Pirate & Prince Bonus: Heat


Kiku was backed up against the headboard, his breath coming so fast and short he might pass out. His body twisted again as another wave of shivers came down his spine. Kiku was gripping a tad too tightly to the head of a blonde man. The other man didn't seem to mind; he was more focused on what he was doing down below.

"A-arthur! Stop! You are going to reopen-ah!"

Arthur's tongue slid up again, hitting another sweet spot. Kiku bent over double from the caress; he had already come once, but Arthur seemed determined to make him do it again and he might just get his wish. The cabin room seemed unbearably hot, even though the huge windows were thrown wide open. Kiku was already covered in sweat, his breathing becoming even more erratic as his zenith rose. He was beginning to lose control; he couldn't take it anymore.

Arthur suddenly released Kiku from his hold, sitting up, licking his lips and hands on Kiku's knees. He leaned in closer so his face was level with Kiku's.

"You're really beginning to learn," Arthur said with a smirk. "But I'm not done teaching just yet."

Arthur gave Kiku a wet kiss and despite where it had been just a few seconds ago, his lips tasted sweet.


Kiku's arms wrapped around Arthur's neck as he pulled him even closer. Even though it was already so hot, the warmth of his lover's body felt good. In fact, the heat was turning him on even more. The pair finally broke away, saliva practically oozing from their tongues. Kiku put his hands on Arthur's face. The two month old bruises were finally beginning to fade.

"I love you," Kiku whispered, putting his forehead on Arthur's. There was a sudden movement against Kiku's lower half and he twitched.


Arthur snickered at Kiku's surprise. "I told you, your lesson isn't over yet. That last comment just got me going again too."

Arthur pulled back away, returning to his previous activity, but with a twist. He took hold of Kiku's legs and hooked them around his neck, pushing his butt up into the air. The finger went in, making Kiku squirm again. That didn't last long though before Arthur dropped him back down.

"I'm going in," Arthur said, his voice serious. Kiku merely nodded his head, rubbing back tears.

The initial entry was painful, like it always was, but the pain was well worth it. Kiku's fingers gripped at Arthur's shoulders as he heaved against him. He felt it immediately swell inside him, the friction of it sliding up and down feeling so good. Kiku let go of Arthur and braced his elbows against the mattress, his hips rocking in motion to Arthur's own.

Arthur's response was to grab Kiku's moving hips and thrust harder into him. Kiku's head rolled back and he let out a little cry. His hands started drifting down towards his own, the satisfying sensation of Arthur in him suddenly not enough. His fingers barely brushed its base before Arthur finally let out. Kiku fidgeted from it, still not used to the odd feeling. Arthur pulled out, sweat dripping from his nose. He noticed Kiku's hands so near his privates and grinned.

"So, I wasn't enough for you? Well, I can fix that quite easily!"

Arthur's head dove down again, his mouth clamping down on the willing counterpart. Kiku writhed, his body super sensitive from Arthur's release. Arthur's fingers massaged it as well as his tongue and that was it; Kiku finally let out. He collapsed amid the pillows, breathing so hard he was surely hyperventilating. At last…it was over.

Arthur wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and laid abut to Kiku, propping his head up on his arm. He played with Kiku's hair, smiling rather satisfactorily. He put his arm around Kiku's hunched shoulders and kissed the top of his head. Kiku's hair still smelled like oranges. Arthur breathed it in, savoring the scent. Kiku snuggled in closer, suddenly cold.

"Where are we going next?" he asked quietly.

Arthur yawned widely rolling onto his back. "I dunno…India is pretty, but I want something more…Hey, let's go to America next!"