Chapter One

Once I resided in a beautiful mansion that had stood proudly on the top of a luscious meadow. All of nature and life was attracted to it. I remember seeing the birds as they flocked peacefully around my house and I remember the neat little flowerbeds filled with beautiful flowers that basked in the warmth of the overwhelming sunlight. The bees would flew joyfully from each flower collecting sweet nectar and pollen on their sticky feet. The mansion was century's old and yet it still stood as if it had been built only yesterday. The bricks had no soot on them at all. The dazzling stained-glass windows remained intact; dancing in their unique pool of rainbows.

But this amazing paradise I recall, was destroyed. A few weeks before now my undisturbed house had been disturbed by some very unwelcome new owners.

The first of them was a woman. She was a tall slender woman with charcoal black hair. Her dark brown eyes shot disapproving glances at the animals surrounding the house when she arrived. Usually wearing a long, scarlet dress she strolled around the house poking her long nose around the mansion looking for any old antiques she could sell.

The second was a man. He too was nosey and rude like his wife. He wore an ugly, blue pinstriped suit. He had a round face that spent most of its time eating. It was hard to believe that he was a successful business man.

The others were two children. A girl and a boy. They looked around thirteen or fourteen. They both shared the same brown hair and eyes. The only difference was their gender. They spent most of their time in their room as their mother did not permit them to leave the room. She was a horrible woman. I remember overhearing the children saying that she had changed ever since their Father had died.

One day however, when their mother had gone to the market the children crept out of their rooms and went exploring the house.

I watched them as they ran from the numerous studies, to about five lounges, three kitchens and a couple of dining rooms until they finally rested in the library.

"God, I'm tired." said the girl.

"Me two Lucy." said the boy. "this library is huge."

I smiled as they looked around the library. It was one of the biggest rooms in the whole house. The books towered above us; with ladders as tall as sky scrapers to reach the top shelves. How I remembered racing around on them when I was younger.

I was hoping the children would ride on them but they just sat on the big red armchairs.

"This is the best library I've seen in ages!" said the girl called Lucy. "Want to come and look at the books James?"

James got up from his armchair.

"Yeah, sure." he replied.

They spent several minutes searching through the books until James found a book that appeared to be glued to the shelves. Of course I knew what it was but I couldn't tell them so I watched them anxiously hoping they would not work out how to use it.

"It's not moving Lucy." panted James as he pulled the book as hard as he could.

Lucy pushed him out of the way.

"Don't be stupid, of course it can come out." Lucy snarled as she placed her hand on the book and pulled with ease. However the book didn't move.

James laughed.

"Told you." he said with satisfaction. "It won't budge!"

"I've got it!" shouted Lucy. She pulled with all of her might and I watched happily as her hand slipped and she fell backwards onto James.

I couldn't help but laugh as they desperately tried to get out the book.

"I've got an idea!" said Lucy so suddenly that James jumped. "Wait here."

She headed for the door. "Lucy what are you doing?" shouted James.

"Just wait here." I followed her out of the room. Lucy ran down the corridor and into the kitchen. She reached one of the knife blocks and took a knife. Lucy slammed the drawer shut and I followed her back into the library.

I worried that this might actually work and I wished that I could warn them about what dwelled beneath us.

"We'll prize it open with this!" she exclaimed.

"With what?"

Lucy took the knife from her pocket and stepped in front of the book.

She dug the knife behind the book and pulled. The book tilted forwards.

Suddenly the floor began to fall. I didn't take much notice, but James and Lucy stumbled and fell over in shock as the floor descended into the earth.

We stopped about a hundred metres below from where we had started and then looked around. A large oak door stood before us.

"Let's go in!" said Lucy excitedly pulling James with her she pushed open the door.

We had stepped into a long dark tunnel lit by eternal fire torches. I knew where this would take them and I tried to shout but my were completely ignored.

The door suddenly slammed behind us. I was getting very scared for the children, nevertheless the children still began their journey through the tunnel and I followed terrified. We walked deeper into the darkness of the stone tunnel...