Note from the Writer: Well this story that I made is the continuation of Ergo Proxy where Vincent and Real feelings with each other became more deeper. I hope that you will like it.

Start of New Adventure:

As the Romdeua falls down, the blue sky was turned on and also new raise of people come to love on the new surface. The group of Vincent continue their journey to live on the new area. Now Vincent can live under the blue sky because Vincent is just a half proxy his other self died in the Romdeua. Now he can take revenge to the creator by living in the new world.

A month later the people of the new world started to build city, tradition and beliefs. Now Vincent and the others try to have their journey staying in every city they passed by.

Meanwhile the rabbit where Vincent and the others where riding, is now taking the path to the another city. As the sun falls down Vincent and Real started to eat for dinner. While eating Vincent remember the words that Real said before she went to stop Deadalus and suddenly Vincent face become red but Real notice his face.

Real: "Whats wrong with you Vincent?"

Vincent: "Nothing.... Heheheh..."

After the dinner Real went to her bed while Vincent is shaving his hair5 in his chin. After shaving he started to arrange his blanket but while arranging his blanket he remembered again what Real said then without thinking he went to the bed of Real where Real is sitting he pushed her to the bed and kissed her in the lips... Real was so shocked her eyes were wide open and her face turned red while Vincent lips started to move up and down but before enjoy it Real slap him in the face.

Real: "Idiot!!! What are you doing?"

Vincent: "I Love You.."

Real: "Idiot!!! Why don't you just sleep!!"

Vincent: "Sorry.... Real..."

Vincent started to walk to his sleep place and Real covered herself with the blanket. While realizing his mistake Vincent fall asleep. After an hour he was awaken with a noise coming from closer to him when he opened his eyes he saw Real without clothes. Real went inside the blanket of Vincent and place herself on top of him.

Vincent: "Real??"

Real: "Vincent... I Love You.."

Then Real kiss Vincent gently and Vincent was so shocked but after a while he closed his eyes slowly to feel the lips of Real. Vincent hands wrapped around Real's body and he slowly change their position where Vincent is on top of Real but before he advanced his kiss in Real's body he saw Real hit his head then suddenly he just realized that it was only a dream and he was awaken when Real's feet hit his head.

Note: Please comment my work this is my first time writing a story.... I will be happy to read it... Thank You..