Dying in the rain

"There's no reason! What is my purpose here in this world!?! I have no reason to live!"

Cold rain pricked her skin as she ran to where her rage and sorrow lead her. They had drawn a path for her, she blithely and blindly let anger and sorrow control her. She inhaled so quickly, her voice, body and mind were shaken and regreted every breath she took. Her heart was pounding against her chest. She couldn't feel anything and cried because she did understand. Grey clouds hovered above her head and lightning veined the sky as more rain poured down. She couldn't see where she was going and hoped she wouldn't ever see her life this horrable again... she hoped she wouldn't see another day or even second... she hated being who she didn't want to be... and what she hated was in fact herself. The worst part was... that she couldn't run away from herself.

Trees rustled and the air brushed against her hair tossing it everwhere.

She stopped.... A dark figure suddenly appeared before her.

"W-who's there!?"

She tried hard to look at the man standing before her. Lightning illuminated his face and she could finally see: Hair swept by disasters, a face full of fear and hate. Eyes that have seen too much to hold but never back down from a certain goal, eyes that still care for the people who believe... eyes that have been blinded by terror. Eyes that have meandered in the darkness once but have never seen it again... because of that one person... who changed his life and shone light through it(life).

"Who are you!?" she cried as the boy standing there didn't say a word and made no move.

Another strange man suddenly appeared between them, facing the girl. The girl didn't move and could see much more in his eyes. She could see sorrow, pain but still a hint of love for the only one he had. He lost all hope was ready to give up. His face told her that he suffered throughout his life. She felt like there was some connnection between the two standing before her. He wore some kind of black long cloak with strange red clouds on them...

In a flash the other boy (without the black cloak) stood in front of the girl, facing the other older looking man...

"Go!" he tilted his head toward me, not taking his eye of the other man.

'Is he trying to protect me?' she thought. She didn't really care anymore if the boy would do something to her so she ran past him... the boy didn't make a single move... he let her go...

"So it's you. Why haven't you attacked yet?"

The younger boy turned away from his brother.

"Are you afraid?"

"I'm not. We'll fight again soon and I WILL kill you"



I've been thrown out so many times that I can't even count. What I'm talking about is... Let's just say that I haven't been myself lately... well actually since I was born and I scew up a lot... alright fine a hell lot! I don't really know who my parents are, if they're still alive, if they're dead, If they're looking for me. Well I doubt they're looking for me. I've been taken care of by different people until something really weird happens but I just dont know what! I pass out for a few minutes maybe even hours and when I wake up everythings gone destroyed and covered in blood except for me. The last time I was ever taken care of was about a few hours ago actually. Two very old sweet people who took care of me with love but were holding back something they didn't want me to find out, I can tell through someone's eyes what they're thinking and what they're feeling but all I ever read is hatred towards me. I felt like they were scared of me.... but there was something different about that boy... he didn't fear me. Then I think I found out why everyone hated me on my own. Again the same thing happened I woke up and the whole house was destroyed, parished, on fire and the worst part... there was blood but I like blood if it's my own... I dont know why. So they yelled their old decaying lungs out at me and told me to never come back and leave. I just remebered that before all this I was extremely angry. I ran to God knows where and fell in a huge crater kind of trench surfaced with sharp peircing rocks. Looking at my life now, retracing the memories of what's called my life- but I would name it hell -I think I should just die here and stop trying to force my 'hell' on others... My eyes are already closing. I shouldn't deserve to die in my favorite kind of weather, I shouldn't deserve to die in the rain I love... nothing really hurts anymore. I'm imune to pain.

Oh great someone's here, in this darkness I can't see a damn thing! From as much as I can see it looks like... a boy? Running towards me?! It wasn't the same one from before though... Hey what the hell go away! Shit no! I'll probably end up killing him too if he gets near me! I'm too weak to run away! Damn it!

"Hey! Are you okay!" the boy finally got to me and held me up in his arms.

"Y-you ruined my death... bastard" I was out of breath and ready to die... The truth is I was greatful that someone is actually trying to save me...

"Well it looks like she's breathing and talking but she's gonna pass out soon"

"I don't think she'll die, the least that could happen would be bleeding all over the place if we dont get her to the hospital" a man with a different and older voice said...

I could still hear their voices.

