Dean had to wake up his young master and have him ready before six a.m., even though he knew it would be hell waking him up.

Dean smiled at the sleeping figure, and decided get the master breakfast first before waking him up.

When Dean arrived back at the room with the tray of eggs, bread, and cup of milk, he put them on table. He opened the curtain to let in some sunlight, then approached the wooden bed.

"Master Samuel…., wake up," Dean woke him up gently.

Dean only received a grunt as Samuel pulled up his blanket.

"Wake up, Sir," he shook him gently as he tried to open the blanket.

Samuel pulled the blanket around him tighter and grunted again, "Go off, Dean…"

"Forgive me, Sir, but you have to wake up…."

"Don't want to…," his voice sounded so small behind the big wool blanket.

"You have to. You have hunt training at six a.m., Master, Lord Master won't like if you are late," Dean tried to pulled the blanket off the boy.

"I don't care!"

"But I do, Sir," Dean's tone a bit cold.

Samuel didn't answer; he knew what the cold sound meant. He slowly opened the blanket and sat up, sitting there with sleepy eyes.

"I hate hunting things," he mumbled.

"I know you do, Sir, but Lord Master wishes for you to be a great hunter."

"A great hunter? What for? For chasing what killed mother? A mother I never knew?"

Dean just smiled gently at the bitterness of his young Master.

"I hate this family," he pouted childishly.

Dean didn't answer. It wasn't the first time Samuel had said that, and there was nothing he could say in response.

"What about your family, Dean? You really don't remember them?"

Dean 'bit' his tongue—metaphorically speaking. He hated when someone asked about his family, because he never knew one. His family never existed.

Dean shook his head slightly. "I just know I was born in slavery, then my master sold me to the market when I was a couple of years old. I don't know who was my mother or who was my father."

Samuel looked at Dean with sympathy. "I'm sorry, Dean. But you have me; take me as your family."

Dean smiled bitterly. He knew how impossible the wish was; he could never wish Samuel as his family. Never.

Dean sighed. "Well, enough with this sad morning conversation. You need to go bath now, and then have breakfast. You need to be ready before six a.m.," he said as he went to prepare the tub with warm water.

But as fast as Dean made his young master take a bath and eat his breakfast, the sand watch read six a.m., and they still needed time to get to the backyard for training.

"Come, Sir. You're late," Dean commanded his young master to leave the room.

Yes, they were late.


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