Reviews for: Unbreakable

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2009-09-21 . chapter 1

Aw, that's adorable! Troy is so sweet towards Gabriella.

hms fan
2009-08-01 . chapter 1

aww ya them awesome job

2009-02-27 . chapter 1

adorably cute, ah-mazing, sweet and loving, AH-MAZING combo. Keep it up =] XOXO.

2008-11-05 . chapter 1

loved this one, troy is so damn romantic person, i loved this character.
see ya soon!

2008-11-05 . chapter 1

i love it!

2008-10-31 . chapter 1

Really amazing. Great job.

2008-10-30 . chapter 1

AWW that's soo cute and your stories sound just like how they would if they were written for disney. loved it

Kathryn Mason-Sykes
2008-10-27 . chapter 1

AWESOME one-shot! I think this was a perfect addition to HSM3. Very true to the characters!

2008-10-27 . chapter 1

Aw! Yay! I love this story! I always wondered what Gabriella said after the curtain dropped and she finally got to talk to Troy about his decision. Awesome story!

2008-10-27 . chapter 1

aw, that was sweet!

i really love the movie and this missing moment fits the story perfectly :D

2008-10-27 . chapter 1

Bellissimo(beautiful) I was reading this while listening to 'Can I Have This Dance' and the two go perfect together.

2008-10-26 . chapter 1

loved it!

Admiral Lily
2008-10-26 . chapter 1

I, for one, was thrilled with how the movie ended. I was very afraid Disney was going to go with the more so called "realistic" ending where they call it quits but this was absolutely perfect and you helped enhance that by adding this little convo. Good job.

2008-10-26 . chapter 1

I Love It!
And the movie was AMAZING!
Keep writing(:

2008-10-26 . chapter 1

Please, please, please find a way to submit yor ideas to Disney. :-) You are an amazing writer and they need you working for them. Your summary at the end is better than the real ending. In fact, I think I would rather have seen this than the final dance number to the song High School Musical. Thanks for writing this.

2008-10-26 . chapter 1

i really liked this. awesome work!

2008-10-26 . chapter 1

This was the cutest oneshot EVER!!
it amazing!
i think you should make this into a story!
its the sweetest thing ever! :D

2008-10-26 . chapter 1

That was nice and i liked it a lot