"Hey Kakashi, why are these trees blown off their trunks?! and why the hell is their white fire around us?"

"I-I really don't know but it is strange alright. The noises of destruction and that strange glow definitely came from here...I...wonder...."

His voice trailed off... I'm done for...


"The fire just died down! The girl passed out at the same time. We should get going now Naruto"

"Hai (yes)!"

Naruto carried her and we ran home against the cold rain softly pricking our faces. I couldn't see much but she was bleeding almost everywhere. I wonder if it's safe to take her back to Konoha. Those last words she said didn't really tell me that she wanted to live... what could drive her to think like that?



"You certainly are a brave girl to not scream while you almost bled to death"

"Yeah well that's just how things work for me. Who are you anyway? Oh yeah you're the idiot who saved my life!"

"You remember and you should actually be thankful that we did"

I decided to keep IT a secret. I don't even know what I really am so I wont be lying half the time! I hate lying.

"... So what's your name?"

Good, good change the subject.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake. What's yours?"

"Kirame Ryukaze"

"That's a nice name"



The door shot open. An orange pant covered leg seemed to have kicked it open.

"I brought the ramen you wanted!"

"Naruto I didn't ask for it you just went and bought it with MY money!"


A huge white plastic bag of 'whatever it is they call it' covered his face as he carried it and blonde spikes poked out from behind.

He turned around, his back facing me and put the large bag down on the table near by.
He turned around but this time facing me. I could finally get to see him.

"H-hi" he spoke.

"Uh... Hi" I hesitated.

Wow! He has eyes the color of a blue sapphire, a smile that seems so welcoming and dandilion hair all spiked up... what the heck is this weird feeling I have right now!! It's driving me nuts!!! hehe...


Man I couldn't even say hi properly I'm so amazed at how beautiful she is! She wore a necklace with a black string and attachted to the end hung a drop shapped blue sapphire gem. It was probably real. A beautiful oval face, Long silky dark brown hair with white streaks in the perfect places on her hair, fair skin, gorgeous silvery eyes with hints of grey, a perfect nose, the perfect lips... but no smile?


What happened to these two? They completely stopped everything...

"Eheh, sorry about that! I'm Naruto Uzamaki!!! So... uh... What's your name?" he asked scratching the back of his head.

"My name is Kirame"

"Wow, nice name"


"Do you feel better?"

"Yeah I'm good... can't believe I was saved! Now I'll cause even more trouble!"

"Huh?... Right" "So I brought you guys some ramen!"

"Umm sorry to interupt you but what the hell is ramen? Is it a monkey of some sort?"

"HAHAHAH! No way I can't believe you don't know what ramen is! Actually this is a serious matter you have to try some! That was funny... it's not monkey it's food"

"I love food!" I accidently blurted out!

"Well it doesn't look like it at all! No offence... heh" Kakashi umm complemented? I always fail to understand if being skinny was a compliment or an insult...

"I mean you have a nice body!! I mean you're not uh too skinny hehe" he blushed. So it was a compliment!

"Okay then here you go! Eat up"

Naruto placed a hot steamy bowl of 'ramen' on the tray in my lap and handed me a pair of chopsticks....


"Wow that ramen thingy is really good! I even had seconds!"

"Naruto can't live without seconds" Kakashi said.

"Yeah" Naruto agreed...

"Umm do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Go ahead" please dont ask why I was there, please dont ask why I was there, PLEASE DONT ASK WHY I WAS THERE!!!

"Why were you over there all alone and hurt so badly"

"I was running and I fell into that pit of needle like rocks" damn now he's gonna ask another question I hate to answer!

"Where were you running from?"

"My parents yelled at me for some reason. I really don't know why, the house was destroyed they were bleeding all over. I ran and stumbled across where ever it is I am"


"Yeah" "They're probably dead by now and there's nothing left of the house"

"Do you have any idea who your realy parents are?" Kakashi asked for the worst.

"No I have no idea... and I don't know who I really am either. All I really know about my self is that my name is Kirame and I don't know where my family is"

"I see... Well then I have to go inform Lady Tsunade about our newest friend, see ya Naruto, bye Kirame"

"WAIT WAIT WAIT!" Naruto came running up to Kakashi as he(kakashi) turned the door knob.


"What is it?"

"You can't just leave me here with her!" Naruo whispered.

