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Title: Meeting of Minds

Author: Jade-Max

Summary: Ryan and Kelsi spend some time talking about the theme of the final Musicale of the year.


Meeting of Minds

Ryan stuck his head into the music room. "So, miss composer."

Kelsi jumped and her fingers jangled a discordant note on the piano as she glanced back to look at him. "Ryan! You scared me."

He sauntered in, a grin playing about his lips. "Sorry about that. How're things coming?"

"Well, you heard what Ms Darbus said."

"I'm sure she got the idea from somewhere."

A bit of a guilty flush crossed Kelsi's cheeks. "She mentioned that the idea sprang up when she saw the signup sheet and all our names were on it."

"You really meant what you said back there, didn't you?"

"About what? How I thought everyone would want to be involved?" She grimaced at his nod. "I guess they proved me wrong, huh?"

"With and ally like Gabriella?" Ryan laughed. "With Gabriella on your side, there was no way they were going to keep saying no."

"They almost did."

Ryan chuckled. "Ah, but Gabriella's smart; once she had Troy's agreement, it was a given."

"It was, wasn't it?" Kelsi turned back to the piano, slanting him a sideways look before returning to her music score. "It never ceases to amaze me how she can just look at him and convince him to sing."

Sliding onto the bench next to her, Ryan took a look at the piece of music she was working on. "A Night to Remember - a... Prom number?"

Nodding, she made another notation. "How'd you guess?"

But Ryan wasn't paying any attention as he scanned through the first two pages of the song, and laughed. "The night of our nightmares? Ha!"

She returned his grin. "I know senior year is still serious stuff, but I want this to be fun. They might be doing it because Gabriella convinced Troy - and by proxy everyone else - but it shouldn't be something we don't enjoy, right?"

"Right. So... how many numbers do you figure?"

"Well, the opening will be something big and bold... something... something sporty, I think to do with our back to back championship."

"A basketball number?"

"Why not?"

Cocking his head to the side, Ryan half closed his eyes thinking. "Basketball, cheerleaders... hmmm... That's pretty creative, Kelsi - and ambitious."

"Do you think you can choreograph for it?"

Ryan grinned. "I think I'll manage. If you come up with anything like you did for the Talent Show over the summer, it'll be easy."

"How come?"

"Your music makes it easy to visualize what can or should be done with it," Ryan fell silent, feeling a little self conscious as he looked away. "The most challenging part of choreographing everyone is going to be getting them on the same page and to cooperate."

"You could always get Troy's help."

Ryan blinked, glancing back at her. "Was that...are you teasing me?"

Kelsi ducked her head a little and shrugged.

"You are teasing me." He sounded delighted. "I think I can handle everyone without Hoops backing me up every step of the way. I always wanted to choreograph a show like this - I can't believe Ms. Darbus is actually letting me do it."

"Why not?" Her embarrassment forgotten, Kelsi looked at him curiously. "We all know you're the real talent behind the auditions for you and Sharpay. I saw the number she was going to sing with Troy and while she has a flare for the dramatic, she doesn't have the same kind of feel you do for the stage. Sharpay's little show was all glitter, glamour and flash; yours doesn't need those things."

"I can do glitter and flash as well as she can."

"I never said you couldn't," Kelsi assured him with a small, shy smile. "I'm just saying that when you put something together, you do what needs to be done with it. This, for example," she waved to the half finished score. "What's already going through your mind for the opening sequence?"

"Let's see.. You've got the guys panicking about Prom, so I would figure getting fitted for their tuxedos - it's pretty much already written in that it's what they're doing so it's a no brainer."

"Ah, but we have both the guys and the girls getting ready."

"So we split the stage; the guys on the left, the ladies on the right. The guys can be in this..." he paused for a moment, "dark, old style tailor shop, with doors that lead back stage so they can change between this section, and when they're talking about their clothes."

"And the girls?"

"Easy," he flashed her a smile. "You've never seen Sharpay shop; I have. So we put the girls in a bright room since they're excited, where they can pull various gowns off the racks."

Kelsi laughed. "Sounds ambitious."

"And why not? This is the last show we're going to put on together - you said it yourself - so why not go all out? It'll be fun if we do it this way."

"Okay then, I'll keep working on it." Kelsi pulled the score off the piano and made another notation. "Other than Prom, Graduation and the Championship, what do you think we should include? Anything you'd like to have a dance for?"

"Well..." Ryan rubbed his palms on his slacks. "Ms. Darbus said this is about our final days at East High, right?"


"So why not include some of the things that we're all facing?"


"Well, there's the scholarship to Julliard for starters - not the scholarship itself, but the dream it represents. You know, the desire to have the fame and the fortune associated with success."

Kelsi gasped, pulling a fresh sheet from her stack and began scribbling something down. Ryan snapped his mouth shut, knowing better than to interfere with a creative process. Words and notes flowed from Kelsi's pencil as she madly scribbled out lyrics.

Ryan read along silently, marveling at her ability for inspiration; he hadn't said much. The title was classy and he almost laughed seeing who she'd slated to sing it. "I want it all - Ryan and Sharpay." At least his sister knew how he worked and she didn't fight him too much on the choreography of their pieces.

Rising to his feet, Ryan left Kelsi to her element and headed for the door. There was something magical about watching the way her fingers flew across the page so confidently - and the little tune she hummed under her breath as she wrote was now stuck in his head. He couldn't wait to see what it would sound like when she was finished.

Kelsi and he would make a good team and this musical would be the best one East High had ever seen.