Waiting for life to start

A new multi-chapter story based on series 3, Point of View in an AU where Sam was killed by Hathor when trying to rescue Jack. Jack then still killed Hathor and destroyed the facility to rescue the others. Everything else up to Point of View has happened, just without Sam.

Jack had been called back to the mountain. He was exhausted, he missed her, missed Sam. Daniel and Teal'c did as well, it felt like SG1 was falling apart and Jack didn't have the energy to fight any more. He had only just begun to realise that his feelings were not as appropriate as they should have been. He hadn't really noticed when she was alive, a look here, a feeling there, but now. Finding her an attractive, gorgeous woman was one thing but discovering he had fallen in love with her was a completely different story.

So here he was having been woken up a half hour ago from a fairly detailed dream starring his now dead 2IC. He had grudgingly got out of bed when the Sgt had told him it was an emergency and that Hammond specifically asked for him, it had better be good. The dream had just got to a crucial point.

Jack stretched and walked into the infirmary

"So what's the emergency?" he asked blithely

Hammond stood way from the bed

"Oh my God, what are….. where did……" Jack couldn't believe his eyes, she was alive, she was home.

"You're alive Carter, did Hathor have a sarcophagus?" Jack gathered his thoughts and moved towards her reaching out to touch her, almost involuntarily.

Hammond cleared his throat

"Colonel, this is ……eh……..not our Captain Carter"

Jack looked at his CO bewildered then locked eyes with the Carter on the bed. She looked terrified he noted, and hopeful then finally lovingly at him. That was when it hit him. This was not his Carter, his Sam. Jack quickly backed away from her, stricken. He had his dream and then it was taken away. Sam tried to reach for him softly calling his name. He ignored her, she wasn't his. He tried to back through the door when another person spoke

"Colonel, wow it's good to see you again"

The familiar voice came from the other side of the room.

Jack couldn't cope with this as well. It was like someone was trying to punish him

"Kowalski?" Jack questioned

"This is Major Charles Kowalski" Janet Frasier stated as she came behind the Major "although I have no idea how" she concluded.

Jack turned from them all, not really acknowledging any of them, and he was about to bolt for the door. He shouldn't have to deal with this, he had enough crap to deal with.

Hammond cleared his throat to stop Jack leaving "They came through the mirror in Area 51" Hammond informed his 2IC.

"I really don't care where they came from Sir. Permission to get the hell away from here" Jack practically shouted. Then without waiting for permission he left. Being in the same room as them, especially her was too much for him.

Still in the infirmary Hammond turned back to the blonde woman on the bed, she was close to tears

"We're both dead here aren't we?" Sam asked

"Yes Captain" Hammond replied

"I'm not a Captain, General. Just a Doctor"

"Right, well, briefing in one hour people" Hammond said leaving the other three in the infirmary. He could feel a headache coming on, one of those doozy's that came with SG1's escapades.

AN: Ok so not much here but just setting the scene. More later. Thanks for reading.