"Why not?"

"Were you deaf when you heard Kirame say that her parents were bleeding, with the house destroying and the fire and the parents probably dead!"

"Relax we saved her life she wont hurt us"

"Easy for you to say you're not the one who has to watch over her!!! While you're out partying reading your perverted books! She didn't even want to be saved!!! Fine I don't need you! Go tell Lady Tsunade and leave me here with God knows what she really is!'


"Fine whatever you say Naruto... whatever you say..." heh Naruto just made my day easier... time for me to go tell her about Kirame...


The door shut. WHAT!!!???

"Wait wait no come back!" I realized I had been banging on the door for a few long seconds now... damn it.

"Eheh!!!" I turned around and found Kirame blankly staring at me with an expression that said 'what just happened?'

"Sooooooo..." I sat next to her on the chair Kakashi was sitting on.

"Where are you from?"

"Well I don't really know but I think I'm from the rain village"


"So this is Konoha?"

"Yeah where I grew up and I'm gonna be the Hokage of Konoha one day"

"Wow that's a high aim but I'm sure you'll make it"

"What makes you so sure?"

"You wouldn't believe me but I can kinda' tell what people are feeling through their eyes"

"So what am I thinking about now?"

"Not like that... Just feelings"

"So what was I feeling when I said I'm going to be Hokage one day"

"You felt strong and confident but one thing that surprised me was your will power and your ability to never give up... your aspect of belief in yourself and others is so strong that almost no one can break that power"

"Wow... I believe you! You're good! I thought the same thing!"


"Why is that so surprising to you?"

"Well I always give. I never seem to have any hope and I'm hardly confident in myself. I'm not much of a ninja though I try to be one"

"You know even trying is good. It can lead to never giving up and believing"

"Yeah. As far as I know no one I have ever seen has the power to believe"

"It's in everyone you just have to actually drive youself to do that or you need somenone to draw it out from you"

"I guess you're right but I know there's no hope for me"

She looked really sad and didn't smile.

"I could help you if you want?"

"Really!? How!?"

"I don't know I'll have to see..."

"See what?"

"Nothing I'll tell you later when you get a little better"

"Oh okay"

A very understanding person and sweet too.

"I can already see your eagerness I think you'll be a great ninja!"

"Really? You actually have faith in me?"


"You smile a lot"

"Yeah I do but you don't. Why?"

"I don't know. Smiling has never been a part of my life. There is no reason to smile for me. Everyone has always hated me"

"Well... I don't hate you"

"How can you say that you dont even know me"

"Thats true but I don't really hate anyone... except for a few people... damn Orochimaru and Akatsuki!"


"Uh nothing nothing hehe" "Do you have any friends, family..." he asked.

"No. How could I have been friends with anyone in the rain village if they hated me and besides not knowing who my parents are I don't think I have any siblings either" "What about you Naruto?"

"It's kinda the same story. I don't know who my parents are but I know they're dead. Don't have any brothers or sisters but I have friends and great friends. They make it seem like I don't need a family with them around they are like my family. I know!!!!! I'll introduce you to all my friends when you get better which is about in... tomorrow or today!!!"

"O-okay, sure"

"You don't seem so willing to meet them"

"... What if they hate me"

"What!? Why would they hate you? It's not like you did anything bad to them"

"Yeah. I don't know it's just that same stupid feeling again. Enmity"

She's suffering from the same thing I once suffered from. Me being the Kyuubi and all, I found a way to prove everyone wrong, that I'm not everything the Kyuubi it self is. I'm different from that monster and I believed. I'm sure Kirame can do it too but in her case she's not a Biiju... I think...


Heh, seems like those two are getting along just fine. Well I'd better get going now.

Kon meets Tsunde!- Extra nonsense

"Get lost Kon!" Ichigo kicks the stuffed animal all the way to Konoha... somehow...


SMASH! Kon smashes throught the window of a very angry and powerful Hokage of Konoha.

Kon regains conciousness and sees two women before him... oh my... He stands up and looks at the first thing he tries to find in EVERY female...

"HEEEH!? Oh my what lovely mountains of heaven! Ichigo I love you!! I have finally found the goddess of them all! I'm coming my Princess!" Kon jumps to hug Tsunade but...


BAM! Tsunade punches Kon all the way back to Ichigo... somehow