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Last chapter! Kind of caught me by surprise, but I'm pleased with how it ended.

"Hello, my name is Pierre. May I take your order?"

I knew some French (not enough to speak, but enough to get by when listening), so I was able to be fully and completely impressed when Ryuuzaki- L- answered Pierre flawlessly in it.

"For myself, I would like crème Brule, mousse au chocolat, and blanc de poire."

The waiter, well-trained, did not bat an eye. Perhaps- probably- he was used to eccentric rich people. "And for your lunch?"

"Just that, monsieur."

He still didn't react. Admirable, because I was over here rolling my eyes. You would think that L (was I seriously on a date with L? Could he truly be L?) would know how to take better care of himself.

They were both looking at me and I realized I had zoned out staring at Ryuuzaki, who was smirking back at me. Shit.

I opened my mouth to order, but I couldn't do it. We had gone round and round and I was so mixed up that I didn't know if he was L, or if he wasn't but still genuinely didn't care what I got, or if he was just being polite and I was supposed to get something else...

Ryuuzaki sighed. In French, he said, "He desires the five-course dinner, he is simply too polite to admit it. Please bring that."

"Thank you sirs," the waiter replied, and left to put in the order.

"Holy shit," I mumbled, "you really are... him."

"I am."

We were silent.

"Your French is so good... what's your first language?"

"I don't remember."

"You're undercover right now?"

"Something like that. More accurately, I am doing research. Familiarity with the lives of the poor, first-hand."

"Yeah, the poor definitely take their roommates out on extremely expensive dates."

"I am going for the general sentiment, not a literal experience," he said with a small smile. "But your argument is valid."

"Do you date all your roommates?"

"Certainly not. Although I have found little trouble... acquiring... those people whom I desire, there are few in my life who have caught and maintained my attention long enough for me to take them anywhere. And few roommates."

"How did you get into... your work?"

"There is not much I am at liberty to tell you. However, I can say that my talents for deductive reasoning were discovered at an extremely young age, and a mentor brought me up to be a detective."

"Why do you eat so many sweets?"

His lips twisted into a smile I had never seen from him; it was childish and... adorable. "Because I like them and there is not a person in the world that has the authority to tell me to stop."

"That's kind of amazing."

"I know."

"What's your favorite?"

"Cake, indubitably. Strawberry cake." He kind of zoned out for a split second, thinking about it. "Now you, Light-kun," he said gently. "Where did you grow up?"

I told him the name. "Little place. Thoroughly unexciting and my high school was so boring that I wanted to go on a killing rampage."

"Why did you become a police officer?"

"My father is one. And because it would let me get out of my hometown." I couldn't imagine how this would be interesting to him.

He looked at me seriously. "What is your favorite color?"

"Um... red?"

He nodded to himself, apparently satisfied. "I see. What university did you attend?"

"To-Ho. First in my class."

"Very impressive, Light-kun. You should be exceptionally proud of yourself."

"I am." I was. I was also so modest.

"Do you enjoy any particular activities?"

"I like to learn new things... tennis..."

"I also enjoy tennis! I suggest that we play some time."

Was that another date? Or was that just, having corrected the date/nudity ratio, a friendly invitation? Either way, I'd play with him. The image made me chuckle, but I agreed.

"Do you have brothers or sisters?"

"I have a little sister, Sayu."

"Do you have parents?"

"Yes, of course."

"What are they like?"

"Well..." No one had ever asked me to describe my parents before. Quite frankly, it made me wonder about his. Maybe he had never known them. "My mother is quiet, gentle, friendly. Very housewifey. My father is really black and white. Things are either right or wrong. His sense of justice probably rivals yours... actually, I think you've worked with him. Soichiro Yagami?"

"Oh! Indeed. His sense of justice does in fact rival mine, you are correct. We caught a particularly potent serial killer together a few years ago."

"I aided that investigation, actually."

"You did," he confirmed. "I remember now. A very young college student assisting us... it was infuriating for many members of the task force. And now I end up cohabitating with this same young man. I believe this is an acceptable time for the phrase 'it's a small world.'"

"I believe so."

"Your family. What do you do together? I am attempting to imagine Soichiro Yagami not working. Do you go on family vacations? How does it work?"

It stung my heart a little bit to suddenly know I was correct. "You don't have parents."

"No, Light-kun."

"You can just call me 'Light,' you know," I said softly. "I think that would be appropriate at this point."

He looked down and smiled to himself. "Light."

Pierre finally returned. We had already been here for half an hour, and my break was supposed to be twenty minutes long. With five courses (each so perfect and delicate that one had to eat them slowly), this was going to take at least another forty-five. Oh well.

When he left, Ryuuzaki took a forkful of his chocolate mousse and brought it in front of his eyes, examining it carefully. "Light-kun... I believe the food here is not fictitious."

I'm pretty sure I never laughed so hard in my life. And it was completely separate from all the money and esteem and power of L, that my heart did some kind of flutter.

Maybe... maybe... sleep wasn't necessary after all.

Maybe all I needed was him.