Rating: T (for suggestive sexual situation)

Genre: Romance

Pairing: ZoSan (yeah right… I am obsessed with them *rolls*)

Topic: Warmth

Word-count: 293

Disclaimer: Everything inside One Piece is Odachi's and Odachi's only.

Warning: hints of shounen ai

A/N: Too bad there's no OP new chapter released for this week. Ah, well… this is what I thought before I went to sleep last night. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this ^_^


It was the second night after Thousand Sunny docked at the winter island. They need three days to charge the log-pose.

Zoro was on the ship since it was his turn to watch. Everybody else had gone ashore to do their own tasks.

From the lookout platform, Zoro found himself staring at the ocean around the ship. Snow began to piling on the deck. Chopper, Luffy and Usopp would be happy to play with them tomorrow.

A sudden knock from the door took Zoro's attention. The door was opened, revealing the cook's feature.

"What… it's just you." Zoro sheathed his sword back.

"What do you mean 'just you'?" Sanji made a face. "Here, warm soup," he closed the door and put a bowl of soup before the couch.

"Why are you here? I thought you went shopping." Zoro took the soup and began to eat.

"Just finished stocking up," Sanji lit up his cigarette.

"You should play at the town," Zoro finished up his soup with appreciative sigh. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Sanji sat beside Zoro. Then they stayed in comfortable silence.

"It's cold, huh?" Sanji began slowly, looking outside.

"Yeah," Zoro replied with knowing smirk.

Sanji glanced at Zoro, sending some silent signal with his eyes. Zoro chuckled at him and earned a light kick on his head from the pouting, blushing blonde.

"Sorry," Zoro said while pulling the blond cook closer and then hugging him. "Warmer now?"

"Shut up. You're just my personal heater," Sanji said while burying his face on Zoro's nape, still blushing.

Zoro grinned. "You're welcome," he said while tightening his hold, feeling his and the cook's warmth spreading to each other's body.

It's a cold night, but strangely they felt really warm and content in each other embrace.

The End

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